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DJI Mini 3 PRO filters: All day, for All situations

DJI MINI3 Pro K&F Concept filters
The DJI Mini 3 Pro is a compact and versatile flying camera for content creators. Its 4K camera features 3-axis gimbal stabilization and true vertical (portrait) mode for TikTokers. K&F Concept's filter kit is an excellent addition to this drone when shooting in challenging light conditions. Its Quad Bayer 12.1-megapixel 1/1.3-inch sensor allows the same image sensor to shoot 48...

Zhiyun Smooth 5S: Duracell bunny of Smartphone Gimbals

With all-day-long continuous video stabilization, the new Zhiyun Smooth 5S can be considered the Duracell bunny of Smartphone Gimbals. The SMOOTH 5S is the latest addition to ZHIYUN’s iconic SMOOTH series. As well as offering several upgraded features that make it more powerful, with superior image stabilization and support for larger smartphones, it features a new, high-performance fill-light built-in, plus...

Elegoo Neptune 3 Pro: Goodbye my old 3D printer

Elegoo Neptune 3 Pro
The new Elegoo Neptune 3 Pro 3D printer has some exciting features that make it the dream tool of any drone builder. It allows you to print all the necessary parts in the comfort of your garage. The most significant advantage of the N3 Pro over my previous printer is that the direct drive extruder allows using flexible filaments...

Comin soon: Walksnail Avatar VRX (Digital vRX)

Avatar VRX
After the marriage between DJI and Caddx ended, the FPV equipment manufacturer started a new collaboration with Walksnail, another HD digital video transmission system provider. The Walksnail Avatar VRX is a compact box (114x55x22mm / 83grams) with four antennas capable of receiving HD digital video signals from Avatar 1s and Avatar HD micro VTXs. Avatar VRX adopts industry-leading H.265 encoding...

BetaFPV SuperD ELRS Diversity Receiver

SuperD ELRS Diversity Receiver
BetaFPV's new SuperD ELRS 2.4G Diversity Radio Receiver has dual RF receiver chains with two antennas, ensuring longer and more stable flying for FPV drones and other RC flying machines. It is equipped with two T-type antennas, just like the Happymodel EP1. The BetaFPV SuperD ELRS RX module measures 22x14mm and weighs about 1 gram without the antennas. It features...

FrSky TWIN X-Lite & X Lite S transmitters

FrSky TWIN X Lite and Lite S
FrSky's new TWIN X Lite series is a powerful radio system that simultaneously features dual 2.4G frequencies on the same receiver in TW mode. The TW active-active protocol is different from the general active-standby redundancy solutions. They have two 2.4Ghz internal RF antennas mounted to provide multi-directional and broader coverage for transmitting signals compared to a single antenna design....

BETAFPV Flight Controller Series: For 1S-6S FPV drones

BETAFPV Flight Controller Series
Besides the frame and motors, the flight controller (FC) is an essential part of an FPV drone. Flight controllers are the brain of drones, they control the speed of each motor based on the input of various sensors and the pilot's stick movements. BetaFPV has many FCs, including Brushed, Brushless, Standard, AIO, 1S-6S, with/without a built-in receiver, and more....

Lumenier AXII HD 2 Patch Visor for DJI FPV Goggles

Lumenier AXII HD 2
Lumenier AXII HD 2 Patch Visor is a 5.8Ghz antenna system specially designed for DJI FPV Goggles. In addition to the improved range, it customizes your look by choosing the color that matches your style. You can blend in with the sleek Smoke Gray color or stand out with bright colors like Blue, Orange, Green, or White. In a nutshell,...

GoPro HERO9/10/11 filter kit from K&F Concept

K&F Concept GoPro 9/10/11 filters
During my experience with FPV drones, I've learned that filters are crucial when trying to get smooth cinematic footage, but it is important to choose the correct filter and camera settings. Neutral density (ND) and circular polarization (CPL) filters are a must-have in order to capture professional footage with GoPro Hero Black action cameras. The K&F Concept Nano-X filter kit...

Happymodel EP1 Dual ELRS Receiver: True Diversity!

Happymodel EP1 Dual ELRS
The Happymodel EP1 is the first ELRS-enabled true diversity radio receiver. It aims to provide the best range even in difficult conditions. Happymodel EP1 has two antennas and two radio modules for doubling the signal quality. In theory, "Diversity" uses at the time only one antenna by toggling to the antenna that has the strongest signal. The EP1 uses...

DJI AVATA upgrade with Axisflying C157 motors

Axisflying C157
AxisFlying's C157 motors are particularly intended for the DJI Avata drone to give it even more power. These 1507 type upgrade motors have 3650KV and weights 14.5grams each. Many say that replacing the stock 1408 2400KV motors will give you extra power for freestyling, about 50% more thrust. The Axisflying C157 motors are compatible with the original DJI-5P propellers. As...