Flytec T16 Brushless sub 250 grams drone under $100

Flytec T16

The Flytec T16 has a DJI MINI-like design and some outstanding cool features for a drone under $100 with three flight batteries. But more importantly, weighing under 250grams does not need to be registered in most countries. I should mention that the company, four years ago, also had a brushed toy-grade drone with the same product name.

Measuring just 12x8x4mm with folded arms can, it can fit inside your backpack, making it a travel-friendly drone. Flytec provides the T16 drone in a stylish handbag that can accommodate the drone, remote controller, and up to two spare batteries.

The quadcopter has a barometric altitude sensor to help with flight stabilization when the GPS signal is weak or unavailable (indoors). Thanks to the fail-safe return to home function (RTH), the Flytec T16 drone will automatically return to the take-off point in case of RC signal loss or low flight battery voltage. RTH can be triggered manually as well.

The drone is powered by a 2s 1600 mAh battery that gives it an official flight time of 25 minutes. However, don’t expect to fly for 18-20 minutes in the real world. Drone brands are known to exaggerate the battery life of their drones.

Key features

  1. DJI MINI like folding design
  2. Brushless motor provides more robust power and longer service life
  3. The front lens is placed with a wide-angle 4K high-definition WIFI camera to make the photos clearer. 2K video shooting to record the beautiful scenery.
  4. Precise positioning, with GPS precise positioning, can achieve a one-key return, lost signal return, low battery return, and over-distance return.
  5. Ultra-long battery life 7.4V 1600mah modular high-capacity lithium battery, the battery life is about 25 minutes.
  6. Customize the route, you can draw the picture you want to fly on the APP
  7. Palm control, real-time map positioning drone, out-of-control map planning route, easy control by APP mobile phone
  8. Gesture photography, MV production function to easily make fashion blockbusters
  9. Intelligent follow, fly around, and record images from different angles in all directions


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