Linxtech 1603 mini quad: Not too smart WHOOPEE clone

Linxtech 1603 drone

Frankly, I got bored by this fidget spinner madness. It seems a stupid toy compared to this Linxtech 1603. Everyone who tested a mini drone knows that they are full of fun. You can play with them indoor and outdoor as well.

As you can see in the image above that the Linxtech 1603 copies the design of the much expensive Tiny Whoop. Anyway, the catch is not in the design but in the versatility of the flight controller, where the Linxtech is far behind AcroWhoop and BeeBrain.

According to the advertised specs, thanks to the 200mA battery, the flight autonomy of the Linxtech 1603 is about 5 minutes. Which is not bad, but the 30 meters control range is a bit disappointing.

Linxtech 1603 features and specs

  • TW alike propeller protectors;
  • Multiple flight speed rates;
  • 6-axis gyro-stabilization;
  • Headless flight mode;
  • One key return to home;
  • Colorful LED lights;
  • About 5 minutes of play time;
  • Weights about 16g.

Linxtech 1603 dimensions


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