JJRC X25: Cheapest DJI MINI Alternative?


Since I published my DJI MINI 2 alternatives article, I got tons of questions “Which is the best” or “Which is the cheapest” the new JJRC X25 looks like an incredible drone for its money. With a starting price of just $70.99, it has an excellent folding design, GPS positioning, brushless motors, and an intelligent obstacle avoidance system. Of course, for this price, you can’t expect the quality and reliability of a 400 bucks DJI drone.

The JJRC X25 comes with a dual HD camera system. While the primary camera features a single-axis gimbal that allows remote angle adjustment (0-90 degrees), the bottom camera acts like a visual positioning sensor. 

Thanks to the fail-safe return to home function (RTH), the JJRC X25 quadcopter will automatically return to the take-off point in case of RC signal loss or low flight battery voltage. RTH can be triggered manually as well. The drone is powered by a 2cell battery that allows about 16-18 minutes of flight time.

JJRC X25 drone’s main features

  • DJI MINI 2-like folding design with a collapsed size of just 18x13x7.5cm;
  • Intelligent four-direction obstacle avoidance system (4D OAS);
  • Dual-positioning system (GPS + Optical flow);
  • Powerful brushless motors;
  • HD camera with adjustable angle;
  • Fail-safe RTH (Out of range, Out of control, or Low battery);
  • Smart autonomous flight modes;
  • About 16-18 mins of battery life;
  • Up to 500 meters of control distance.


  1. i have to agree with phil one of the best low cost drones i have flown very good value for money the only thing i would say are the blades are a little to cheep but great drone

  2. If it still requires you to use your phone to record video, it is NOT a DJI Mini alternative, and you’re doing your readership a disservice by calling it that.

    • I think the author was fair! He mentioned that ‘…for this price, you can’t expect the quality and reliability of a 400 bucks DJI drone.’
      Yes, the JJRC X25 is a MINI alternative for under $80!


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