DJI MINI 2 alternatives: Top 5 rivals

DJI Mini 2 Alternatives

Without any doubt, the DJI MINI 2 is currently the best drone in the 250 grams class. It features excellent flight performance and comes equipped with a high-quality 4K camera. On paper, there are several drones that promise similar functionalities, but they are worthy rivals? Let’s find out what are the Top 5 DJI MINI 2 alternatives that you can buy in 2021.

The DJI Mini 2 was officially revealed on November 4, 2020, and has a take-off weight of just 249g, meaning that it doesn’t need to be registered with the FAA in the USA. Compared to its predecessor, it has a higher-resolution camera, extended range, and better battery life. Its improved motors help flying in winds up to 10.5 m/s (Level 5). The Mini 2’s size, price, and smooth performance make it an excellent option for those who are looking to get their first drone.

Best DJI Mini 2 alternatives: In-depth comparison

In the table below I compared the most important specs of the 3 best Mini 2 alternatives. I highlighted with green where the FIMI MINI excels, with blue where the old MAVIC MINI still shines, and with orange the straightness of ZLL SG108Pro. I marked with red where the DJI MINI 2 is the clear winner.

Size 138×81×58mm 145x85x56mm 140×82×57mm 130×83×57mm
Weight 249g 245g 249g 278g
Foldable Design Yes Yes Yes Yes
Camera 4K@30fps 4K@30fps 2.7K@30fps 4K@25fps
Gimbal 3-axis 3-axis 3-axis 2-axis
Smart flight modes Panorama, Hyperlapse, One Tap, and QuikShots (Circle, Dronie, Helix, Rocket, and Boomerang) Active tracking and intelligent flight modes QuikShots (Circle, Dronie, Helix, and Rocket) intelligent flight modes 
Active tracking No Yes No No
Obstacle avoidance No No No No
Optical flow sensor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Flight time 31 min 31 min 30 min 25 min
Battery capacity 2s/2250 mAh 2s/2250 mAh 2s/2400 mAh 2s/2200mAh
Range 10KM FCC or 6KM CE 8KM 4KM FCC or 2KM CE 1KM
Communication OcuSync 2.0 TDMA HD Advanced WIFI WIFI
FAA No No No Yes
Price $449 $449 $399 $147

Battery life

All 3 contenders are powered by a two-cell battery pack and have a similar flight time as the DJI MINI 2. The FIMI X8 MINI and MINI 2 are powered by 2250mAh batteries and have 31 minutes of battery life. At the end of the list is the ZLL SG108 Pro with 25 minutes of advertised flight time.

Despite that, the first generation MAVIC MINI is powered by a higher capacity battery pack (2400mah vs 2250mah) it has 1 minute less flight time than the MINI 2.

Camera performance

Flight range

In terms of flight range (maximum flight distance) is very difficult to compete with the DJI MINI 2. Adopting pro-grade OcuSync 2.0 communication, in optimal conditions can achieve up to 10 KM. It has more than two times better range than its predecessor. The SG108 Pro uses a standard drone-to-phone WIFI connection which provides 1000 meters top range.

The FIMI MINI adopts TDMA communications which provide up to 8KM range – only 2KM less compared to MINI 2. Personally, I fly for such long distances only for test purposes. In most countries, you are not allowed to fly out of visual distance (LoS).

Camera performance

While the MINI 2, MINI 1, and FIMI MINI are equipped with a 3-axis gimbal, the SG180Pro only with a 2-axis one. Besides the improved range, the biggest upgrade from MM1 to MM2 is the increased resolution. While the original MINI MINI was capable to record 2.7K@30fps videos (40Mbps), the new MINI 2 is able to record 4K@30fps videos (100Mbps).

The recently released FIMI MINI is capable of recording 4K@30fps with up to 100Mbps max bitrate.

Top 5 DJI MINI 2 alternatives

  1. FIMI X8 Mini Pro
  2. Hubsan Zino MINI Pro (April 25 release date)
  3. Mavic MINI
  4. Mavic Air 2 (over 250 grams);
  5. ZLL SG108 Pro

Bottom line

Hope that we helped you make the decision about which DJI MINI 2 alternative suits you better for your needs and especially for your budget. Remember that besides the raw specs, things like after-sale support and spare parts availability are also very important. DJI continuously offers software and firmware upgrades that not just eliminate bugs and issues, but also is adding new functionalities.

In case you want a drone from a different brand, the FIMI MINI seems to be the best alternative at the moment. It is equivalent to the DJI MINI 2 in terms of battery life and camera performance.


  1. There are many DJI Mini 2 alternatives out there that are just as capable and offer excellent value for money. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced flyer, these drones offer excellent features and capabilities to capture stunning aerial footage, but let’s be honest none of them can compete the original MINI2!

  2. After I checked all alternatives I decided that the DJI Mini 2 will be my first drone, I need to find a place to purchase it. Can the drone be ordered directly from DJI, or is it better to go to a big box store like Amazon or Best Buy?

      • DJI Mini SE specs:
        – Single-frequency
        – 1/2.3 12M pixel
        – resolution 2.7K 25/30p
        – 3-axis gimbal
        – QuickShot modes: Dronie, Circle, Helix, and Rocket
        – Remote Controller: 720p/30fps FPV
        – Medium Interference (suburban landscape, open line of sight, some competing signals): Approx. 6 km

        It is more a Mavic MINI 1.5 than MINI 3.0

  3. I’m looking for advice on buying my first drone. Till read your article I was decided in getting the MINI 2. It has a fairly set of features and a reasonable price. Are you suggesting that the FIMI MINI is a cheaper alternative? Because right now they are at the same price…

    • I have been flying both FIMI X8 SE and FIMI A3 for two years. Some week ago I started to fly with FIMI X8 Mini. I am very satisfied with this drone. I ordered it in the first batch and I paid only 325$. Now, the price is higher, but I can really recommend this drone to all, who are looking for a small drone with very good flying characteristics and capturing video in 4K.

      • Yes, the FIMI is a truly nice drone, excepting the horizon issue.
        Actually, I decided to sell my MINI 1 without buying the MINI 2 and stay only with the FM. The next step will be the Air2S – the obstacle avoidance system makes a huge difference.


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