DFD F183 review

DFD F183 quadcopter

After I switched ON the DFD F183,  my first impression was that it has enough power and it’s noisy as HELL!

But lets start with the beginning. My first quadcopter was a Syma X5C that I still own and waits for a motor replacement…

Based on my flight experiences with the existing quadcopter, I wanted something more powerful, with better wind resistance and with longer flight range. In the same time not too expensive, because I’m still a beginner flyer and probably I will have some crash lands. Let see if the DFD F183 quad will satisfy all my requirements.

What’s important when you look for a new toy graded quadcopter:

  • price;
  • your flight skills;
  • physical size of the quad;
  • flight range and flight time;
  • spare parts availabilities, that is very important if you are a novice flyer;
  • other features like: headless mode, RTH, onboard camera, FPV…

DFD F183 review with pros and cons

I read about several new quadcopters and I came across over the DFD F183 (aka JJRC H8C). Just looking on the aircraft’s specs probably it will be a Syma X5C killer.

By the way, any real differences between the DFD F183 and JJRC H8C?

4 Days after I placed my order I got my DFD F183. The quadcopter was well packaged to avoid any damages trough the delivery process from China to Europe.DFD-F183 quadcopter first look

The F183 is an RTF (ready to fly) quadcopter, the box contains everything you need to fly it. From the battery, remote controller, prop guards to four extra propellers.

Installation of the landing skids, prop guards, Li-Po battery on the quad and four AA batteries on the remote controller toked only 10 minutes. Now I was ready to make my first fly with my DFD F183.

The design of this quad is beautiful, especially when it’s tuned ON and the LED lights illuminates. The DFD F183 has white LED lights on the front, red on the back and blue on both sides.

Compared to its predecessors, H5C and X5C, the DFD F183 uses a two cell 7.4V 500mAh Li-Po battery. Unfortunately, the battery has only a two wires connector and can not be used together with balanced battery chargers. That will probably decrease the battery lifespan. I recommend to order together with your quad, one or more extra batteries, if you don’t want to rest almost two hours between two flights.

Through the remote controller you can set the flight speed between four values: 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. For indoor fly I recommend to use only 25%.

Next week I will upload some videos with the quad. I’m planning to test the quality of the DFD F183’s camera and how it flys outside.

DFD F183 pros

  • Cool design with stylish LED lights for night flight;
  • The LED light can be turned ON/OFF from the RC;
  • Very stable through the 6 axis gyro;
  • 7.4v instead of 3.7v battery, for more power;
  • Acceptable flight range;
  • Onboard HD camera with adjustable lens angle;
  • Suitable for beginner flyers.

DFD F183 Cons

  • no headless mode;
  • very noisy;
  • no ball-bearings;
  • uncommon battery connector.

Final words

As I am a beginner flyer, I missed on this quad that it doesn’t use different colors for front and back propellers. Excepting the generated noise on full throttle, everything else was OK for me.

Unfortunately, because it is a new quadcopter on the market, spare parts for DFD F183 are not available yet. I think that it would fit also the spare parts from the H8C.

Definitely, this DFD F183 will be a good successor for my Syma quad and I can just recommend this quadcopter for beginner flyers with limited budget.

This quadcopter was supplied by GearBest for review. They also offered this “GBF183” discount coupon code for those that are interested to buy the DFD F183 quadcopter.


  1. Has it ever flown? When I bought mine, the salesman said you have to flip the left controller down and back up before it will fly. Everytime you turn it on.

  2. Compre un dfd f183 y en cuanto se acabó la batería no he conseguido volverla a cargar. Compre otra nueva y pasa lo mismo, no carga. Cambié de cargador y me pasa lo mismo. Que solucion tiene

  3. I just got my new F183 quad, charged the battery till light went green and it wont fly.
    Comes on about 2 sec and nothing else. does any body have an answer?

    thank you

  4. has any one got the address or site where i can get new motors as one of mine has given up ?.it gave up after only a few hrs of flight time.spread over many recharges..

  5. I am also very curious as to what the Actual RANGE is on the DFD F183.

    The spec’s where I purchased and I have seen elsewhere states 300m but on an ebay auction for same one it stated 100m. To tell you the truth I highly doubt it is 300m, but will be greatly suprised and happy if it is…Heck I would be extremely happy if it were Half that at only 150m. But I would really like to know from someone who has Real World Experience with it. What they have found the Actual Range to be.

    Thanks much,
    Florence, Az USA…

    • Dear Scott, ibought my DFD F 183 on a market.
      At home i found out that one motor did not work. Be so kind and mail me the sight wherecto buy spare parts

    • Dear Sir Scott Richardson,

      First thx for placing the info, very helpfull for me as a starter with a limited budget.
      I intend to buy some extra batties and extend the antenna for DFD F183, cause a heard from from others by experience
      the real remote range is more like 80-100 meters instead of the specified 300 meters.
      Could you pls be so kind and send me the link to the store that you found?

      With regards and Thanks,

      Joan from Nijmegen, Netherlands

  6. Liked the review.

    One thing, I found a place to buy the spare parts. Even the motors are less than $3 each and batteries are only $6 instead of the Almost $18 they are charging on Amazon. I actually had ordered 2 batteries on Amazon and at almost $40 Shipped I canceled my order because I found them (along with all the other accessories) on another site. Msg me if you wish to have the link.
    I started adding items to my cart. 2ea CCW motors 2ea CW motors 2ea xtra batteries 2ea landing skids (Only 86cents each) 4xtra blade protectors (only bout a buck fifty each) 4ea of the Main Gear & Shaft for the motors. And a few other items. I then realized my order was close to $40 and even with Free Shipping.
    I decided that they were offering the brand new DFD F183 quadcopter (without the HD camera) for only barely over $40 as it was. Only barely over $50 with the 2mp HD Camera. So I think I will order an entire replacement quadcopter along with one or two extra batteries.

    I do have another question, Was YOURS an FPV Camera??? When I ordered mine on Amazon, it stated FPV. And because the remote has an LCD Screen I assumed it showed the Video right on the LCD Screen. But Now I am not certain (I am still 2 weeks away from receiving mine in the mail).
    I am wondering if the FPV needs to be Received with a proprietary App on a Smartphone, because IF SO the Remote does not look like it will accommodate holding a smartphone…
    I am kinda worried about how the FPV is going to work on mine… Let me know if yours is also FPV or if you are familiar with it…

    Thanks so much for the review. Looking forward to any photos or Video you may upload later.
    Florence, Az USA…

    • I’m afraid there is no FPV version of the DFD F183 (aka JJRC H8C) on the market. Probably it was a typing mistake in the description of the quad on the site where your ordered from.

    • I’d like that site. I have a motor that won’t work after a week. I’d like to order some spare parts for it. It would be great if you could help.

  7. Nice review!
    The DFD F183 It is better then the H8C? They are uses the same transmitter protocol?
    Please can you share some outdoor fly videos with the F183.

  8. gra8 review
    Loved the review
    I would be happy if you could add some information about improvements that can be added such as:
    Reducing the weight of the quadcopter
    Adjustment to larger battery (long flight time)
    Adjustment of the engines and propellers

    thank you very much

      • Hi,

        I’m a novice myself, intend to buy this DFD F183 drone.
        I was wondering ,did you manage to add the external antenna to expand the range?
        Since i heard the specification of 300 meters in practise really is more like a 100m???!

        Pls advise,

        Joan, nijmegen, Netherlands

    • DFD F183 battery dimension is 46 x 11 x45mm
      If you want longer flight, you have to look for some batteries with this size but higher capacity.


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