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DJI O3 Air Unit review: Cinematic Digital FPV system

DJI O3 Air Unit
I ordered the DJI O3 Air Unit to review it on the first day of its official announcement. I have already tested its predecessors, the original Air Unit and Caddx VistaRunCam Link, and I had big expectations from this new release. In 2019, DJI changed the FPV scene with its first compact HD digital FPV system providing outstanding image quality...

DJI O3 Air Unit: The ultimate HD Digital FPV system

DJI O3 Air Unit
The DJI O3 Air Unit is probably the most expected FPV gear of 2022. A few months ago, the original AU was discontinued and out of stock at many online retailers. The first rumors about the new generation O3 AU appeared together with the official announcement of the DJI Avata FPV drone. The biggest concern of the FPV community...

Comin soon: Walksnail Avatar VRX (Digital vRX)

Avatar VRX
After the marriage between DJI and Caddx ended, the FPV equipment manufacturer started a new collaboration with Walksnail, another HD digital video transmission system provider. The Walksnail Avatar VRX is a compact box (114x55x22mm / 83grams) with four antennas capable of receiving HD digital video signals from Avatar 1s and Avatar HD micro VTXs. Avatar VRX adopts industry-leading H.265 encoding...

Walksnail Avatar Mini: 1S HD digital VTX

Walksnail Avatar Mini
The Walksnail Avatar Mini digital HD VTX was designed for compact Whoop-style FPV drones. It weighs just 6.8 grams and can be powered by a 1S LiPo battery - the minimal voltage being limited to 3.1 volts, it is not intended to be used with Li-Ion type batteries that can be safely drained down to 2.8v. Like its bigger brother,...

Foxeer Reaper Extreme 2.5W VTx: Insane FPV Power!

Foxeer Reaper Extreme 2.5W VTX
Foxeer recently announced a new analog 5.8G VTX with a maximum broadcast power of 2.5W. Yes, you read that correctly, 2500mW. For sure, the Foxeer Reaper Extreme is intended for ultra-long range FPV flights. The FPV transmitter measures 36x27.5x8mm and weighs 13 grams. It comes with a metal body for good heat disipation. The Foxeer Reaper Extreme can be powered...

WALKSNAIL Avatar HD Digital FPV: DJI Air Unit alternative

Avatar HD Digital FPV kit
WALKSNAIL Avatar HD Digital FPV kit consists of VTX (transmitter) and two types of camera sizes. You can opt for 14x14m or 16x16m camera mounting factors. Weighting just, 16grams is currently the lightest digital FPV transmitter. By comparison, the Caddx Vista weights 19grams and the DJI Air Unit 41.6g. The Avatar HD Digital system features a dual-antenna system and ultra-low...

RunCam Link Phoenix HD Kit for DJI FPV Goggles

RunCam Link Phoenix
After Caddx, RunCam also started a cooperation with DJI in order to manufacture digital cameras and FPV transmitters. The RunCam Link Phoenix is advertised with 32ms latency at 1280*720@60fps. Many pro FPV pilots wished to have 20ms at 120fps. It looks like DJI does not let their partners use their technology at best performance. The RunCam Link VTX module measures...

Caddx Vista Nebula Nano kit review: Lighter but not better

Caddx Vista Nebula Nano review
The CaddxFPV Vista Nebula Nano is the most affordable and probably the lightest HD digital transmission system compatible with the DJI FPV goggles. With a total weight of just 24 grams, it can be installed on compact FPV drones. You can also find it in pre-build systems such as the BetaFPV Pavo30 CineWhoop. Caddx is the only company licensed by...

Caddx Polar Vista & Air Unit Kit: Starlight Digital HD FPV system

Photo of Caddx Polar Vista
CaddxFPV's new HD digital FPV camera, the 'Polar', can be purchased individually or in a bandle with Vista or Air Unit VTX. Caddx Polar is a digital starlight camera optimized for low-light conditions. With a min illumination of just 0.00003 lux, it is suitable to fly in the dark. Caddx Polar has a 1/1.8" starlight image sensor and a large...

Caddx Air Unit Micro Digital FPV system

Photo of Caddx Air Unit Micro
Caddx just announced their second-generation digital FPV system. As its name says, the new CaddxFPV Air Unit Micro is smaller and lighter compared to the Caddx Vista. The Air Unit Micro measures 44x37.8x14.44mm and weighs just 41.5 grams together with the FPV camera. The Caddx Air Unit Micro VTX is natively compatible with the DJI FPV transmitter and can locally...

AKK New Era: First dual antenna VTX

Photo of AKK New Era VTX
The AKK New Era is probably the first 5.8G VTX that can be equipped with two antennas. AKK packs its 'New Era' FPV transmitter with an LHCP and an RHCP antenna. The VTX can be used in 20x20mm flight stacks. Without antennas, it weighs less than 6 grams. AKK New Era features adjustable broadcast power. You can toggle between 25mW,...