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Nano quadcopter and drones. Ultra small quadcopters and multi-motors. List of world’s smallest quadcopters. Nano RC aircraft.

Cheerson CX-OF quadcopter review

Cheerson CX-OF review: Unmatched hovering stability

In the past mini drones were nice but with no fancy features. Now, the Cheerson CX-OF, with optical-flow sensor and intelligent flight modes, changes the rules....
Linxtech 1603 drone

Linxtech 1603 mini quad: Not too smart WHOOPEE clone

Frankly, I got bored by this fidget spinner madness. It seems a stupid toy compared to this Linxtech 1603. Everyone who tested a mini drone...
Eachine Revenger55 drone

Eachine Revenger55 tiny brushless FPV drone

When I firstly read about the Eachine Revenger55 I was totally enthusiast to test one. Checking the manufacturer specs I found out that smaller does...
Best Mini drones

Mini drones with camera: Top 5 that you can buy in 2017

I know, why should we talk about mini drones when summer is almost here and we can go out and play with our bigger birds. First...
DHD D3 drone with meshed protective case

DHD D3 aka Happycow 777-382 SKY Phantom

Thanks to its meshed protective case, the DHD D3 looks like the first drone in the jail :) Joking aside, the DHD D3 quadcopter seems to be specially designed...
Hubsan H111D quadcopter review

Hubsan H111D quadcopter review

Hubsan H111D world's first mini FPV quadcopter Since I started the FirstQuadcopter.com blog I wrote about many Hubsan models in the quadcopter news section but till now I have...
Eachine E10C quadcopter review

Eachine E10C Mini quadcopter review

Eachine E10C Mini - world's smallest quad with HD camera Visually, there are not too many differences between the Eachine E10C mini quad and the...
FQ777 126C Spider hexa-copter

FQ777 126C pocket hexa-copter

I own a couple of pocket multi-rotors like this FQ777 126C Spider and frankly, I love them all. I find it very practical that...
Hubsan Nano Q4 H111D and H111C

Hubsan Nano Q4 H111C and H111D

Hubsan Nano FPV Q4 and Nano Q4 Plus Hubsan announced recently two new micro quadcotpers, H111C and H111D. The Nano FPV Q4 (aka H111D) featuring a complete...
Cheerson CX-10D quadcopter

Cheerson CX-10D with altitude hold

Cheerson CX-10D world's smallest quadcopter with barometric sensor Looking for the latest quadcopter news I found out that Cheerson Hobby have just released their newest micro drone, the...
Cheerson CX-10W review

Cheerson CX-10W review

Yesterday, when I received the Cheerson CX-10W for review and I sow the size of the package I knew it would be my shortest...