MJX B20 EIS drone with 4K camera


After a long absence, MJX came with a new model of the Bugs series called B20 EIS. As the product name says, its 4K camera features electronic image stabilization (EIS). The camera has a 1/3″ image sensor and a 2.8 mm lens. It can take up to 128GB micro SD cards and record 4840×2160@30fps or 1080P@60fps videos. Its 5G WiFi module is capable of going up to 600 meters with certain smartphone models.

Thanks to the powerful 1620KV brushless motors, the MJX B20 has wind resistance of level 4. According to the rumored specs, max flight speed is about 40Km/h and flight altitude is limited to 120 meters. Being powered by a 2s/3400mAh battery pack, it has around 22 minutes of flight time.

The Bugs 20 drone comes with more intelligent flight modes than its predecessors, B2 for example, with the addition of Follow me and Circle around a subject.

Update: I contacted MJJ regarding the possibility of review their new Bugs 20 drone, hope to get their positive feedback asap. Starting with this week you can (pre)order it from Banggood for $209, this price includes a remote controller and one flight battery.

MJX R/C Bugs 20 features and specs

  • Unibody frame with high ground clearance;
  • GPS positioning system;
  • Optical Flow + Barometer air pressure sensors;
  • 2204 type 1620KV brushless motors and 6A ESC;
  • 4K camera with 1/3″ Cmos sensor, pitch angle adjustment (-90° to 0°), and ESI;
  • 3840×2160@30fps or 1080P@60fps video recording;
  • 5G WiFI real-time image transmission (up to 450 meters);
  • About 22 minutes of battery life.


  1. As for the crappy carry bag they offer, don’t bother getting it as you have to remove the props every time. I bought a fantastic carry bag that the drone fits in with propellers on and lots of space for batteries plus things you may need when out and about. It is available on various sites. Shop around as i bought mine for under €50. I have seen it priced over €100.

  2. The B20 has no 3 axis gimbal, but if you see footage you would swear it had. Also when you get used to flying it you will get some awesome video. As for someone mentioning they wish it could go further, i have had mine a distance of 1.7 kilometres. Battery life is good enough around 18 minutes and i have 4 batteries so there is no problem. In ending, it is a fantastic little drone.

  3. I’ve had the B20 for over a month. The video quality is great! My 4th drone and I really like this one. Wish it had a longer range. The battery is about 18 minutes but I fly aggressively. I do hate the incessant beeping when the battery gets low. (I might cut the wire…but it also might save me.) I can only get the waypoints to work 1/3 of the time, however. I am using it with a 2013 Nexus 7 which I paid $20 for. I modified a DJI mount to get it to work. (Other issues if interested I can explain). I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone. https://youtu.be/Wmcf6E4yeGc

  4. I have been flying my MJX B20 EIS for 2 weeks now. it is an amazing drone to fly and with the EIS feature, it takes very good pictures and makes good videos. sure, the legs don’t fold up but it fits nicely in my car and I am a park flyer, not a hiker flyer so I don’t care if the legs don’t fold. the M RC PRO app is very user friendly and connects very quickly. I’m ready to fly after only 30 seconds from the time I hook up to the app. I do live in the country so there are no tall buildings to interfere with the signal. I have never timed it but I’m sure I don’t get 22 minutes flight time cause as soon as I get the low battery signal, I’m bringing it home. I am not a professional just an enthusiast who is also retired and has lots of time and not really concerned that I don’t get 22 minutes. I would buy this drone again without hesitation. I prefer it over my Mavic Air 2 that takes longer to find satellites and almost always has the video feed freeze up on my flights. for the difference in price, I could almost buy four B20’s for what I paid for the MA2.

  5. My average fight time is about 15-17 minutes, witch is 7 minutes less than the advertised one. Any idea why can stay in the air 22-24 min??? Should I use a different charger?

  6. Hi folks; received my Bugs20 today; excited to make my first flight but reviewing the manual first, watching some videos — you know the routine I also register it at FAA.
    I think this is going to be a blast and can’t wait to get started :D

  7. No comparison. the quality of picture and stabilization in Bugs 20 EIS is a way much better than the SG906 pro or even pro 2.

    trust me. don’t even think about it. go for the bugs 20 EIS and later you will thank me.

  8. Finally, a GPS brushless drone with a HD camera with electronic image stabilization. No mechanical gimbal is needed with EIS. It can records 4K@30fps, or 1080p@60fps.

    • The B20 is a newer drone and probably better than the SG906Pro. But, to be sure you should wait for some real-user reviews!

    • An upgraded version of the SG906 Pro, the SG906 Pro 2 with a 3 axis gimbal, is about to be released. It’s in pre-order right now on some of the online Chinese websites, due to ship around Sept 4. If you are considering the SG906 Pro, I’d wait for the Pro 2 version with the 3 axis gimbal. Unless they screw something up, it surely will have more stable video than the Pro.

  9. I am a serious MJX fan. Owned MJX 4 channel helicopters before they started making quadcopters. Owned a Bugs 3W and put cameras on it. Lost it to a tree. Then a Bugs 5 with the 2k camera. Good flyer, stolen from my truck. Lost another the same way. Stolen.
    Then came the Bugs 4. Good flyer, and built strong to be used by newbies. I still have my Bugs 4. Today, my Bugs 20 should arrive. Hoping for more distance, from 900 to 1000 ft seems to be the range on most MJX quads. ( I bought a Parrot Anafi-range of 2 miles)
    I still fly my MJX quads and will be, for a long time to come


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