Mini drones with camera: Top 5 that you can buy in 2017

Let's discover why mini drones are so popular and which one you should buy

Best Mini drones

I know, why should we talk about mini drones when summer is almost here and we can go out and play with our bigger birds.

First off all, every beginner should start his journey with a mini drone. It is totally worthless to invest a fortune into a quadcopter that will probably end crashed.

Secondly, latterly you can find mini drones with excellent flight performances which meets the needs of professional FPV racing pilots.

While Mini Drones have approximatively the size of your palm, Nano Drones are even smaller, measuring as much as a box of matches. They may be little but most of them come with camera and plenty of nice features.Mini quadcopter vs Nano quadcopter

Mini drones can be equipped with “standard” cameras that allow only to record videos\take photos and with FPV cameras that are capable to broadcast live video to the pilot on the ground. If you need a mini drone with camera for FPV flights I recommend to look for one with 5.8G VTX because WiFi FPV has to much latency.

Top 5 mini drone with camera

I need to underline that all the mini drones from the list bellow were personally tested by me or by someone from the review team

1Eachine E010 aka poor man’s Tiny WhoopEachine E010 Mini drone quadcopter

I added the Eachine E010 on top of the list because is one of the most affordable, easy to learn, durable and safe to fly indoors mini drone.

Thanks to the ducted propeller design everything is safe in your house – from your finger to your curious cat :)

I know that actually it doesn’t have a camera but it can be equipped easily with a tiny 5.8G FPV camera. For extra 20 bucks you can also opt for the E010C that natively comes with a 800TVL 25MW VTX camera.

Main features: Ducted propellers (Whoop design), Headless mode and 3D Flips

Product Size: 9.5 * 9.5 * 5cm Flying time: about 5 minutes

2JJRC H37 Elfie / Eachine E50 mini foldable selfie droneJJRC H37 Elfie mini drone quadcopter

Maybe the Elfie drone is not the smallest one, but thanks to its foldable design and smartphone control you can take it with you everywhere.

As I mentioned you don’t need a physical remote controller, the aircraft can be controlled through your smartphone. You can control it using virtual sticks or by tilting your phone.

The altitude-hold feature works very well and allows one hand control.

If you like the concept, the Eachine E55 is even a more compact sElfie drone.

Main features: Foldable arms, WiFi camera, APP control, Altitude-hold,  Headless mode and RTH

Product Size: 13.5 * 6.5 * 2.5cm Flying time: about 10 minutes

3Cheerson CX-17 CricketCheerson CX-17 mini drone with WiFi camera

I reviewed the CX-17 Cricket about a month ago and I was pleasantly surprised by its good wind resistance. Usually small drones are easily taken by the slightest breeze but this one stands very well.

Although the Cheerson CX-17 is a very cheap mini drone, it comes will all the latest features and a Wi-Fi FPV camera.

Being very small and easy to control, my 7 year old boy just love to play with it.

Main features: Propeller protectors, Altitude-hold, Headless mode, RTH, Wi-Fi FPV camera, APP control and Multiple control modes

Product Size: 11.6 * 11.2 * 3.4cm Flying time: about 6 – 7 minutes

4Hubsan H111D mini drone with 5.8G FPV cameraHubsan H111D mini drone with 5.8G camera

Unlike the other mini drones from this list, the Hubsan H111D comes with a complete 5.8G FPV system. The H111D’s transmitter is equipped with 5.8G FPV monitor.

Priced for $80, the Hubsan H111D is a great entry level FPV drone. It is an affordable way to practice both LoS and FPV flights.

My only disappointing regarding this mini Hubsan was the lack of altitude hold. In my opinion it is a must have feature for first-time pilots.

Main features: Complete 5.8G FPV system (camera + monitor), Dual speed rate, Headless flight mode, multi-color LED lights

Product Size: 6.8 * 6.8 * 2.5 cm Flying time: about 5 minutes

5Cheerson CX-10WD world’s smallest drone with cameraCheerson CX-10WD mini Nano drone with camera

The CX-10 series was continuously improved by Cheerson Hobby. While the first model of the family has no camera or any fancy feature, the CX-10WD is equipped with WiFI camera and many cool features.

In order to allow convenient storing and carry, the Cheerson CX-10WD‘s transmitter is provided with a dedicated compartment for the drone. The remote controller is extendable so it can comfortable be used by kids as well as adults.

Main features: Multiple control modes (RC and Smartphone APP), Altitude hold, One key Take off/Land, Headless flight mode, Camera with real-time image transmission

Product Size: 4.2 * 4.2 * 2.5 cm Flying time: about 4 minutes

Top 5 mini drones with camera: Final words

I hope you have found the above information useful in your search for an affordable small Drone with camera. Like I previously mentioned, these mini drones were personally tested by our review crew, so if you need more details about any of them just contact us.

As we are only in the middle of 2017, I’m sure that the above list will be updated with new and more interesting mini drones as they are announced.

If you are interested in a more versatile mini drone, check my Best Tiny Whoop alternative list.


  1. Drones are a lot of fun but can become dangerous when not operated properly due this I recomand mini drones for newbies. Smaller drone less damages!

  2. Thanks Kyle for this awesome list!
    I’m looking for a cheap mini drone. I like the design of the E010 what camera would you suggest for it?

  3. I missed bayang toys x9. Also on a devo it flys amazing you can also flash dual flite modes and acro mode. Many people have left useful setup info on youtube wiki rcgroups and many others.

  4. Buy JJRC H8 a mini drone with open source software easily moded. Buy blue flyte controller board at banggood STLink usb programming tool by new frames or make them. 615 motors 720 8520 and 1103 brushless motors must by esc solder in front of H8 on board ones for brushless. It has a bluetooth telemetry app on playstore by silverware. Add fpv camera. Yes the H8 does it all. Just need to use your imagination and someones already done it with the H8 H8s. Flourian 101 JJ 1000. Check out rcgroups H8. Many many links and a wonderous fun time.


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