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Quadcopter with camera. List of best drones and quadcopters with camera. Quadcopters for aerial filming and aerial photography.


JJRC X20 ExPLORER: 6K 3-AXIS Camera GPS Drone

The X20 Explorer is JJRC's latest GPS-enabled drone. It comes with a pseudo 6K camera that is capable of taking 5700*4275 photos and 2048*1088...

BEYONDSKY B6SE 4K foldable GPS drone

While the BEYONDSKY B6SE has a completely different design than the MJX B16 Pro, it has almost identical features. It also comes with a...
Photo of C-Fly OBTAIN 2

C-Fly OBTAIN 2 features and specs

C-Fly has two main product lines, Faith and Obtain. Both share similar features but a different design. Apparently, the biggest upgrade of the second-generation...
MJX B16 PRO drone review

MJX B16 PRO review: Best BUGS for now

The MJX B16 Pro is the very first drone of its kind. Many Bugs series drones have been released with many good choices, but...
Photo of DJI MINI SE

DJI Mini SE: True upgrade or just a facelift?

A few days ago, Walmart leaked some pictures of the upcoming DJI MINI SE drone. Usually, in the case of drones, 'SE' comes from...
Photo of JJRC X19 drone

JJRC X19 PilotPro V-SOAR drone

The new JJRC X19 follows the epic backpack-friendly design of the DJI Mavic series. With folded arms measures 16.5x10.5x6.2cm and weighs just 317 grams....
Photo of ZLL SG700

ZLL SG700 MAX & PRO: Cheapest GPS 4K brushless drone

ZLL's latest SG700 GPS enabled 4K drone will be available in two versions. While the SG700 PRO has brushed motors and is priced at...
Photo of HS700E drone

HS700E GPS enabled 4K EIS Camera Drone

The new Holly Stone HS700E is a definite upgrade over its predecessor ('D' edition). It is smaller (380*230*125mm vs 434 x 434 x 151...
Photo of JJRC G109 YW drone

JJRC G109 YW: GPS enabled 4K drone under $100

Featuring a folding design, brushless motors, dual positioning (GPS+OFP), 4K camera, and up to 25 minutes of battery life, the JJRC G109 YW looks...
FIMI X8 MINI review

FIMI X8 MINI review: Is It Worth The Money?

FIMI's X8 MINI, as the name suggests, is the shrunk version of the company's best-selling drone. It comes with a similar set of features...
Photo of LYZRC L800 PRO drone

LYZRC L800 PRO: Brushless 4K GPS drone for $99

The new LYZRC L800 PRO is a fairly priced folding drone. For only $99 it comes with a 4K camera, brushless motors, dual-positioning system,...