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FPV parts (receivers, transmitters, cameras, goggles, and displays) for racing quadcopter drones.

Universal and dedicated transmitters and radio receivers.

Quadcopter gimbals and cameras for professional aerial filming.

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ZHIYUN CRANE-M 3S gimbal for smooth vlogging and travel videos

CRANE-M3S gimbal
The newly announced ZHIYUN CRANE-M 3S is the successor to the CRANE M3 gimbal intended for Vlogging, travel videos, and live streaming users. It weighs 705 grams and features a higher load-bearing capacity so that mainstream mirrorless full-frame cameras and lens combos can be used. When used with compatible cameras, the CRANE M3S gimbal features Bluetooth shutter functionality that enables...

Hawkeye 4K Thumb camera for CineWhoops

Hawkeye 4K Thumb camera
When it comes to compact CineWhoop-style FPV drones is quite changing to install a full-size GoPro camera due to its heavy weight. Insta360 was the camera brand that provided ultra-light cameras for 2-3" drones. The new Hawkeye 4K Thumb camera adopts a similar design but without a built-in battery. By comparison, the Insta360 GO 2 weights 26.5g and records...

Elegoo PLA: Cheap 3D filament for big projects

Elegoo PLA filaments
I mostly printed drone parts in my last filament reviews, so I decided to try something else this time. Using Elegoo PLA filament, I printed a vertical modular hydroponic tower system for plants. My wife was happy to find out that she would always have fresh herbs at home. Hydroponic tower gardens are becoming popular, especially among urban gardeners, due...

Meps 2306 motors and Meps Space 45A ESC

MEPS MINI SZ45A ESC and MEPS 2306 motors
In terms of flight performance, the most important things are the motors and ESC. You can have the best flight controller, but the brain can't fly without muscles. This review will closely examine the Meps SZ2306 motors and Meps MINI SZ45A ESC. If you are looking to build a new racing FPV quadcopter, this tandem is an excellent option...

RushFPV Blade F722 V2 digital flight stack

Looking for a versatile and easy-to-use flight controller stack for your next digital FPV drone? Check out the RushFPV F722 V2 + 5A ESC Stack which has just been released and seems a reliable option. The biggest advantage of this flight stack is that it requires minimal soldering due to the onboard connectors. This modular design is also great...

ELEGOO’s new Mars 4 DLP 3D Printer welcomes DIYers on a budget

ELEGOO's Mars series gets a new member, a DLP (Digital Light Processing) version that promises reach details, long lifespan, and low power usage —all you can wish from a budget desktop resin 3D printer. DLP and LCD resin 3D printers operate similarly, creating objects using a light source to cure the liquid material. The light source projects onto the resin...

VIFLY Beacon and Finder V2 drone buzzers

VIFLY Beacon and Finder V2
Vifly makes many useful FPV accessories, and self-powered buzzers are between ones you should keep permanently installed on your drone for safety. In this review, we will have a closer look at the ViFly wireless drone Beacon and ViFly FPV quadcopter Finder V2. Despite the fact that they look almost identical, they have different applications and functionalities. Passive buzzers cost...

Walksnail WS-M181 GPS: Fast lock, 6 positioning modes

Walksnail WS-M181 GPS
Walksnail entered the FPV world with its AVATAR HD digital FPV transmission, which wanted to offer an affordable alternative to the existing solution. Now, the company started to provide other accessories for FPV enthusiasts, such as GPS modules, VTX antennas, and more. In this review, we will have a closer look at the Walksnail WS-M181 GPS module. Besides the telemetry...

iFlight ELRS RX (2.4Ghz & 868/912MHz)

iFlight ELRS RX
iFlight is the latest FPV drone brand that joined the ExpressLRS platform. The iFlight ELRS RX is available with two frequency options: 2.4 GHz and 868/912 MHz. Will the higher frequency version provide a longer range, the lower frequency edition has better penetration for flying between buildings and other obstacles. The iFlight ExpressLRS 2.4G RX comes with four antenna options....

Bluetti AC60: Perfect for Outdoor Use

Bluetti AC60
The Bluetti AC60 is an all-weather scalable solar generator, supplying 600W power from its 403Wh LFP battery, which can be expanded to 2,015Wh. It is a dust-proof and water-resistant (IP65 rating) power station intended for all kinds of outdoor activities, from beach parties to mountain camping. With super fast charging, and multiple charging options (12V/24V DC car socket, solar...

Walksnail Avatar HD Pro review

Avatar HD Pro review
Last week, Caddx's sub-brand Walksnail officially released their second generation digital FPV system. Our Avatar HD Pro review covers features, specs, wiring, and low-light performance. A few years ago, DJI introduced the world's first HD digital video transmission system intended for consumer FPV drones. Caddx was the first brand to join the platform and provide compatible cameras and VTXs. Last...