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Children of all ages are interested in flying remote controlled toys. But drones for kids need to be much safer than those for adults. Large drones can produces serious injures for kids.

Personally, I would recommend for kids, cheap and small sized quadcopter. Large propeller protectors are also must have for them.

List of best drones for kids

BetaFPV Aquila16

Aquila16: New starter FPV kit for beginners from BetaFPV

When it comes to beginners, after they finish flying a couple of hours in front of a computer simulator, I recommend starting with basic...

FUNSKY B3 PRO: Fun to fly drone under $100

If you're searching for a cheap beginner drone, I recommend you look at this FUNSKY B3 PRO. It features brushless motors, a 360° automatic...
XKJ K6 Max

XKJ K6 MAX: Mavic 3 Pro replica under $50

As you can see in the video below, the XKJ K6 MAX reassembles the design of the Mavic 3 Pro drone. It even has...
Flytec T16

Flytec T16 Brushless sub 250 grams drone under $100

The Flytec T16 has a DJI MINI-like design and some outstanding cool features for a drone under $100 with three flight batteries. But more...

Global Drone GD93 PRO MAX: Entry level camera drone

The Global Drone GD93 PRO MAX comes with lots of beginner-friendly features and weighs just 247 grams. In One Key Takeoff/Landing, Ultra-Precise GPS positioning,...

KDiRC K918 MAX: Low-cost Drone for Most Beginners

Low-cost drones like this are KDiRC K918 MAX just as fun for adults as they are for kids, and they’re excellent to learn the...
CSJ S176 Mini

CSJ S176 Mini: Cute little toy drone for kids

The CSJ S176 Mini comes with lots of newbie-friendly features. It has a compact size, removable blade protectors, headless flight mode, speed control, and...
MJX V1 Mini

MJX V1 Mini: Toy drone for kids under $50

The MJX V1 Mini is the company's latest drone that is intended for beginners and even kids (under adults supervising). Its small size and...

4DRC V20 ELF affordable toy drone

The 4DRC V20 ELF is an affordable folding toy-grade drone. It is available for $59.99 with a 6K camera or $48.99 without a camera....

4DRC F3: Toy grade Mavic Air 2 Alternative

The 4DRC F3 is a toy-grade drone that wants to be a budget Mavic Air 2 Alternative. Of course, for a fifth of the...
4DRC V15 Zeros

4DRC V15 Zeros – Toy grade racing quadcopter

The V15 Zeros is the first drone announced in 2022 by 4DRC, a very popular toy drone brand. This time they came up with...