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Children of all ages are interested in flying remote controlled toys. But drones for kids need to be much safer than those for adults. Large drones can produces serious injures for kids.

Personally, I would recommend for kids, cheap and small sized quadcopter. Large propeller protectors are also must have for them.

List of best drones for kids

Goolrc X12 drone coupon deal

Goolrc X12 drone discount coupon code

From the first sight it is obvious that the Goolrc X12 drone follows the design of the more expensive DJI Spark. It adopts similar foldable...
Linxtech 1802 drone quadcopter

Linxtech 1802 drone: First Tello clone for less than $50

Over the time, all DJI drones have been cloned, so now it's time of the little Tello. From the first picture I've seen with...
Eachine Windmill E014 kids drone

Eachine E014 Windmill: Super safe drone for kids

Eachine E01x series gets another upgrade. The E014 Windmill comes with competently new design and lots of cool features. Let's the discover why is this...
Flytec H825 cheap FPV drone

Flytec H825 EVA toy drone with 5.8G FPV camera

Instead of a WiFi FPV camera, which is usual for toy drones, the Flytec H825 drone is equipped with 5.8G FPV camera. This allows it...
DJI Tello mini drone with 5MP camera

Tello, a super cheap mini drone with DJI technology

First day of CES 2018 started with an interesting announcement: a $99 drone with 5MP camera. Yes, it is not a joke! Shenzhen RYZE Tech...
JX 1601HW Kids Drone Review

JX 1601HW review: Cheap drone for kids

When it comes to children, I would seriously recommend you getting a miniature-kid friendly drone like this JX 1601HW, instead of a larger one....
Best Starter Drone under $50

Best starter drone under $50: Eachine E58 review

Based on my personal experience, learning to fly a drone begins with learning how not to crash or bump it into something. After reviewing dozens...
Eachine E59 Min quadcopter review

Eachine E59 Mini review: Last-minute Christmas gift

Are you still looking for an awesome last-minute gift idea for Christmas? You should consider this Eachine E59 Mini. It is very affordable and despite its...
Eachine E011C drone review

Eachine E011C review: Flying Santa Claus with Xmas Song

It seems that this Christmas, Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer, remains without a job. Santa Claus will fly through your chimney with the Eachine...
JJRC H345 drone review: JJI and JJII

JJRC H345 pocket drone review: Pay 1 and get 2

Until recently, remote controlled drones were expensive toys. Now, JJRC H345 offers not one but two drones for the same friendly price. When I...
FQ777 FQ19W drone

FQ777 FQ19W Pterosaur: First flying dinosaur drone

Old guys like me probably still remember the popular Flintstones cartoons. The FQ777 FQ19W Pterosaur looks just like it came out from that movie.In addition...