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Coming soon: JJRC X7P aka JJRC SMART+

JJRC is about to release an upgraded version of their current best drone (read more about it in our JJRC X7 review). The second generation JJRC X7P comes with lots of improvements compared to its predecessor. Biggest change is around its video gear. Instead of a 1080P camera with 1-axis gimbal, it features 4K camera with 2-axis mechanical stabilization....

JJRC H69 learn to FPV fly drone

JJRC H69 FPV drone
Frankly, even after I double checked the technical specs of the JJRC H69 drone, I'm still confused. The advertising shows "5.8G Real-time transmission", but the detailed production descriptions says "Up to 60 meters of transmission distance, you can fly the drone, let the drone take aerial footage, and then watch the streaming images or videos, clear and sharp directly...

JJRC X6 Aircus: Poor man’s Phantom drone

JJRC X6 Aircus drone
After many Mavic alike drones here is a very interesting Phantom clone. In addition to the cool design, the JJRC X6 Aircus comes with powerful brushless motors, Dual-GPS system and Full HD camera with 2-axis gimbal. Just like the Phantom's LIPO pack, the Aircus X6's battery also has charging level indicator LEDs. According to the manufacturer's specs the 2-cell/3000mAh battery...

Coming soon: JJRC H71 foldable wannabe selfie drone

JJRC H71 drone`
Following the great success of the H37 Elfie, JJRC is planning to release an upgraded version called H71. The new model comes with better range and longer flight time. Like its predecessor, the JJRC H71 also features foldable arms. In order to be safer for indoor flights, it comes with removable blade protectors. According to the advertised specs, the 1000mAh battery...

JJRC X3P Hax+ GPS enabled drone under $200

JJRC X3P Hax Plus drone quadcopter
Last year we had luck to review the JJPRO X3 HAX, an entry level GPS enabled drone, and now we are back to introduce you its direct successor, the JJRC X3P Hax+. Besides some minor design changes, the second generation JJR/C Hax+ drone comes with only few worth to mention upgrades. While both versions are powered by same capacity battery...

JJRC HY-90 GPS enabled drone (coupon deal)

JJR/C HY-90 drone deal
While Syma Toys seems to have stopped coming out with new drones, their old models are still re-branded. From the first sight, it is obvious that the JJRC HY-90 follows the epic design of the X8 series. JJR/C announced the HY-90 with two type of WiFi FPV cameras. According to your budget, you can opt for 720P or 1080P camera....

Best drone battery life – 20 minutes flight time: JJRC X7 review

JJRC X7 Smart Review
Thinking of buying a drone with best flight time? Check out our JJRC X7 Smart review. Powered by a 2s/2600mAh LI-PO battery, the JJRC X7 has more than 20 minutes flight time. Furthermore it has powerful brushless motors, GPS positioning system and full HD camera - all for less than $150! No matter how stacked its features are, a drone...

Coming soon: JJRC H78G GPS enabled camera drone

JJRC H78G GPS drone
JJRC, one of the most active player on the toy drone market is planning to release a new GPS enabled model. In addition to its beautiful design, the JJRC H78G drone comes with lots of great features. Furthermore, it has an on-board full HD camera with WiFi 5G real-time image transmission. JJRC H78G weights about 190 grams at takeoff. While with...

JJRC X9 Heron GPS enabled camera drone: First rumors

JJRC X9 Heron
At first look, this new JJRC Heron X9 drone wants to be a cheaper alternative for the Spark. It has similar design and features. Furthermore, being around $150, it comes with its own remote controller. Of course, on paper everything can look good. Certainly, the most important features of the JJRC X9 are the brushless motors and GPS positioning system....

JJRC X8 GPS enabled brushless camera drone

When I saw the first images with the JJRC X8 drone I through it is an upgraded MJX Bugs 2. These two drones have almost identical design. The JJRC X8 Cetus comes with GPS positioning system and 1080P camera. The powerful 1806/1500KV brushless motors are matched with 8A ESCs. According to the rumored specs, the 1800mAh LiPo battery allows up to 18 minutes...

JJRC X7 SMART aka C-FIY SMART: GPS enabled camera drones

Today, I will introduce you, the JJRC X7 SMART and C-FIY SMART GPS enabled camera drones. Because these quads are apparently identical, I decided to publish one news instead of two separate ones. While the JJRC X7 SMART quadcotper is promoted in black and white colors, the C-FIY SMART only in white. Both, drones features on-board 1080P camera with 5G WiFi real-time image transmission....