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Guangdong Meijiaxin Innovative Technology (aka MJX) is a company that focused on R&D, production, and selling of drones and quadcopters. Their headquarter is located in Shantou, Guangdong Province of China.

MJX drones and quadcopters

MJX has been always committed to developing innovative & entertainment products which target is to bring incredible, new entertainment experiences to their customers all over the world. They have two main product lines, the X and Bugs series. MJX drones are well known that they bring an excellent flight experience to users.

MJX R/C drones roadmap

MJX X Series drones MJX Bugs series drones MJX FPV drones Other MJX products
X708 B20 EIS B8 Pro G3 FPV goggles
X708P B12 EIS B9 D43 FPV monitor
X104G B4W B8 C6000 camera
X108G B2SE C5000 camera
X700C B3Pro C4000 camera
X101 B3H C5007 camera
X103W B5W C5820 /C5830 cameras
B16 Pro C5020 camera
C4018 camera
C4016 / C4015 camras

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Latest MJX drone stories (Reviews and News)

MJX Bugs 20 vs Bugs 12: Which is the best drone for you?

MJX Bugs20 versus Bugs12
Last month, MJX released two new drones of the Bugs series, named B20, and B12. To be honest, their model numbering is a bit confusing. Although you would expect that a higher number means a newer model, the Bugs12 was announced after the Bugs20. In terms of size and weight, these two MJX R/C drones are very similar. With extended...

MJX B12 EIS: True 4K camera for less than $200?

Photo of MJX B12 EIS drone
The MJX B12 EIS seems to be the first GPS-enabled drone under $200 which features a true 4K camera. Unfortunately, instead of a pro-grade mechanical stabilization (gimbal), it features only electronic image stabilization (EIS). The camera features a 1/3-inch CMOS image sensor, 5G WiFi real-time image transmission, 50x digital zoom, and remote angle adjustment. With folded arms, the Bugs 12...

MJX B20 EIS drone with 4K camera

After a long absence, MJX came with a new model of the Bugs series called B20 EIS. As the product name says, its 4K camera features electronic image stabilization (EIS). The camera has a 1/3″ image sensor and a 2.8 mm lens. It can take up to 128GB micro SD cards and record 4840×2160@30fps or 1080P@60fps videos. Its 5G...

MJX Bugs B7: Apparently, best Mavic Mini alternative

MJX Bugs B7 drone
With a nice foldable design and weight of fewer than 250 grams, the newly announced MJX Bugs B7 seems to be the best Mavic Mini alternative under $200. Furthermore, the Bugs B7 has a 4K camera instead of just a 2.7K like the Mini! Unfortunately, the first rumors don’t mention anything about its image stabilization type. Without a 3-axis...

Coming soon: MJX B4W 2K GPS camera drone

MJX Bugs 4W Technic drone
MJX's Bugs series gets a new member called B4W Technic. Based on the first rumors we can say that it is the most versatile yet. It features triple positioning system (Optical flow + Ultrasonic + GPS), intelligent flight modes and excellent control flight autonomy. Furthermore it comes with space saving foldable design and on-board 2K camera. With folded arms,...

Coming soon: MJX X103W GPS enabled drone under $100

MJX X103W GPS drone
MJX R/C is planning to release a new GPS enabled drone called X103W. According to the first rumors it will have brushed motors (unfortunately) and foldable arms. In addition to the usual arm lights, it has two bright search lights under its belly. Powered by a 7.4V-1100mAh battery it has up to 14 minutes airborne time. In order to capture the...

Coming soon: MJX X104G GPS camera drone

MJX X104G drone
Over the last few years, MJX R/C stunned us with their cool Bugs series. Now, they came up with a new model called X104G, which features a different design compared to their previous drones. Like most drones under 100, the MJX X104G also has precise Global Satellite Positioning system and on-board full HD camera. Furthermore, thanks to the 5G...

MJX Bugs 2SE review: Sample video & Maiden flight

MJX B2SE drone review
As I promised in my previous quadcopter review, winter will come with lots of drone tests on First Quadcopter. Today, we will have a closer look on the MJX Bugs 2SE, a very capable GPS enabled drone. MJX R/C does not provide much details about what means the "SE" in the product name. I'm just guessing that it could...

After Black Friday sale: MJX B2SE aka Bugs 2 SE

MJX B2SE After Black Friday deal
As the Black Friday shopping carnival is about to end, here is the first Cyber Monday drone deal. Now, you can find the GPS enabled MJX B2SE drone with brushless motors and 1080P camera for only $128. The B2SE is the upgraded version of the popular Bugs 2C. While the new Bugs 2SE adopts similar design and same type of...

MJX X708P review: Perfect learn to fly drone for newbies?

MJX X708P Cyclone review
Today, we will have a closer look on the MJX X708P Cyclone, an entry level drone with cool design. In my review I will try to show you why an under $100 drone is better option for a newbie than an expensive high-end model. We all have to start somewhere, and when it comes to RC drones, there are many models...

MJX Bugs 3 Pro Review: A Great Beginner GPS Drone!

MJX Bugs 3 Pro review
After many Eachine and Syma reviews, we are finally here with a MJX drone review. As its name says, the Bugs 3 Pro is an ungraded version of the first generation Bugs 3. In addition to the reinvented design it comes with plenty of new cool features (GPS, Altitude hold, Headless mode and Fail-safe RTH). Both, flight time and...