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Drones by Price

If you are searching for a drone on a budget, FirstQuadcopter has recommendations for you. We will help you shop the best drone for your money, according to your needs.

You can find your desired drone in six specific price ranges. We collected a large variety of drones on each category. Whether you are a FPV pilot or aerial filming enthusiast you will find the drone that fits for you best.

Drone range by price:

Drones under $50

Drones from $51-100

Drones from $101-200

Drones from $201-500

Drones from $501-1000

Drones over $1000

Some of the drones from the ranges above were tested by our review team. We will happy to help in case you need more details regarding any of them.

PowerVision PowerEgg X AI Selfie Flying Camera

Power Vision PowerEgg X drone
PowerVision, a California-based robotics company, launched at CES 2020 its first AI flying camera, the PowerEgg X. The unique egg-shaped fuselage has multiple uses....

Eachine Viswhoop with Caddx Vista HD

Eachine Viswhoop 2.5 inch
The Eachine VisWhoop is probably the smallest and most powerful race drone which feature DJI's latest generation digital FPV system. Despite its small size...

Vifly X150 4″ FPV race drone under 250 grams

Vifly X150 drone
Like the Mavic Mini, this Vifly X150 FPV race drone claims to have less thank 250 grams take-off weight - so no FAA registration...

Coming soon: Eachine E32HW entry level drone

Eachine E32HW drone
The Eachine E32HW drone comes with lots of newbie friendly features including removable blade protectors and dual speed rates. Furthermore, it has an on-board...

JJRC H86 Jokull: 4K drone for less than $70??

JJRC H86 Jokull
Even the JJRC H86 Jokull is advertised with a 4K camera for sure will not have the image quality as good as the Mavic...

ToySky CSJ S162: Mavic Mini clone for less than $100

CSJ S162 drone quadcopter
From the first sight it is obvious that the ToySky CSJ S162 wants to copy the Mavic Mini's design in every detail. It features...

Coming soon: GEPRC CineRun HD3 with DJI FPV Air Unit

Despite its small size and lightweight design, the GEPRC CineRun HD3 claims to provide the power and features of larger 5" FPV race drones....

NamelessRC Besthawk Whoop FPV drone

NamelessRC Besthawk
The newly announced NamelessRC Besthawk FPV drone will be available in two versions, with and without built-in DVR. Both versions features Caddx EOS2 camera...

Zino 2 vs FiMI X8SE vs Mavic Mini: Best drone under...

Zino 2 vs FiMI X8SE vs Mavic Mini
About a month ago I did a side-by-side comparison of the Mavic Mini and FiMI X8SE. Now it is time to extend the list...

Hubsan Zino 2 drone: Price, release date and features

Hubsan Zino2
Hubsan's new drone, the Zino 2, follows the nice foldable design of its predecessor while brings some cool new features. Hubsan hasn't officially announced...

JDRC JD-22S ultralight GPS enabled drone

JDRC JD-22S quadcopter
If you are in search for a cheap GPS camera drone, the JDRC JD-22S could be a good option for you. It is well-designed...