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Eachine Moneagle 5″ IPS Ultra bright FPV monitor

Eachine Moneagle FPV monitor
Even DJI’s digital video transmission system offers much better image quality compared to analog 5.8G systems, many drone pilots are still using FPV monitors like this new Eachine Moneagle. Why? the answer is simple: They are super cheap! Featuring ultra-high luminance of 1000lux, it should be usable in strong daylight. Its 5 inch display has 800 x 480px resolution, quite...

Eachine EV300O FPV Goggles with OLED display

Eachine EV300O
In the last few years, Eachine came on the market with many affordable entry-level FPV goggles. Well, this time they are aiming high! The Eachine EV300O features top-notch hardware, from HD OLED display, built-in DVR, Rapid Mix RX Receiver to HeadTracker. Thanks to the wide range of DC input (7.4-25.2 Volts), it can be powered from 2S to 6S batteries....

Mavic Air 2 Skyreat filters (ND, CPL and UV) review

Skyreat Mavic Air 2 filters
Featuring 4K@60fps recording and lots of creative QuickShot modes, DJI’s latest foldable drone, the Mavic Air 2, is a very capable aerial platform. Made for aerial landscape photography, the SKYREAT filters kit includes ND, CPL and UV filters. Designed to be installed without the need for a counterweight, they will not interfere with DJI’s startup gimbal calibration process. Let’s start...

RunCam Split 4 4K FPV camera (Low Latency + DVR)

RunCam Split 4
Back in 2017, when the first generation of RunCam Split has been announced, it was considered a game-changer FPV camera. The 2in1 approach offered low-latency and on-board recording at the same time. Now, the new RunCam Split 4 goes even further and it has a smaller size and 4K recording. If you are into flying micro drones and want to...

Moza Mini MX pocket handheld phone gimbal

Photo of Moza Mini MX gimbal
With a folded size of just 145 * 50 * 180 mm, the new Moza Mini MX is a truly pocket phone gimbal. It can accommodate smartphones with different sizes (60 ~ 88 mm) and weights (143-280 grams). Practically it is compatible with most latest generation phones from various brands (iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei). According to the technical specs,...

PGYTECH Mavic Air 2 accessories review

PGYTech Mavic Air 2 accessories
Choosing the right accessories and gadgets for your Mavic Air 2 can be complicated. Firstly, you have to decide what do you really need? Fun, safety, storage, video-making, or all kind of accessories from the same trusted brand? Here comes PGYTECH in the picture. They don’t just offer a wide range of Air 2 accessories but are between the few...

Caddx Loris 4K FPV camera for racing drones

Image of Caddx Loris 4K camera
Two weeks before, the Caddx Loris official release date, iFlight already promised that their new Alpha A85 HD drone will come equipped with this tiny 4K FPV camera. Thanks to its compact size and lightweight design, the Caddx Loris can be installed on most micro class FPV drones. The camera module features a 1/2.7 inch CMOS sensor and 1.8mm lens...

Insta360 GO review: A tiny camera in the word of drones

Insta360 GO camera review
The Insta360 GO is a twenty-gram steady camera which you can love or hate from the first usage. Maybe you could feel restrained by its limited features but, if you learn how to use it, it will be a great companion for lots of activities. Doing some research about Insta360’s product range and who they are, I found out the...

FiMI Palm review: Best 4K pocket gimbal under $200?

FiMI Palm Review
In order to begin my review honestly, we must admit that the FiMI Palm is not an innovative game-changer product. DJI released such pocket gimbal with even better specs one year earlier before Xiaomi. At a glance, the only pros of the FiMI Palm over the Osmo Pocket is its much friendly price tag. But, if you dive deeper...

Caddx Nebula Nano FPV camera for VISTA HD VTX

Caddx Nebula Nano
The Caddx Nebula Nano camera was specially designed to work with the Caddx VISTA HD VTX and DJI FPV Air Unit. Thanks to its small size (only 14 x 14 x 21mm) can be successfully installed on compact FPV drones. In case of needed, the size of the camera can be extended to 19 x 19 mm with the...

Zhiyun SMOOTH-X ultra pocket phone gimbal

Promo banner of Zhiyun SMOOTH-X gimbal
Zhiyun-Tech, one of the biggest players in the video stabilizer industry just announced its smallest phone gimbal. When folded-up Zhiyun SMOOTH-X fits easily in any pocket. It’s even smaller than the recently reviewed SMOOTH-Q2. Furthermore, its grip can be extended up to 260mm allowing to capture from the perfect angle. Thanks to its instant landscape/portrait transition, no matter you’re an...