Founder introduction

Yes, FPV(First Person View) was fascinating. I fell in love with it. I started to play FPV at the end of 2011, the first is the use of a fixed-wing with a map and a camera to fly, to now play a small four-axis through the race, now have five years, I now enjoy this activity.

Original intention

Flight is always the dream of mankind, we are no exception. We hope to meet the young people for many years of flying dreams, so set up. Hope that through years of experience accumulated and the development of several high-quality products, we love to fly and love FPV friends bring convenience and benefits.

Future outlook

The development of science and technology will often lead to industry subversion. In the future, we think there will be a lot of products that can be developed. For example, the frame is lighter and more rigid. The motor can operate more efficiently, the transfer map clarity and transmitting distance have a qualitative improvement, the flight control system are more intelligent, and so on.


GepRC FPV drones roadmap

CineWhoop Toothpick Freestyle/ Racing/Long-range
Cinebot30 Smart Series Mark 5
Cinelog35 Delphin Mark 4
Cinelog30 Skip Crocodiles Baby
Cinelog25 Phantom Crocodiles Baby 4
Thinking P16 Smart 35 HD
TinyGo Mark 3
CineGo Phoenix3
Crown 3 GEP-LSX5 Leopard
Rocket Plus Crocodile 7
Rocket Lite GEP-CX Cygnet
CineKing Pika 200mm
CinePro 4K GEP-PX2.5 Phoenix
Cinelog20 Elegant 230mm
Sparrow GEP-MX3

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Latest GepRC drone stories (News and Reviews)

GepRC MOZ7 long range FPV drone

GEPRC's new starship series MOZ7 will be officially launched in July 2023. The GepRC MOZ7 comes with three FPV options, including HD digital and Analog transmission systems. Continuing the design concept of traditional models while adding personalized protection side plates. Strengthen the details of various mechanical textures, making the drone more nautical and industrial. MOZ7 frame has a wheelbase of 320mm...

GEPRC CineLog20: Small CineWhoop for Big Fun!

GEPRC CineLog20
GEPRC's smallest CineWhoop-style FPV drone, the CineLog20, comes with four FPV system options. You can opt for DJI O3 Air Unit, Walksnail Avatar Micro, RunCam Link + WASP, camera, or 600mW 5.8GVTX + Caddx Ratel2. The price is from $200 to $480. CineWhoop drones, also known as cinematography drones, are a specialized type of FPV drones designed specifically for aerial...

GEPRC Cinebot30 FPV drone

GEPRC Cinebot30
GEPRC's new CineWhoop-style FPV drone, the Cinebot30 comes with a newly polished gimbal damping module that can easily fix high-frequency vibration and jello issues. It can be equipped with GoPro Black Bones, SMO 4K, and other 'Naked' action cameras. It comes with two power options (4s and 6s) and four radio options including 2.4G ELRS. GEPRC Cinebot30 adopts a high-strength...

GEPRC MARK5 New Generation Freestyle FPV Drone

GEPRC's new generation freestyle drone, the MARK5 claims to be the best freestyle quadcopter in the market. Many pilots already compare it to the epic iFlight Nazgul5 quadcopter. The GEPRC MARK5 drone was released in three versions: HD AIR UNIT, HD VISTA, and Analog. While digital versions have a DJI Air Unit camera, the analog edition has a Caddx...

GEPRC CineLog35 HD & Analog FPV drone for GoPro 10

GEPRC CineLog35
GEPRC, one of the most popular FPV drone brands just announced their new CineLog35 quadcopter specially designed to carry a full-size GoPro 10 camera. Its redesigned Whoop-style blade protectors provide low noise, less vibration, and improved durability. The GEPRC CineLog35 is available with types of FPV rigs. While the Analog version comes with a 5.8GHz 600mW VTX and Caddx Ratel2,...

GEPRC SMART 35 HD: Sub250g class FPV drone

Photo of GEPRC SMART 35 HD
The GEPRC SMART 35 HD is a 3.5-inch 250-gram class drone with 5"-like performance. The ultra-light 155mm toothpick style frame has 4mm arms and a bottom plate. Extra durability is provided by four (2x front and 2x rear) arm bracers. The powerful GR1404-3850KV motors are equipped with EMAX 3.5x2.8x3 propellers. In the center frame are found the main components. The...

GEPRC CineLog 25 HD Pro FPV drone

Photo of GEPRC CineLog 25 drone
GEPRC's latest CineWhoop style 2.5-inch FPV drone has 3 versions. While the basic edition of GEPRC CineLog 25 comes with an analog FPV system (5.8G 600mW VTX + Caddx EOS2 camera), the 'Micro HD' version with digital FPV (Caddx Vista digital VTX and Nebula Micro camera). The 'Pro' edition is the flagship model of the CineLog 25 series and...

GEPRC Crown: 3″ 4S/6S Analog/HD Digital CineWhoop

Photo of GEPRC Crown
The GEPRC Crown is a CineWhoop style 3" FPV drone available with analog and digital video transmission systems. While the analog edition is equipped with a Caddx Ratel V2 camera and 600mW VTX, the HD digital version with Caddx Nebula PRO and Vista VTX. Both variants have 4S and 6S power options. The 156mm carbon fiber frame is equipped with...

GEPRC TinyGO RTF FPV bundle (Drone + RC + Goggles)

Photo of GEPRC TinyGO
The new GEPRC TinyGO micro size brushless Whoop is available with two types of FPV cameras (Caddx Loris and Runcam Nano2). Both versions are sold in a ready-to-fly bundle package with an included transmitter, FPV goggles, 4 batteries, and charger. TinyGO is built on a 79mm size frame with duct blade protectors. Its tiny 10000Kv motors are paired with 1.6-inch...

Coming soon: GEPRC Thinking P16 HD FPV drone

GEPRC Thinking P16 HD
The new GEPRC Thinking P16 HD micro FPV drone features on-board Caddx Vista Nebula camera kit. This super-compact digital video transmission system is compatible with DJI’s FPV goggles. Despite its small size (only 79 mm wheelbase), it’s powered by a 3S battery. GEPRC claims that due to the ultra-high efficient propulsion-system (GR1103 motors + GEMFAN 1636 propellers) and lightweight...

GEPRC CineGO HD VISTA: FPV drone over $1000?

Priced over $1000, the GEPRC CineGO HD VISTA is probably the most expensive FPV drone introduced on RTF package is advertised for $1,249.99 and does not include the GoPro action camera, so the total budget you will need to spend on this CineWhoop is more than 1500 bucks! Like all CineWhoops, the GEPRC CineGO HD VISTA also features large...