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iFlight GOCam PM G3 4K@60fps drone camera

Photo of iFlight GOCam PM G3 camera
Flight advertises their GOCam PM G3 as an action camera which is it's a little overkill. Without a rugged case and built-in battery, I wouldn't call it like this. Similar to the Naked GoPro and SMO 4K, they kept only the essential parts of the camera, limiting its usability. The iFlight GOCam PM G3 measures 64.7*45*31.3mm and weighs just 37...

Pro battery for FIMI X8 MINI: Finally under 250g

FIMI MINI Pro battery review
The FIMI MINI is advertised with two types of batteries, but everyone believed that the Pro LIPO pack is just a myth. FirstQuadcopter is between the first drone blogs that test and review the FIMI X8 MINI Pro battery. We will also compare the performance of the Standard versus the Pro battery pack, of course. FIMI advertises the X8 MINI...

DJI FPV Goggles V2 review: Redefine FPV!

In-depth review of DJI FPV Goggles V2
Since the announcement of the second generation of DJI FPV goggles, I decided that it is time to get one and make the switch from analog to digital FPV. In my DJI FPV Goggles V2 review, I will discuss the specifications, features, compatibility, comfort in use, and what are the major differences compared to the original V1 goggles and...

BetaFPV Toothpick F722 flight controller review

BetaFPV F722 review
A few weeks ago I reviewed the BetaFPV Pavo30 drone that was based on this Toothpick F722 flight controller. Due to some accident, a few of the MOSFETs on the board fried and I decided to order a new one. In a nutshell, a flight controller (aka FC) is the brain of the drone. Its central processor receives data from...

Drone repair tool kit review: Must have for all FPV pilots!

Makerfire 18 in 1 tool kit
Whether you are looking to build your own FPV drone for the very first time or looking for a complete solution for the maintenance and repair tasks after a hard crash, having a single tool kit that can handle it all, proves not only cost-efficient but can also save you a significant amount of time. Additionally, you will need...

Moza Air 2S review: My first DSRL gimbal

Moza AIR 2S gimbal review
A few weeks ago, Gudsen officially revealed the Moza Air 2S gimbal as the newest addition to their heavy-duty Air series. Our review covers initial impressions, marketed features, honest user experience, and lots of test footage. Moza has become a major force in the camera stabilization market, developing new technology making their products easier to use. The first-generation of Moza...

RunCam MIPI HD digital FPV camera

Photo of RunCam MIPI camera
Today, RunCam shared a teaser about their upcoming HD digital camera without mentioning that if RunCam MIPI is compatible with DJI/Caddx VTX or with the Fatshark Sharkbyte. The RunCam MIPI-120 measures 19*19*17mm and weighs almost 7 grams. It can be purchased in a bundle with a standard MIPI digital 26P cable for $41.99. By default, it comes with 1280*720@60fps mode (32ms...

Skydroid H12 FPV transmitter (5-30KM range)

Photo of Skydroid H12 RC
Similar to FLYSKY Paladin PL18, the Skydroid H12 transmitter is designed for industrial RC machines such as agricultural drones. It comes with a large, 5.5" Full HD (1920x1080) screen and a high-capacity battery. According to the advertised specs, the built-in 10000mAh battery allows up to 20hours of continuous usage. The Skydroid radio ecosystem includes the H12 transmitter, R12 radio receiver,...

FLYSKY Paladin PL18: Pro grade drone transmitter

The FLYSKY Paladin EV PL18 is a professional-grade transmitter dedicated to all kinds of remote-controlled machines. For the first time, fixed-wing, gliders, helicopters, FPV, multi-copters, and construction vehicles are all supported in one radio.  Its new 5D high-precision hall gimbals are easy to set up for or right-handed users and feature adjustable spring tension, as well as adjustments for dampening...

Rayshot RiderShot: First Android Pocket Gimbal

Photo of RayShot gimbal
Rayshot recently listed on Kickstarter their upcoming project. The RiderShot Android-based smart gimbal camera comes with some pretty interesting features, including 4G mobile connectivity. Established in 2017, RayShot Tech is the pioneer of smart pan-tilt mobile phone cameras, focusing on the design and development of innovative smart pan-tilt cameras and AI smart electronic products and providing overall solutions. Rayshot integrates 4G...

RunCam Atom: Microscopic FPV camera (10x10mm)

Photo of RunCam Atom camera
RunCam just revealed their smallest FPV camera (yet). The RunCam Atom measures just 10mm*10mm*12.5mm and weighs 1.7 grams including cable. By comparison, it's rivel smallest camera, the Ant Nano measures 14x14mm and weighs 2 grams. It adopts a 1/3" CMOS images sensor and M8 lens with 130° FOV. The tiny FPV camera comes with a pre-installed cable (power+video out). RunCam's new...