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RadioMaster RP3 ExpressLRS 2.4G Nano Diversity RX

RadioMaster RP3 ELRS RX
For Christmas 2022, RadioMaster announced another 2.4 GHz ELRS radio receiver for long-range enthusiasts. RadioMaster RP3 features a dual-antenna diversity system that ensures a stable signal. You can opt to install one antenna in the front and the second one in the rear of the aircraft. You can also mix polarization by installing one antenna vertically and the other...

Anker 757 review: Be powered Anywhere, Anytime!

Anker 757 PowerHouse
I never thought I would need a power station until I reviewed the Anker 757. After a few days of testing, it proved to be a device with multiple applications. From bringing the conform to your home, in the middle of the forest, to surviving blackouts. I love that I can power my drone batteries, FPV goggles, and controllers...

Elegoo Neptune 3 Plus: Budget large 3D printer

This year Christmas arrived earlier! Yesterday, when I came home, a massive package was waiting for me in the hall. It was the Elegoo Neptune 3 Plus in the biggest box that I ever got a product for review. In November, Elegoo officially announced their upgraded Neptune 3 Series, which includes three models with different print volumes. The 'Plus'...

RadioMaster Boxer: Perfect budget TX for 2023

RadioMaster Boxer
RadioMaster claims that the perfect combination of size and ergonomics make the BOXER an ideal choice for FPV pilots on the go. Featuring full-size hall gimbals for precision control and an intuitive button layout, the RadioMaster BOXER gives you a compact radio without compromising on comfort and function. In addition to the popular internal 4-in-1 Multi-module (CC2500, NRF24L01, A7105, and...

DJI O3 Air Unit review: Cinematic Digital FPV system

DJI O3 Air Unit
I ordered the DJI O3 Air Unit to review it on the first day of its official announcement. I have already tested its predecessors, the original Air Unit and Caddx VistaRunCam Link, and I had big expectations from this new release. In 2019, DJI changed the FPV scene with its first compact HD digital FPV system providing outstanding image quality...

SKYSTARS F722HD Pro FC for DJI O3 Air Unit

SKYSTARS F722HD flight controller review
With the release of the new DJI O3 Air Unit, everyone started to look for a compatible flight controller. The SkyStars-RC F722HD Pro has impressive specs and a dedicated digital VTX connector. SkyStars offers the F722 MINI HD Pro in a bundle with three types of ESC boards, 40A, 45A, and 55A -shown in this review. In a nutshell, a...

Moza AirCross S: The Swiss Army Knife of Gimbals

Moza AirCross S gimbal
Over the past four years, Gudsen Moza has steadily improved upon its professional AirCross gimbal series. The mighty AirCross S continues the trend of being smaller and even more versatile. It can accommodate a wide range of camera devices and even more simultaneously. If you are tired of trying to walk around with your camera, holding it still but ending...

FrSky Tandem XE: You’re paying through the nose

FrSky Tandem XE
I know that these days everything has become more expensive, but I'm curious how many of you would pay $1000 for a transmitter just to play with an FPV drone. The FrSky Tandem XE probably targets a very selective market willing to pay a fortune for remote control. For its price, no wonder why FrSky offers the Tandem XE...

Elegoo Neptune 3 series comparison: Pro, Plus, & Max

Elegoo Neptune 3 family
Shortly after we published our Neptune 3 Pro review, Elegoo announced two new models of their 3rd generation FDM printer series. Apparently, all three 3D printers have the same features, and only the print volume differs. Of course, there is also a significant price difference. The Neptune 3 Max doubles the build volume size of the Neptune 3 Pro,...

ManiaX Power 4S FPV LiPo review

ManiaXPower FPV LiPo
Before we get into details in our ManiaX Power FPV LIPO review, let's talk about some general things you should consider before purchasing a drone battery. When choosing a drone LiPo, the first things to look at are cell count, capacity, and C-rating. Cell count (xS) is how many cells are connected in series inside the pack. Each cell has...

DJI O3 Air Unit: The ultimate HD Digital FPV system

DJI O3 Air Unit
The DJI O3 Air Unit is probably the most expected FPV gear of 2022. A few months ago, the original AU was discontinued and out of stock at many online retailers. The first rumors about the new generation O3 AU appeared together with the official announcement of the DJI Avata FPV drone. The biggest concern of the FPV community...