Drones by Price

If you are searching for a drone on a budget, FirstQuadcopter has recommendations for you. We will help you shop the best drone for your money, according to your needs.

You can find your desired drone in six specific price ranges. We collected a large variety of drones on each category. Whether you are a FPV pilot or aerial filming enthusiast you will find the drone that fits for you best.

Drone range by price:

Drones under $50

Drones from $51-100

Drones from $101-200

Drones from $201-500

Drones from $501-1000

Drones over $1000

Some of the drones from the ranges above were tested by our review team. We will happy to help in case you need more details regarding any of them.

YLR/C S155 Teng 2: Beginner Drone with Obstacle Detection

Drones have become a highly desired gadgets by various people for fun or professional purposes. Beginners should start their journey in the world of...

FUNSKY B3 PRO: Fun to fly drone under $100

If you're searching for a cheap beginner drone, I recommend you look at this FUNSKY B3 PRO. It features brushless motors, a 360° automatic...

XKJ K6 MAX: Mavic 3 Pro replica under $50

XKJ K6 Max
As you can see in the video below, the XKJ K6 MAX reassembles the design of the Mavic 3 Pro drone. It even has...

DarwinFPV BabyApe Ⅱ: Supercheap FPV drone

DarwinFPV BabyApe Ⅱ
A few weeks ago DarwinFPV introduced their new BabyApe Ⅱ drone with basic waterproofing and other nifty upgrades, including a more durable frame structure....

DJI Matrice 350 RTK: Play in the big league

Matrice 350 RTK
DJI's upgraded Matrice 350 RTK claims to set a new benchmark for the industry. This next-generation drone platform features an all-new video transmission system...

CFLY Faith MINI: Best DJI Mini alternative under $200?

CFly Faith MINI
DJI's MINI series is a technology marvel. It produces outstanding video quality and remarkable flight performance in an ultra-light fuselage that weighs less than...

KFPLAN KF109: 55$ brushless camera drone

Priced for only $55, the KFPLAN KF109 is one of the cheapest brushless camera drones with an obstacle avoidance system. Unfortunately, at this price...

DJI Mavic 3 Pro (Cine): First Triple Camera Drone

DJI Mavic 3 Pro
Even though most consumer drones come with only one camera, most content creators crave multi-camera drones like this new DJI Mavic 3 Pro. This...

IFlight XL10 V6 Analog Long-Range FPV drone

iFlight XL10
Being intended for long-range FPV flight, the new IFlight XL10 V6 features a high-power 1.6W analog VTX, ELRS/TBS Crossfire Nano RX, and an onboard...

DJI Inspire 3 drone: Flying 8K cinema camera

Inspire 3 drone
Priced at $16,499, the new DJI Inspire 3 is definitely not for any RC hobbyist or social media content creator. It is intended for...

FIMI X8 MINI V2: Upgraded in almost every way!

Yesterday, I was contacted by FIMI regarding the possibility of reviewing their upcoming X8 MINI V2 sub-250g drone. They sent me a complete list...