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Jumper T16 Pro Hall V2: One transmitter for all your drones

Jumper T16 Pro V2
The Jumper T16 Pro V2 with hall gimbals is a high performance transmitter (TX) with a bright 4.3" display. The T16 Pro HALL V2 is compatible with TBS Crossfire modules and runs on OPENTX firmware. Its internal JP4IN1 module is compatible with most common radio protocols. On front panel, besides the half sensor gimbals, there are 6 trim-switches, 4 switches...

Spotter V3 FPV camera: 700TVL, VTX, OSD & GPS

Spotter V3 FPV Camera
The Spotter V3 looks like the easiest solution to upgrade your drone with a 5.8G video transmission solution with detailed GPS OSD. The AIO FPV camera can be attached easily to the fuselage using the included velcro bands. The only wiring needs to be done is to power it (wide range of input voltage is accepted 7-24V) . Spotter V3's...

RunCam Phoenix 2 1000TVL FPV camera with 1/2″ sensor

RunCam Phoenix 2 FPV camera
RunCam's second generation Phoenix 2 camera features upgraded CPU and bigger CMOS image sensor (1/2" vs 1/3"). Furthermore, it claims to provide better low light performance than then RunCam Eagle. Its high quality 6 layers M12 glass lens has a ƒ/2.0 aperture which brings better image quality without annoying red lens flare effect. Designed for freestyle FPV flying, the RunCam...

TBS Tango 2 Pro: Transmitter for all RC enthusiasts

TBS Tango 2 PRO remote controller
The first TBS Tango 2 Pro reviews say that is the transmitter for which every RC enthusiast is waiting for. While it is super compact and lightweight, it comes with built-in TBS Crossfire TX module and full size gimbals. At first sight, the only "downgrade" from the first generation Tango RC is the lack of the FPV screen. Instead...

Xiaomi Yuemi 1-axis phone gimbal stabilizer for $39.99

Xiaomi Yuemi one-axis gimbal
Xiaomi's sub-brand Yuemi Technology is about to release their first phone gimbal. Despite that the Xiaomi Yuemi features only one motor claims to allow smooth footage due to its powerful 32bit ARM process and 6-axis gyro sensor. The gimbal ca easily switched between portrait and landscape mode. According to the advertised specs the Yuemi 1-axis gimbal weights just 229...

Mavic Mini ND filters by Skyreat: Review & Sample footage

Skyreat DJI Mavic Mini ND filters review
With limited manual video control, the Mavic Mini is considered, rather than a toy, a truly flying camera for professional work. Many say that ND filters are completely useless for this drone, but then why are there so many options available? For this review, I am focusing on Skyreat's Mavic Mini ND filter pack. I will start with some introduction...

Hubsan Zino 2 battery: 15.2V/3800mA LIPO for $76.58

Zino 2 genuine battery
Hubsan recently lunched their latest GPS enabled 4K drone, the Zino 2. Compared to its predecessors (H117s and Zino Pro), it has longer flight time, extended range and better camera. While the older ZINOs are powered by 3S LIPO packs, the new second generation Zino2 works with 4S batteries. The advertised battery life of the Hubsan Zino 2 is a...

Skyreat Mavic Mini case review: Cheap storage bag

Skyreat Mavic Mini bag review
Although the Mini Mavic is only for few months on the market you can already find tons of accessories for it. I counted more than 20 compatible bags with different shapes, sizes and features from various brands. Today, we will have a closer look on the Skyreat Mavic Mini case, a super cheap storage hand bag. Besides the multiple batteries...

CADDX VISTA HD vs DJI FPV Air Unit: Best FPV digital system

CADDX VISTA HD vs DJI FPV Air Unit: BEST Digital FPV system
Last year, DJI announced their first digital FPV system ecosystem which promised to provide the ultimate first-person view experience. DJI's FPV system has 4 main parts: camera, VTX, goggles and remote controller. Biggest problem of their FPV Air Unit was its large size and weight, which makes it difficult to use it in smaller drones. While the CADDX VISTA...

Eachine EX4 spare parts & accessories

Eachine EX4 accessories and spare parts
Since its announcement, the Eachine EX4 became one of the most popular Mavic Mini alternatives. It features foldable design, stabilized 4K camera and brushless motors for a friendly price tag. The biggest problem with drones from unknown brands is the lack of spare parts and customer support. Luckily, Eachine provides repair spares for most of their drones and the...

FiMI Palm vs Snoppa Vmate: What are the differences?

Xiaomi FiMI Palm vs Snoppa Vmate
Both, FiMI Palm and Snoppa Vmate gimbals wants to be an affordable option for the Osmo Pocket. These two OP alternatives are about $US100 cheaper than their DJI rival. If you look at the image above, you can see that these pocket gimbals share similar design and form factor. While the FiMI Palm measures 127 x 31 x 23 mm...