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Autel EVO Nano+

Autel EVO Nano Plus – The Ultimate drone under 250g

Autel Robotics has officially revealed their long-awaited EVO Nano series at CES 2022, promising outstanding...
HGLRC KT20 drone

HGLRC KT20 review: GO-karting is fun at any age

When I was a kid, I always wanted to drive a go-kart but somehow missed...
BetaFPV Meteor65 Pro ELRS

BetaFPV Meteor65 Pro ELRS review: Fly all winter long!

During winter when it is cold, snowy, or rainy outside, these BetaFPV Meteor65 Pro style...
Fimi X8SE 2022 drone

FIMI X8SE 2022 Review – The ultimate adventure drone

The new Xiaomi FIMI X8SE 2022 is not a game-changer drone but still comes with...
Eachine LR3

Eachine Nano LR3 drone review

The Eachine Nano LR3 is a lightweight 3″ FPV drone built around standard 18650 Lithium-Ion...
Zino Mini Pro review

Hubsan Zino Mini Pro review: Incredibly small and versatile

The Hubsan Zino Pro was probably the most expected drone of 2021. It is the...
HGLRC RaceWhoop30

HGLRC RaceWhoop30 review: Fly, Crash, Repeat!

Last month I was contacted by HGLRC regarding the opportunity to review their upcoming product....
MJX B16 PRO drone review

MJX B16 PRO review: Best BUGS for now

The MJX B16 Pro is the very first drone of its kind. Many Bugs series...
Review of HGLRC Petrel 120x Pro drone

HGLRC Petrel 120x Pro review: Furious Toothpick

The HGLRC Petrel 120x Pro looks like a Furious Angry Bird and flies like a...
FIMI X8 MINI review

FIMI X8 MINI review: Is It Worth The Money?

FIMI's X8 MINI, as the name suggests, is the shrunk version of the company's best-selling...
BetaFPV Pavo30 in-depth review

BetaFPV Pavo30 review: 3″ CineWhoop under 250g

I tested tons of FPV drones in the last few years, but this Pavo30 will...
ZLRC SG108 PRO review

ZLL SG108 PRO review: Affordable drone for beginners

Today we will test and review the ZLL SG108 PRO, an ultra-light brushless GPS drone....

E88 TENG1 review: 4K drone under $40

Today we will have a closer look at the E88 Pro Teng1 drone. Our review...
C-Fly Faith 2 Pro review

C-fly Faith 2 Pro review: All you can wish from a $300 drone

Since the first rumors have been launched regarding the C-fly Faith 2 Pro, I wanted...
SJRC F11 4K PRO review

SJRC F11 4K Pro review: Best 4K drone under 200?

The SJRC F11 4K Pro review will be the last drone review for this year....
LiftOff drone simulator review

LiftOff review: The drone simulator – Learn & train under lockdown

My son was only 4 years when I started with FirstQuadcopter.com, so he grew with...
HGLRC Sector5 V3 review

HGLRC Sector 5 V3 review: FPV drone with GPS RTH

My HGLRC Sector 5 V3 review covers all my personal experiences from unboxing to first...
ZLRC SG906 PRO 2 review

SG906 Pro 2 review: ZLRC’s Best Drone Yet

FirstQuadcopter was the first drone blog that published first rumors about the second generation 'Beast'...
JJRC X16 review

JJRC X16 review, ratings and sample footage

The JJRC X16 is an affordable excellent looking foldable drone that weighs less than 200...
HGLRC Veyron3 review

HGLRC Veyron 3 review, ratings and guide

This would be my second attempt of publishing my HGLRC Veyron 3 review. The draft...
Mavic Air 2 in-depth review

Mavic Air 2 review: Best drone under $1000?

In my Mavic Air 2 review, firstly I will go through its most important features...
HGLRC Sector132 review

HGLRC Sector132 review: 2 in 1 FPV drone

In my in-depth HGLRC Sector132 review I will reveal to you all the advantages and...
DJI Mavic Mini review

DJI Mavic Mini review: Your Everyday FlyCam!

After countless of rumors and speculation, the DJI Mavic Mini was finally revealed officially on...
Eachine EG16 - Best drone under 100?

EACHINE EG16 review, ratings & sample: Best drone under 100?

As lately I received for review only drone accessories, I was happy to finally get...
DJI Osmo Action Review

Osmo Action review: Action Camera from King of Drones

OSMO Action is DJI's first attempt to enter into the word of action cameras -...
Makerfire Armor65 Lite review

Makerfire Armor 65 Lite review: Best Whoop under $50?

The Makerfire Armor 65 Lite drone is an excellent micro brushed Whoop that’s easily capable...
TinyLeader drone review

FullSpeed TinyLeader review: Most powerful Whoop!

Apparently, the FullSpeed TinyLeader has all the features that could make it the Best brushless Whoop....

Xiaomi FiMI A3 review: Is it worth it?

The FiMI A3 will be the first Xiaomi drone reviewed at FirstQuadcopter.com. From its announcement...
DTS GT200 review

DTS GT200 review: Fast and beautiful FPV drone

The fact that, after only 2 hours we published the article about the DTS GT200...
Eachine E016H review

Best drone for kids: Eachine E016H review

When it comes to beginner pilots, especially if they are kids, I highly recommend to...
Eachine E61HW review

Eachine E61HW review: Cheap mini drone with camera

A great way to get kids interested in drones is giving them a cheap mini...
GOFly-RC Scorpion 5 review

GOFly-RC Scorpion review: Initial setup, Test flight & Ratings

The GOFly Scorpion is, without question, the Best FPV Drone that GOFly-RC has ever produced...
Eachine EX2 Mini drone review

Eachine EX2 Mini review: FPV drone, monitor & goggles for $100

In a nutshell, the Eachine EX2 Mini is a MJX Bugs 3 Mini on FPV steroids....
JJRC X7 Smart Review

Best drone battery life – 20 minutes flight time: JJRC X7 review

Thinking of buying a drone with best flight time? Check out our JJRC X7 Smart...
MJX B2SE drone review

MJX Bugs 2SE review: Sample video & Maiden flight

As I promised in my previous quadcopter review, winter will come with lots of drone...
Lefant Zeraxa Pro Review

Lefant Zeraxa Pro review: FlyAway & R.I.P.

Winter will come with lots of cool drone reviews on FirstQuadcopter. We are expecting this month...
My first FPV simulator aka FPV Freerider review

My first FPV simulator: FPV Freerider Classic/Recharged review

Flying through FPV googles made me always very dizzy. I can't stand to play more...
VISUO XS812 GPS drone quadcopter review

VISUO XS812 review: A good GPS camera drone under $100

From the day of its announcement was obvious that the VISUO XS812 aims to be...
HOBBYMATE 5" COMET VX220 drone review

HOBBYMATE 5″ COMET VX220 review: Best FPV drone under 200?

Few months ago I was contacted by Kevin from HobbyMate in order to provide some information...
Blade Inductrix FPV+ review

Blade Inductrix FPV Plus review: Best micro FPV drone

Surprisingly, while the Blade Inductrix FPV Plus was one of the most promising micro FPV drone of...
HolyBro Kopis 2 SE review

Holybro Kopis 2 SE review: My fastest FPV drone

Shortly after I sold the old Kopis, my FPV backpack felt sad and empty. It...
MJX X708P Cyclone review

MJX X708P review: Perfect learn to fly drone for newbies?

Today, we will have a closer look on the MJX X708P Cyclone, an entry level...
MJX Bugs 3 Pro review

MJX Bugs 3 Pro Review: A Great Beginner GPS Drone!

After many Eachine and Syma reviews, we are finally here with a MJX drone review....
Best mini FPV drone: Helifar X140 PRO review

Best mini FPV drone 2018: Helifar X140 PRO review

FPV drones are ridiculously fun to fly and most enthusiasts (myself included) consider mini racing...
LitisRC Cicada 180 review

Cicada 180 review: Cheap FPV drone for Racing

The Cicada 180 is a medium sized FPV drone made by a new multi-rotor brand...
Is the Eachine M80S the best RTF FPV Drone. Let's find from our review

Eachine M80S review: All you need from your first RTF FPV drone

The Eachine M80S is an excellent micro RTF FPV drone that’s easily capable of both...
Best drone to buy under $150: JJPRO X3 HAX drone review

Best drone to buy under $150? JJPRO X3 HAX review

I often got the question "which is the best drone to buy under $150", my...
JX 1601HW Kids Drone Review

JX 1601HW review: Cheap drone for kids

When it comes to children, I would seriously recommend you getting a miniature-kid friendly drone...
Best drone with camera and GPS: Review of Hubsan H216A X4 Desire Pro

Best drone with 1080P camera and GPS under $150: Hubsan H216A

Drones with camera and GPS have revolutionized the field of aerial videography. Drones like Hubsan H216A...
Best Starter Drone under $50

Best starter drone under $50: Eachine E58 review

Based on my personal experience, learning to fly a drone begins with learning how not...
FuriBee GT 215MM quadcopter review

FuriBee GT 215MM review & ratings

There are hundreds of racing drones capable of high speeds, so what makes the FuriBee GT...
Eachine E59 Min quadcopter review

Eachine E59 Mini review: Last-minute Christmas gift

Are you still looking for an awesome last-minute gift idea for Christmas? You should consider this Eachine...
Eachine E011C drone review

Eachine E011C review: Flying Santa Claus with Xmas Song

It seems that this Christmas, Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, remains without a job. Santa Claus...
JJRC H345 drone review: JJI and JJII

JJRC H345 pocket drone review: Pay 1 and get 2

Until recently, remote controlled drones were expensive toys. Now, JJRC H345 offers not one but...
KingKong ET125 review

Kingkong ET125 review: Best brushless Whoop?

As I just read that KingKong plans to change its brand name into "LDARC", I...
FEILUN FX176C2 review

FEILUN FX176C2 review: Always flies back to you

Frankly, how could FeiLun expect to remember a drone name like "FX176C2". If copy/paste actions...
Eachine Q90C FlyingFrog drone review

Eachine Q90C drone review: My first Flying Frog :D

When it comes to design, drone manufacturers always try to surprise us. A good example...
Holybro Kopis 1 review

HOLYBRO KOPIS 1 review: Don’t stay on its way!

Every time I review a drone, I try to find a sentence that would define...
Eachine E57 quadcopter review

Eachine E57 drone review: So thin that it can slip everywhere

All kidding aside, even if it's ultra-thin, the Eachine E57 probably will not be able...
Mini Baby Elfie drone review

Baby Elfie review: Smaller, more versatile JJRC H37

Following the great success of the H37 sElfie drone, JJRC announced a more compact version...
XiangYu XY017HW Falcon drone review

XiangYu XY017HW review: All you need from your first drone

At a $50 base price, the XiangYu XY017HW offers many popular features and some extras....
RedPawz R011 review

Redpawz R011 review: Cheapest complete FPV drone

This week, besides the Redpawz R011, I received a couple of other drones for review,...
FQ777 FQ26 Miracle drone review

FQ777 FQ26 drone review: First flying cube

After the flying egg, here is the first flying cube. In folded position you would not think...

Walkera Rodeo 110 review: Best mini FPV quadcopter?

Today I will review the Walkera Rodeo 110, a micro-scale brushless FPV quadcopter. Compared to...
Eachine E013 quadcopter review

Eachine E013 review: More bang for your bucks

Maybe the Eachine E013 doesn't features versatile flight controller as the TW, but with the included...
Flytec T13 drone review

Flytec T13 review: Pocket selfie drone

In order to bring something new on the selfie drone market, the Flytec T13 adopts half-reversed...
GTENG T908W review

GTENG T908W review: Wannabee DIY drone

GTENG T908W it is advertised as to be a DIY quadcopter but, if you ask...
Eachine E51 quadcopter review

Eachine E51 review: Foldable drone for newbies

Hi and welcome back, the Eachine E51 review is my fifth article on FirstQuadcopter.com. Traditionally, I will...
GoolRC T32 drone review

GoolRC T32 review: Nice learn to fly drone

The era of flying selfies is right around the corner, cheap drones like the GoolRC...
Redpawz R010 drone review

Redpawz R010 review: Speedy Whoop

A couple of days ago I received to test and review the Redpawz R010, a...
KaiDeng K130 Alpha review

KaiDeng K130 Alpha review: Eggs can fly!

Few weeks ago I already introduced the KaiDeng K130 Alpha drone in the news section  and...
Cheerson CX-OF quadcopter review

Cheerson CX-OF review: Unmatched hovering stability

In the past mini drones were nice but with no fancy features. Now, the Cheerson CX-OF, with...
Eachine E31HW drone review

Eachine E31HW review: Mixed flight performance

Quadcopters may be getting smaller and more affordable than ever, but few can say they...
VISUO XS809HW drone review

VISUO XS809HW quadcopter review: Poor man’s Mavic

The VISUO XS809HW quadcopter, as you can see right at first glance, is a copy of...
Eachine Racer 250 Pro drone review

Eachine Racer 250 PRO review: Nothing like the first edition

Brushless quadcopters aren't cheap, but the Eachine Racer 250 PRO comes at a surprisingly reasonable price of...
Eachine V-Tail QX110 quadcopter review

Eachine QX110 VTail quadcopter review

About a month ago I introduced this Eachine V-tail QX110 drone in the news section and now...
KingKong TiNY7 drone review

KingKong Tiny7 review: Tiny Whoop for less

Till I get the genuine one, I thought to review the KingKong Tiny 7. As you...
Cheerson CX-17 Cricket review

Cheerson CX-17 Cricket quadcopter review

Testing and evaluating the Cheerson CX-17 mini Wi-Fi FPV drone Went for a walk, recently, in the nearest forest,...
Eachine E33W drone review

Eachine E33W review: Basic drone for newbies

Eachine E33W quadcopter drone for first-time pilots Last month Eachine announced two new entry-level drones, this...
Eachine E55 Mini review and test

Eachine E55 review: Ultra compact sElfie drone

Tiny cameras that can fly still seemed like a sci-fi dream just few years ago but,...
DM002 DIY drone review

DM002 drone review: Dirty cheap and easy to build

DM002 - Cheap DIY quadcopter with FPV camera Recently, I received the DM002 quadcopter for tests, a Chinese...
READYACTION Office Tablet Chest Harness review

Tablet and FPV screen chest harness review

Tablet harness for drone professionals by ReadyAction At the time I started my journey in the word...
Eachine QX70 drone review

Eachine QX70 review: Nice concept but underpowered

Eachine Turbine QX70 in-depth review As I said in one of my recent reviews, during cold...
Eachine FB90 quadcopter review

Eachine FB90 review: Testing the “Fatbee”

Eachine Fatbee FB90 review with pros and cons Lately, due to unfavorable weather for outdoor flights,...
HobbyMate Q100 Quadcopter drone review

HobbyMate Q100 review: Build and Test

HobbyMate Q100 micro FPV quadcopter for indoor fun During winter days, when outside are -15ºC, somehow you can't find...
XBM-55 drone review

XBM-55 review: Nice design and lots of features

T-Smart XBM-55 drone with altitude hold and smartphone APP control Yesterday, my wife came home with...
Syma X8SW drone review

Syma X8SW review: Best budget drone in 2016?

Syma X8SW drone with altitude hold and WiFi FPV Through X8SW it seems that Syma ends a...
Walkera Rodeo 150 review

Walkera Rodeo 150 review with pros and cons

Walkera Rodeo 150 review - Aka hands-on the little beast I always try to be short...
JJRC H37 Elfie review

JJRC H37 Elfie quadcopter review

JJRC H37 - the cheapest smartphone controlled foldable "selfie drone" Usually selfie drones like this JJRC...
Syma X5UW quadcopter review

SYMA X5UW quadcopter review

SYMA X5UW drone - Is it the perfect Christmas gift? In my opinion, the Syma X5...
Eachine Q95 review

Eachine Tiny QX95 micro FPV drone review

Eachine QX 95 - My first micro brushed FPV racing quadcopter After many brushless racing quadcopters, I thought that...
KaiDeng K80 Pantonma review

Kaideng K80 Pantonma quadcopter review

Kai Deng K80 quadcopter - The first cheap drone which claims to have obstacle avoidance...
Litchi DJI APP review

Litchi APP for DJI Phantom, Mavic and Inspire drones

I have heard for the first time about the Litchi APP 6 months ago, when...
Eachine E010 review

Eachine E010 Mini quadcopter review

Eachine E010 cheap mini drone with ducted fans At the time when Eachine E010 Mini was announced everyone was...
JJRC H23 quadcopter car review

JJRC H23 drone car in-depth review

JJRC H23 quadcopter car for double fun Recently, JJRC announced their H23 drone car. It is basically the...
Floureon Racer 250 review

Floureon Racer 250 test and in-depth review

Floureon Racer 250 RTF FPV racing quadcopter Last Monday, returning from a short holiday where I...
XK X252 review

XK X252 Shuttle quadcopter review

I read somewhere that XK Innovations is a "deluxe" division of WLToys. Certainly, on first...
Hubsan H111D quadcopter review

Hubsan H111D quadcopter review

Hubsan H111D world's first mini FPV quadcopter Since I started the FirstQuadcopter.com blog I wrote about many Hubsan models...
Cheerson CX-10WD quadcopter review

Cheerson CX-10WD mini quad in-depth review

Cheerson CX-10WD - the smallest quadcopter with altitude hold and WiFi FPV This new Pokémon GO...
JJRC H31 quadcopter review

JJRC H31 wannabe waterproof quad

JJRC H31 cheap quadcopter with headless mode and RTH Waterproof  quadcopter means that the aircraft can be...
Eachine E30W quadcopter review

Eachine E30W quadcopter review

Eachine E30W - The mini Phantom 3 Pro Eachine is a very popular quadcopter and FPV...
SKRC Q16 quadcopter review

SKRC Q16 quadcopter review

SKRC Q16 - Dirty cheap WiFi quadcopter After many "high-end" quadcopter reviews, it was time to...
REDCON Phoenix 210 review

REDCON Phoenix 210 review

REDCON Phoenix 210 - Cheap racing drone As this summer I'm planing to organize some drone...
FlyPro XEagle review

FlyPro XEagle review

FlyPro XEagle Sport - My first selfie drone First time I read the news about this...
Yuneec Q500 4k vs DJI Phantom 3

Yuneec Q500 4k vs DJI Phantom 3

Frankly, I would have preferred to compare the Yuneec Typhoon H with the Phantom 4...
Walkera F210 review

Walkera F210 quadcopter review

Walkera F210 - Mini racing quadcopter I know that I'm a bit delayed with the review of...
Eachine E10C quadcopter review

Eachine E10C Mini quadcopter review

Eachine E10C Mini - world's smallest quad with HD camera Visually, there are not too many...
Cheerson CX-35 review

Cheerson CX-35 quadcopter review

Cheerson CX-35 Phantom all-in-one FPV quad Few weeks ago when I introduced this Cheerson CX-35 on my blog's...
DJI Phantom 3 Advanced review

DJI Phantom 3 Advanced review

My first DJI Phantom quadcopter After almost two years of flying with more or less toy...
JJRC H20C eview

JJRC H20C hexacopter review

JJRC H20C mini hexa-copter with 720P camera Somehow I missed to review the JJRC H20C 's...
XinLin X181 review

XinLin X181 FPV quadcopter review

My biggest curiosity at the time I knew that I will receive this XinLin X181 quadcopter for...
Yuneec Q500 4K review

Yuneec Q500 4k review

Yuneec Typhoon Q500 quadcopter with 4K camera reviewed Yes, I know!  How can it be interesting anymore...
Cheerson CX-10W review

Cheerson CX-10W review

Yesterday, when I received the Cheerson CX-10W for review and I sow the size of...
LiDi RC L6F review

LiDi RC L6F hexacopter review

LiDi RC L6F hexacopter with complete 5.8GHz system Since I started my journey in the world...
Fayee FY805 hexacopter review

Fayee FY805 micro haxacopter review

Hexacopters like this Fayee FY805 offer greater stability compared to the 4 motor design (or at...
F450 my first DIY Quadcopter

F450 my first DIY Quadcopter

My son is always willing to help me in building or disassembling any kind of...
JJRC X1 review

JJRC X1 quadcopter review

I started my journey in the world of quadcopters with a cheap brushed drone because, at that...
Eachine H8C Mini eview

Eachine H8C Mini quadcopter review

Eachine H8C Mini - Cheapest quadcopter with camera Newbies are always looking for affordable models with...
Runner 250 Advance review

Runner 250 Advance racing quadcopter review

A few weeks ago I've already introduced this Runner 250 Advance on my website. Ever...
SY X25 car quadcopter review

SY X25 car quadcopter in-depth review

The SY X25 flying car represents the new wave, an innovative quadcopter that can ride...
GW008 Mini Skull test

GW008 Mini Skull review

GW008 Mini Skull quadcopter - Scare in the air This type of gadgets like the GW008 Mini...
DHD D1 drone review

DHD D1 pocket quadcopter review

Pocket quadcopters like this DHD D1 are appreciated because they are affordable and extremely portable. For beginners,...
Cheerson CX10C review

Cheerson CX-10C review

Ten years ago it seemed unimaginable to play with such a small multi-rotor like this Cheerson CX-10C. Now we...
FireFly S5 review

Hawkeye FireFly 5s review

There are many action cameras like this FireFly 5s  on the market and it is very...
XK X380 quadcopter review

XK DETECT X380 review

XK X380 GPS Quadcopter I received some useful critics on the RC Groups forum regarding my previous quadcopter...
Syma X5sc-1 Quadcopter review

Syma X5sC-1 quadcopter review

S5sC’s Syma X5sC-1 stylish quadcopter for beginners All the kids are now back to school and...
HISKY HMX280 racing quadcopter

HiSKY HMX280 racing quadcopter

Looking at the pictures with the HISKY HMX280 racing Quad we may think that we are...
Syma X8W review

Syma X8W review: Big drone with WiFi FPV

I tested lately a lot of small and beginner quadcopters and finally, I received a...
Blackview Hero 1 camera

Blackview Hero 1 review

These kinds of action cameras like the Blackview Hero 1 are very useful also for...
Eachine H8 Mini

Eachine H8 Mini quadcopter review

Eachine H8 Mini - Best quadcopter for every beginner As I remember, I paid $60 for...
Tarantula X6

Tarantula X6 quadcopter review

YiZhan Tarantula X6 - big toy for big boys I got this new quadcopter last Friday...
FQ777-124 Pocket quadcopter

FQ777-124 Pocket quadcopter

FQ777-124 the ultimate micro quadcopter Micro quadcopters like this FQ777-124 are appreciated because they are affordable and very portable....
Syma X13 quadcopter

Syma X13 Miracle review

 Syma X13 Miracle mini quadcopter I started my journey in the world of quadcopters with probably...
Eachine 3D X4 quadcopter review

Eachine 3D X4 quadcopter review

Honestly, when the Eachine 3D X4 was announced, I was not interested at all in this model, I thought it is...
KeeCoo Camera

Keecoo quadcopter camera review

Keecoo - Cheap Wi-Fi FPV quadcopter camera There are several small cameras on the market so why Keecoo and...

My first small quadcopter

Last summer I purchased my first quadcopter, a  Syma X5C. It was perfect for a...

Mariner waterproof quadcopter

Mariner - the fully waterproof quadcopter If you want to take aerial videos over rivers, lakes or...

JJRC H8C quadcopter

JJRC H8C  - Best quadcopter under $60 This new quadcopter comes under different names: JJRC H8C, JJRC F183...

DFD F183 review

DFD F183 quadcopter After I switched ON the DFD F183,  my first impression was that it has enough power and it's...

Skyartec FREE X Skyview

Skyartec FREE X Skyview GPS quadcopter with gimbal I accidentally came across with this FREE X Skyview...

Flying 3D X6

Flying 3D X6 cheapest GPS quadcopter If you want to move from toy graded quadcopters to something...

Walkera Scout X4

Walkera Scout X4 with the DEVO F12E, real-time telemetry and mission planning is the ultimate quadcopter! The...
Galaxy Visitor 6 FPV quadcoter form Nine Eagles

Galaxy Visitor 6

The Nine Eagles manufacturer recently announced a new Quadcopter with a very attractive and futuristic...

JJRC H5C another X5C clone

JJRC H5C - new quadcopter or just rebranding? Looking on the design and the specs nothing new...

JJRC JJ-5000A and JJ-5000B Super Voyager

The  JJRC Super Voyager is another small palm sized quadcopter from the Jian Jian Toys Chinese manufacturer. It...

Cheerson CX-30W WIFI FPV quadcopter for iPhones

A few months ago, the Chinese Cheerson manufacturer launched a very attractive quadcopter with an...

IDEAFLY Apollo FPV GPS quadcopter review

The Apollo from IDEA-FLY is a ready to fly quadcopter perfectly designed for aerial video hobbyists. This aircraft with integrated...

Cheerson CX-30 small quadcopter with camera

The Chinese Cheerson quadcopter manufacturer launches a real offensive in the world of small multi-rotors,...

Galaxy Visitor 3 from Nine Eagles

This aircraft is a medium size quadcopter with a distance of 14-24 cm between each rotor. A highly...

UDI U839 Nano

On the first look the UDI U839 Nano quadcopter seems to be an Hubsan H111...

JJRC 1000A micro quadcopter

JJRC 1000A micro quadcopter The JJRC 1000A quadcopter is one of the smallest and the cheapest...

Syma X5C Explorers

Syma X5C Explorers worst to buy it? The X5C Quadcopter with 2MP HD Camera is the...