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Drones by Price

If you are searching for a drone on a budget, FirstQuadcopter has recommendations for you. We will help you shop the best drone for your money, according to your needs.

You can find your desired drone in six specific price ranges. We collected a large variety of drones on each category. Whether you are a FPV pilot or aerial filming enthusiast you will find the drone that fits for you best.

Drone range by price:

Drones under $50

Drones from $51-100

Drones from $101-200

Drones from $201-500

Drones from $501-1000

Drones over $1000

Some of the drones from the ranges above were tested by our review team. We will happy to help in case you need more details regarding any of them.

CSJ S161: Toy grade Mavic Air 2 clone

CSJ S161 Mini Pro Mavic Air 2 clone
To clarify things from the beginning, the CSJ S161 Mini Pro is only a design clone, not a real Mavic Air 2 alternative. Even...

Iflight TITAN DC2 HD for ultimate FPV experience

Iflight TITAN DC2 HD FPV drone
Packed in bundle with DJI FPV goggles, the iFlight TITAN DC2 HD drone is intended to provide the ultimate FPV experience. Of course, the...

Coming soon: T-MOTOR FT5 HD 5.1″ Freestyle FPV drone

T-MOTOR FT5 HD 5.1 inch drone
T-MOTOR's new FT5 HD 5.1 inch freestyle FPV drone is build on a 225mm carbon fibre frame. In addition to the on-board DJI FPV...

Eachine LAL 5Style: Best FPV drone under $200?

Eachine LAL 5 Style
Compared to its predecessor, the upgraded Eachine LAL 5Style comes with eye catching design and starlight FPV camera. Featuring top-notch hardware, it is probably...

ZD6 GPS folding drone for less than $100

ZD6 drone
For this week, the ZD6 will be the third GPS enabled introduced in our news section drone under $100. While the ZD6-GPS with 4K...

SMRC M20: All you can get under $70

SMRC M20 4k GPS drone
If the SMRC M20 had come equipped with brush-less motors, instead of less reliable brushed ones, it would be easily nominated as best Mavic...

GEPRC CineGO HD VISTA: FPV drone over $1000?

Priced over $1000, the GEPRC CineGO HD VISTA is probably the most expensive FPV drone introduced on FirstQuadcopter.com. RTF package is advertised for $1,249.99...

HGLRC Sector132 FPV drone with DJI Air Unit

HGLRC Sector132 with DJI Air Unit
Despite that DJI's digital video transmission system is a quite expensive solution which can double or even triple the overall cost of a FPV...

Global Drone GW90 GPS drone with 4K camera

GW90 Pro GPS 4K quadcopter
For less than $200, the Global Drone GW90 has all the latest quadcopter features. It comes with a nice foldable desing, brushless motors, on-board...

Coming soon: iFlight TITAN XL5 FPV drone with GPS

iFlight TITAN XL5 HD 250mm
iFlight announces one after another new FPV drones featuring DJI's professional grade digital FPV system. For sure, priced for more than $500, the iFlight...

JX 1811: Cheap foldable 4K toy drone

JX 1811 drone
Like the Eachine E58, the JX 1811 also features nice Mavic alive foldable arms. In addition to the cool design it comes with on-board...