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Drone and quadcopter accessories

FPV parts (receivers, transmitters, cameras, goggles, and displays) for racing quadcopter drones.

Universal and dedicated transmitters and radio receivers.

Quadcopter gimbals and cameras for professional aerial filming.

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Backpacks and cases Gimbals
FPV monitors FPV goggles
FPV cameras FPV DVR
VTX Motors
Flight controllers LiPo batteries
Radio receivers Battery chargers
Transmitters Drone cameras

LN-motor FS2812 and FS2306 brushless motors for FPV drones

LM-Motor FS2306 and FS2812
Commonly, the product name of FPV motors is formed by a group of two numbers. The first one refers to the dimensions of the motor and the second one to the speed of the motor. Brushless motors have two main parts: the rotor with permanent magnets and the stator with copper coils. After learning to decipher the numbers on...

FLSUN S1 and T1: Enclosed High-Speed Delta 3D printers

FLSUN S1 and FLSUN T1 delta 3d pritners
This week, I was contacted by FLSUN on the occasion of the launch of two new 3D printer models. FLSUN S1 and T1 adopt a delta design and enclosed full metal frame structure. Besides the different build volumes, these two machines have many other significant differences, which is expected as the S1 costs two times more than the T1. Besides...

RadioMaster RP4TD: GEMINI ready ELRS diversity RX

RadioMaster RP4TD
RadioMaster is a company that, from the beginning, started to offer ExpressLRS-compatible devices, including transmitters and receivers. Their new RP4TD diversity ELRS RX module comes with a dual-antenna system for improved range and penetration. When paired with TX modules such as the BetaFPV SuperG, you can use the ELRS Gemini mode. To ensure improved stability, regardless of temperature, the RadioMaster...

GoPro 12 vs Insta360 Ace Pro: Which is the best deal for Black Friday 2023

GoPro 12 vs Insta360 Ace Pro
With the Ace Pro, it’s clear that Insta360 wants to offer a GoPro alternative. Even the most popular brands have haters, not just fans, so there is room for new companies in any market segment. Both action cameras were released in 2023, with a two-month gap between them, and are the flagship models of the companies. Black Friday season has...

Insta360 goes after GoPro: Meet Insta360 Ace & Ace Pro

Insta360 ACE and ACE Pro
Insta360, known for its 360° cameras, just released in partnership with Leica, a pair of groundbreaking, wide-angle GoPro-like action cameras. The Insta360 Ace & Ace Pro are powered by AI to allow a smarter way to shoot inside and out. The flagship version of the camera is the Ace Pro. Co-engineered with Leica, it boasts superior imaging performance courtesy of...

Ricoh Theta X: The Ultimate 5.7K@360° stabilized camera

Ricoh is more known for its printers and copiers than for drone cameras. The Ricoh Theta X is the company's latest 360-degree camera and a direct competitor of the Insta360 X3. Both are great cameras for capturing 360° photos and stabilized videos. The Ricoh Theta X offers 11K stills resolution, which is 60.5MP, unmatched in its market segment. It can...

SUNLU AntiString PLA filament for high quality 3D prints

Stringing is a common 3D printing problem that can be annoying when you want quality results without post-finishing. To solve the root of the problem, SUNLU came on the market with the first AntiString PLA filament, an upgraded version of the regular PLA filament. Stringing occurs mainly when the extruder moves between two different locations; during that move, the filament...

X16 is ISDT’s latest heavy duty LIPO charger

The ISDT X16 is a heavy-duty dual-LIPO charger with a massive output of 1100W/channel when powered by an AC outlet. It can discharge batteries for storage with up to 50W/channel. It adopts a cool futuristic game console design with handlers on both sides and a 2.8" color LCD screen. It can charge simultaneously two up to 16-cell LiFe, LiPo, LiHv,...

BetaFPV SuperG Nano TX: First GEMINI ELRS transmitter

BetaFPV SuperG Nano TX
Since I built my first ExpressLRS-enabled FPV drone, I converted all existing drones to ELRS due to the excellent range and link stability. BetaFPV's new SuperG Nano TX module is the first GEMINI-compliant transmitter with dual-frequency diversity communication. The module was developed by BetaFPV in cooperation with the ExpressLRS team. It is based on ELRS V3.3 and promises improved...

Elegoo OrangeStorm Giga: Goliath’s 3D printer

Elegoo OrangeStorm Giga
OrangeStorm Giga is Elegoo's biggest industrial-grade FDM 3D printer, announced today on Kickstarter, and comes with the possibility of installing 3 additional printing heads for batch printing. It can print four models at the same time using different colors. This machine is ideal for hobbyists and small businesses as well. Elegoo OrangeStorm Giga has a beautifully made cubic all-metal frame...

ELEGOO Neptune 4 Max: Speedy XXL 3D printer

Elegoo Neptune 4 Max 3D printer
The ELEGOO Neptune 4 Max is the largest 3D printer that I reviewed. With a massive 420*420*480mm build volume, you can print big models at once without the need to glue multiple parts together. The Klipper firmware will also be a first for me. Klipper is an advanced open-source 3D printer software developed by KevinOConnor that allows you to...