MJX X101 big quadcopter

MJX X101 quadcopter

MJX X101 first person view quadcopter

Initially I started my journey with small and mid sized quad copters because they was affordable and bigger doesn’t necessary means better. As the price of full sized (350mm) quadcopters is decreasing, they become popular and accessible to everyone.

This new MJX X101 quadcopter looks like a direct competitor to the Tarantula X6 (the flying spider) which was my first big sized quad and I reviewed it recently. The design is following the same spooky look but with those front LED lights it is more similar with a flying crab. The power source of the X101 quadcopter is the same: 2 cell 7.4V 1200mAh battery, that allows up to 10 minutes of flight time.

For those who are interested in first person view flights, the MJX X101 can be equipped with 3 different cameras:

  • MJX C4005 – with the lowest image quality, it has only 0.3MP;
  • MJX C4008 – 720P HD FPV camera;
  • C4009 – 1MP first person view camera (Syma style).

The remote controller has a professional look and can be easily transformed from mode1 to mode 2 according the pilot’s preferences. With a radial knob (throttle limiter) the flyer can set and limit the optimal flight speed.

MJX X101 quadcopter features and specs

  • Compatible with 3 different FPV cameras (C4005, C4008 and C4009);
  • Anti-vibration camera mount;
  • One key return to home (RTH);
  • Headless flight mode;
  • 2.4GHz transmitter with reversible sticks for mode 1 and mode2;
  • Flight time: around 10 minutes;
  • LED Lights for better orientation during night flights;
  • Size: 50x50x18cm (including the prop guards).

MJX X101 package includes:

  • The quad-copter it self;
  • Dual mode 2.4GHz remote controller;
  • 2cell 7.4v 1200mAh Li-Po battery;
  • 1set of propeller guards;
  • 2pcs of landing skids;
  • 1 set of spare propellers;
  • 12pcs of micro screws;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Balanced battery charger;
  • MJX X101 user manual.

Last update: 19.08.2015

This MJX X101 (aka “Syma X8C Killer”) is finally available on most of the online stores. If you are considering to order one you can check the availably here. I recommend to be ordered without a camera and later upgraded with a Mobius cam.


  1. I sell these at the flea market mjx x101 drones I like to buy 200 of them I was buying them off of Tuff Stuff on Amazon but they’re not selling them anymore I was paying $39 can you help me thank you

  2. I bought a lightly used mjx x101 and the remote and copter won’t sync any suggestions? I’ve charged it for over three hours and I’ve tried rebooting both the remote and the copter several times.

  3. Hi,
    I was just wondering, when you sync the phone and X101 drone together with wifi, does the drone make the hotspot, or will the phone have to use data?

  4. I heard this drone doesn’t last that long and that the propellers stop working.
    I aslo want to attach my GoPro to the MJX X101. How is yours holding up?

  5. Instruction Manuel is horrible! I can’t get my quad to respond after a long flight yesterday where the wind caught it and took it out of range. I found it about 300 yards away sitting on landing platform. Now for some reason signal not getting to quad. It has a couple of times but only three props turned. Also what is the little female plug on the black base for??
    I plugged battery and camera but can’t remember if something went there. How do you adjust the trim?? My first one!!

  6. I have this quadcopter. its light plastic but very resistant… has a 7.4v 1200mah battery that last little as 10min max… bad for a nice quad… cant find higher capacity battery with same plug easy… I brought mine at aliexpress and other accessories. Yes it fits a GoPro cameras… if you have the proper adapters… worth the money… I will buy a DJI phantom because its way better and more reliable…

  7. Cool quadcopter!
    I haven’t seen the MJX X101 quadcopter anywhere else.
    The most interesting part is that it comes with 3 different type of cams.
    I assume its compatible with GoPro or any other action cameras? Just curious.


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