KaiDeng was the first quadcopter brand who offered collision avoidance with toy drones.

Kaideng quadcopter drones

KaiDeng Toys has been with RC toys for more than 29 years. Their headquarter is located in Shantou Guangdong.

List of best Kaideng quadcopters and drones

KaiDeng K130 Alpha review: Eggs can fly!

KaiDeng K130 Alpha review
Few weeks ago I already introduced the KaiDeng K130 Alpha drone in the news section  and now it is time for an in-depth review with pros and cons. Frankly, at first look I do not understand the meaning of the EGG design, because definitely it is not aerodynamically shaped. This EGG drone was announced by Kai Deng in two variants. While visually...

KaiDeng K130 ALPHA the first flying egg

I have firstly read about the KaiDeng K130 ALPHA drone about two weeks ago. At that time, the egg design seemed like a stupid idea. Later I found it convenient that thanks to its compact size you can easily put it into your pocket. Thanks to the built-in barometric air-pressure sensor, the K130 Alpha quadcopter is capable to maintain autonomously its flight altitude. Unfortunately the on-board camera has...

Kaideng PANTONMA K90 with obstacle avoidance

Kaideng K90 aka Micro Pantonma
Kaideng K90 aka Micro PANTONMA Following the success of the K80, Kaideng announced a much smaller model, called K90 Micro Pantonma. In terms of design and features, the Kaideng PANTONMA K90 is very similar to its bigger brother. Like its predecessor, the K90's camera allows to record videos (1080x720) as well as capture still photos. Due to its small size and included propeller protectors, the KD...

Kaideng K80 Pantonma quadcopter review

KaiDeng K80 Pantonma review
Kai Deng K80 quadcopter - The first cheap drone which claims to have obstacle avoidance feature Frankly, when I firstly watched the promo video of this Kaideng K80 Pantonma drone I was a bit skeptical regarding all its amazing features. Especially the obstacle avoidance feature seemed to be the less credible for such a cheap toy. In order to discover the real capabilities of...