MEIJIAXIN TOYS aka MJX is a very popular quadcopter brand among RC enthusiast.

MJX R/C quadcopters and drones

MJX R/C just announced their flagship model which comes with brushless motors and GoPro camera mount (read more here: MJX B3 Bugs 3).MJX quadcopter news and reviews

Invasion of MJX Quadcopters

MJX X300, MJX X400 , MJX X500 - New FPV Quadcopters Today three new quadcopters from the MJX series were launched: the MJX X300, MJX X400  and MJX X500. All these quadcopters have an amazing design and are using the same GR-246 transmitter.The MJX GR-246 remote controller has a throttle limit knob that allows the pilots to precisely set the flight speed. This feature is very...