SG906 Pro 2 review: ZLRC’s Best Drone Yet

ZLRC SG906 PRO 2 review

FirstQuadcopter was the first drone blog that published first rumors about the second generation ‘Beast’ drone and, now, it’s time for an in-depth ZLRC SG906 Pro 2 review. We will test the maximum flight range, top battery life, GPS accuracy, failsafe feature, and camera performance.

Compared to its predecessor, the biggest improvement of the new SG906 Pro 2 is the upgraded gimbal. While the original Beast Pro had only a 2-axis gimbal, the new model gets a 3-axis one, just like all pro-grade drones. As the new hardware requires more power, the battery has been also upgraded from 2500mAh to 3400mAh – this brings you some extra flight time too. Here, I should mention, that there was also a non-Pro version without gimbal stabilization and onboard recording. So actually, this quadcopter should be named SG906 Pro 3.

ZLRC SG906 Pro 2 features

  • Compact size with foldable arms and brushless motors;
  • Double Satelite positioning system (GLONASS + GPS) + Optical flow positioning system;
  • Intelligent flight modes (Fail-safe RTH, Follow Surround, and Waypoint);
  • 4K HDR camera with Sony IMX179 image sensor;
  • Pro-grade 3-axis mechanical stabilization with PTZ control;
  • WiFi real-time image transmission (5Ghz FPV);
  • Up to 1200 meters control range and 800 meters FPV range;
  • About 26 minutes of battery life.

ZLRC SG906 PRO 2 review: Intro

ZLRC SG906 Beast Pro 2 in-depth review

Disclosure: I received this GPS drone from RCGoing, in order to test it and make a hands-on review. Although the product was offered for free, all opinions in this article remain my own and I was in no way influenced by my partner.

The SG906 Pro 2 review will be my second cooperation with RCG. They are mainly focused on commercializing Drones, FPV systems, RC cars, and RC parts.

I received the package on my 6th day of quarantine due to being in contact with a person confirmed to have COVID-19. In my country, every direct contact needs to stay isolated at their home for 14 days. Till now, I have no sign of Coronoavirus symptoms and hope it remains this way so I can get out soon to seriously test this little ‘Beast’.

Together with the drone, I got the following accessories: transmitter, controller sticks, gimbal protector, flight battery, charging cable, and a full set of spare propellers. There are also included tons o instruction manuals in different languages. All stuff fits nicely into the included shoulder/ handbag.

ZLRC SG906 PRO 2 review: Unboxing

At a glance

The ‘Pro-2’ features exactly the same design as its predecessor. The only difference seems to be the upgraded gimbal, now it has 3 motors instead of just 2. With folded arms, the drone measures 17.4 x 8.4 x 7cm and weighs a bit more than half a kilo (564 grams with battery). As we are already used with the Beast series, there is a minotaur head logo on top of it.

On the belly of the aircraft, there is a tiny camera that serves as an optical flow sensor and the WiFI antenna. The power switch and charging level indicator LEDs are located on the LIPO pack.

Design of ZLRC SG906 PRO 2 drone

In addition to the arm lights (green on the front and red on the rear), there is a LED bar on top of the drone which is hardly visible, except in case you are piloting from a helicopter above the drone :)

The battery pack is loaded from the tail and shows the charging level when it is inserted. I was happy to find a micro SD slot on the left side. As you could read from my JJRC X16 review, phone recording kills the chance of making decent quality aerial videos.

LED lights of ZLRC SG906 PRO 2

Overall built quality is good and for sure will not fall out in parts after the first flight, but to be honest, the plastic from which is made feels a bit cheapy. L3 Toys made a quite impressive SG906 Pro 2 endurance test – enjoy the video below, and please don’t try this at home :)

Price & availability

Now, you can order this 4K drone with 13% off for $154.99 – this price includes a comfortable shoulder bag. At the checkout, you can also opt for 1 or 2 extra batteries. For the ‘Fly More Combo’ pack with 3 LIPO packs, you will need to pay $206.99 (52 backs more). Purchase tip: they are offering a 10% off promo code for new customers! Note: Prior to placing your order I suggest you verify the compatibility of your phone with this drone.

SG906 Pro 2 review: Transmitter

The Beast Pro 2 comes with the same nice entry-level transmitter as its predecessor’s. Many users complain that, after several uses, the removable sticks start to fall out by themselves. The transmitter has two foldable dummy antennas which servers as a phone holder and it is powered by four pieces of AA batteries.

Transmitter of ZLRC SG906 PRO 2 drone

On the front panel, besides the usual controls sticks and power switch, there are 4 control buttons. From left to right, you have RTH, Speed\Calibration, Photo, and Video\GPS. By long-pressing (for 5 seconds) the ‘Speed’ button you can activate the gyroscope and gimbal level correction, by pressing for 5 seconds the ‘Video’ button you can turn On/Off GPS assisted flight mode.

Phone mount

At the bottom of the controller, there is a handy status LCD screen that provides real-time telemetry data such as Flight distance, Altitude, RC&GPS signal strength, and RC&Drone battery level. The ‘mode’ icon actually shows the status of the aircraft, not the stick mode on which the transmitter works. Mode 0 means no connection with drone, Mode 1 – Altitude mode, and Mode 2 – GPS mode.

Control range

The SG906 Pro-2 quadcopter is advertised with a flight range of up to 1200 meters. The maximum flight distance is wildly affected by the land shape (graves\hills), vegetation, buildings, and, of course, RF noise. Based on my experience, in an urban area, due to the many WIFI devices and high buildings, the range you find on the technical specs is drastically reduced. During my tests around my house, I got a top range of 1120 meters.

SG906 Pro 2 review: Camera

As I previously mentioned, the first SG906 was capable only for mobile recording via FPV footage. Now, the SG906 Pro 2 has both options, onboard recording on micro SD card as well as on the mobile device. Here, I should underline that digital zoom (up to 50x) works only for phone recording.

ZLRC SG906 PRO 2 review: Camera

While it is advertised to be a ‘4K’ camera, it’s actually only a 2.5K camera. Videos are stored on a micro SD card with a resolution of 2048×1080@25fps and photos with 4096 x 3072 pixels. I would lie to say that image quality is perfectly stable. It has lots of jello and chaotic movements of the gimbal that makes the footage unusable for professional work. My Mavic Air 2 provides incomparable smoother videos.

Using the left shoulder buttons (Up/Down) you can change de camera’s angle from straight ahead to ground view – allowing you to take the perfect shot.

FPV quality

In order to obtain the best possible performance, I suggest turning off software image stabilization and 4k correction (upscaling). You have two modes SD (1208 x 720) and HD (2048 x 1080). The live-view has a noticeable lag and quite choppy sometimes, but still flyable. Despite that is using a standard WiFi connection, I got a usable FPV signal from about 600 meters far from me.

SG906 Pro 2 review: Battery life

While the SG906 Pro was powered by a 7.4V/2800mAh battery, the new SG906 Pro 2 has a 7.6V/3400mah battery. Curiously, despite the higher capacity, the two LIPO packs have the same size and they are probably interchangeable too. The battery pack is charged via a micro USB port. For faster refueling, I suggest using a high current rated phone charger (minim 2A).

ZLRC SG906 PRO 2 battery

During my tests, I got an average of 21 minutes of battery life. This is 5 minutes less compared to the advertised one. In ‘high’ speed mode or windy conditions, the battery drains out even faster.

Hfun Pro APP

With a review score of just 2.9, the HfunPro can’t be considered perfect. There are many random crashes\restart reports. It also has a bug around battery level reporting, which activates auto RTH too soon.

From the main screen, you have access to the instruction manual, flight records, Calibration, and General settings (Language, Firmware upgrade, and Live-View settings).

Hfun Pro APP main screen

The top ribbon of the APP provides lots of telemetry data, including flight distance, cruising altitude, battery level, and signal strength. From the right ribbon, you have access to all the advanced flight modes (Waypoint, GPS Follow me, Orbit, and RTH).

SG906 Pro 2 review: Initial setup and Flight experience

Prior to power ON, make sure that you removed the gimbal protector and it is clear from obstruction. Next important thing is to perform gyro-calibration by following the steps from the HfunPro app. Firstly, you need to pick up the drone about 1 meter above the ground and rotate it anti-clockwise till the transmitter makes a beep. After that, you need to repeat the step with the drone’s nose facing the ground. In case the drone is not stable enough after take-off, land, and repeat the steps.

Indoor hovering test of ZRLC SG906 PRO 2

To be sure that RTH works properly, you need to wait until the ‘mode’ indicator on the controller shows ‘2’, which means that GPS positioning is active and working properly.

The ZLRC SG906 Beast Pro-2 has two-speed rates. On a ‘high’ rate, it is quite nimble and fun to fly it. Hovering stability is great even in moderate wind conditions. As a safety measurement, max flight altitude is limited to 120 meters.

More flight impressions will be added after I have completed my lockdown period.

Editor’s ratings

  • Price/performance ratio
  • Design and build quality
  • Transmitter
  • Camera
  • Battery life


To be honest, the SG906 Pro 2 drone isn’t perfect. I had great expectations from the 3-axis gimbal, but it is not steady as it should be. Maybe a firmware upgrade will solve this issue.

Both, flight range and battery life are decent, you probably can’t expect more in its price range. The manual, as well as the fail-safe (low battery & out of RC range) RTH feature, works properly. The aircraft returned autonomously to the take-off point within a circle of max 3 meters.

In conclusion, with $200 in your pocket, the ZLRC SG906 Pro 2 is a great option and probably the only one with a 3-axis gimbal.

User Review
3.61 (41 votes)



  • Affordable GPS camera drone;
  • 4K camera on 3-axis gimbal;
  • Toggling between main camera view and optical flow sensor camera;
  • Excellent wind resistance;
  • Decent flight time;


  • There is Jello effect, not the smoothest video quality;
  • Only 2048×1088@24fps video resolution;
  • Mediocre flight range.


  1. Hello.
    Gimbal of my drone sg906 pro 2 makes videos and takes photos.
    It just doesn’t stabilize.
    Can you help me?
    Gimbal broke and I replaced it with a new gimbal.
    What can it be ?
    Thank you for your attention

  2. I had high hopes for this drone, what a shame it didn’t deliver in the promises. Great review as always all the best from UK

  3. Just got an SG906 pro 2, and now I’m going crazy trying to find the flight controller serial number so I can register the silly thing with the FAA. Can anyone tell me where to find the stupid thing?

    • The SG906 can’t work with 5.8GHz analog FPV goggles!!!
      It has 5ghz WIFI and can be used only with mobile devices (phones and tablets).

  4. I won’t go into it but I had to buy a new SG906 Pro2. I just went with the “drone only” option seeing as I had everything else from my first purchase.
    Anyway, I turn the drone on, turn the remote on, turn wifi on, phone connects to drone wifi, I turn on app but when I hit calibration it says “please connect to device first”. Everything seems to be working fine up until that point. Any ideas? I never had this issue with my first one.

    • Not sure if you found the solution, but for my phone (Pixel 6Pro) I had to put it in Airplane mode then connect to the drone.

  5. Please help me.
    SG906 Pro fell into my hands but but it does not connect with any programm.
    Permanently: “Please connect the device first”.
    But I can connect via FTP, I see the file structure and files, that is, the module WiFi is working correctly.
    Why can’t I connect HFunPro, Xil Pro and others?
    p.s. sorry for mistakes, I don’t know English very well

  6. Hello to whom it may concern. My name is Robert. I just received a zl rc drone beast pro as a gift. Flew it probably seven or eight times now. Now I can get it to connect to wifi. To make it fly. Is there some part I can change to make this thing work again?

  7. Hi, just 3 months after use, the battery of my SG906 PRO2 was inflated, any recommendations from where I can get them with at the best price?

  8. I recently replaced my SG906 Pro 2 after a crash into the lake and the gimbal doesn’t respond. I cannot get the wifi to connect. At first, it connected to my phone but it won’t calibrate and the app says it is not connected so there is no calibration. When I try to calibrate by the app is says that the drone is not connected even though it is.
    What is that I need to do for a new drone to the controller.

  9. Will the 3.7v 3400mah battery work in the SG906 pro (the 2 gimbal beast) without damaging it? And is it likely that the SG906 platform will be able to have remote ID (that the FAA requires by Sept 2023)added, or will these quadcopters become illegal?

  10. Kupio sam taj SG906 pro 2 i zadovoljan sam,jedino baterije od 3.400 mAh nisu baš nešta(brzo se prazne a dugo se pune) i ne mogu nikako da snimke spremam na mSD karticu,samo na tel.sprema.
    I bought that SG906 pro 2 and I’m satisfied, only the 3,400 mAh batteries aren’t really anything (they discharge quickly and charge for a long time) and I can’t save the recordings on an mSD card, only on the phone.

  11. Hello everyone,
    Can anyone help me? I have a problem with the display delay on the phone. The live view is very late, so it is difficult to control the flight. These are the SG906 Pro2 drone and the HFunPro v1.1.2 program
    Thanks in advance.

  12. Has anyone experienced a seemingly unexplained reduction in flight time? I have had this drone for about 3 months now and both 3400mAh battery packs at max get 7mins of flight time each. The SG906 flew as advertised (19min) when it was fresh out of the box.


  13. hi 2 all
    is there any update firmware available for the SG906 pro 2 ( beast ) ? or any chance to get rid from the jelly video recorded?
    is there any app that could or would work better with this drone instead of the HFunpro ?

  14. I’ll like to know where’s the product Serial number because I must register this drone in Australia before I fly to help

    • In the fine print of the manual in English on page 3 you will find that the network or wifi signal you see on your phone is the serial number of the drone.

  15. When I take a photo with the SD in the drone the image freezes and I have to restart the drone. So it is impossible to take a picture on SD. Filming on SD is no problem. Does anyone recognize this problem?

  16. I am trying to enter mode 1 – optical flow (for the follow me option) with no success
    it is entering to mode 2 – gps, too fast!

    I turn on Remote control, then turn on the drone, then immediately after pairing I push video button and hold and after couple of seconds I hear BIP sound,
    at all time of this the mode indicator is still – 1
    I unlock the motor, ok
    I try to take off – nothing happens, than mode change to 2 – gps
    I try this so many time but no success

    any idea how to get mode 1 optical flow?

  17. how can I set that video (or picture) will be stored only on the SD card?
    what is the reason for duplicates?
    saving in the phone of course take data resources and wifi transfer that interferes the fpv and increase the delay of the online camera to the phone

    • FPV footage is stored on the phone (so data transfer is not doubled), not the actual SD card footage.
      In case you lost the drone, the phone record can help you locate the crash point.

      • So what you are saying is that the video I see on the phone ‏is created by recording the phone screen and not by transferring from the drone.
        It ‏is created only when I push the video record button?

        • Yes, the video is captured from the FPV live stream. This is why phone video has worst quality compared to SD card footage.

  18. I just got my drone and I was wondering why it won’t record to my microSD and only to my phone I had it on the SD setting while flying but I took the SD card out after the flight and there was nothing in it. What do I need to do?

  19. Hi everyone! I’m a new drone flyer with only a tiny bit of experience flying toy drones. My ZLRC SG906 Pro won’t unlock? Any idea why? Is the unlock for restricted airspace or for something else? I’m not near any restrictions from the maps I have so I’m wondering why. After calibration, I can start the engines, but the software doesn’t unlock like in the video. Any other action stops the engines. Any help would be much appreciated!

    • Cześć, miałem też z tym problem, ale zauważyłem, że dopóki nie przełączy się w tryb 2 – GPS, to nie ruszysz z miejsca. Też latam od niedawna tym modelem i po kilku próbach zauważyłem, że dopiero po pojawieniu się trybu 2 mogę wystartować. Czasami trzeba chwilę odczekać.
      Hi, I had a problem with that too, but I noticed that until it switches to 2-GPS mode, you won’t move. I have also been flying this model recently and after a few attempts, I noticed that only after the appearance of mode 2 I can take off. Sometimes it takes a while.

      • If you have it in mode 1 (optical mode), you still can fly but without GPS *not recommended* (you don’t have RTH, you can’t use waypoint, even a small breeze will drift your drone). In mode 1, press and hold video record button for 5 second. After a bip, start your motors and fly.

  20. Is there any other way of charging the batteries of the SG906 PRO2 instead of using the USB cable? It is damn slow…

    • It is not possible to charge faster. The 5 volts are first brought to a different voltage. Whatever charger you use, it won’t go faster.

  21. Can you fly the SG906Pro2 without a cell phone? I know you would lose some features that the app has but not quite ready to buy another phone.
    Also is there some type of emergency stop? Watching videos and my instructions show a STOP on the app screen but that now appears to be labelled “Aircraft Attitude Unit” whatever that is…

  22. I’m loving my new drone! It was a birthday gift from my brother. Flew for 2-1/2 batteries yesterday afternoon and went to 387ft. Easy to lose sight of it at that altitude!

    I’m a keen kayaker so I’ll be using it to capture images and video from my regular kayaking trips (averaging 30km per week). I would like the security of being able to safely land on water if the need arose so am brainstorming solutions for that atm.

  23. Hello, Can anyone help me?
    I have SG906 pro 2. After power on, the drone switches to mode 2.
    I try to switch to mode 1 by pressing the video key continuously. And it does not pass.
    What I’m doing is wrong?

    • do it before remote control lock on GPS, after locking to GPS you can do nothing, except turn off the drone, turn off remote, restart again.

  24. Anyone know how to replace a motor/arm on one of these. Not sure how to take it apart to replace the motor that I just paid $30 for! 3 months old and a motor quit working.

    • Slip fingernails under the top outer edge and remove the outer ring from the body. Remove the top panel screws and then from underneath remove the 8 screws holding the upper and lower casings together. Separate the top and bottom and now you have access to the PCBs and arm mounting screw. You’ll need to melt the solder for the main power wires to the motor and unplug connectors. Do the reverse with the new arm and reassemble it all. It may seem scary but it’s not terribly difficult. I have a new arm to fit to mine when it arrives. Burnt out the ESC inside the arm.

  25. Bought this drone recently, a first-time droner. It seems fairly easy to fly, have been zooming it around my back yard no problem. However, my cell phone is not 5G wifi, so I cannot get an image from the drone on it. I like the drone, am looking into picking up another phone with 5G wifi capabilities, and only use it for the Wifi, no cell phone plan or anything like that. Can you give me any ideas on what phone to look for, cheap since it will only be used with the drone? Thanks!

    • You shouldn’t need to get a 5G phone. Mine works fine with an iPhone 8S. Your phone wifi should pick up the signal.

    • The spec, 5G, is not correct. I suspect it originated with a standard Chinese-English translation. What you need to look for are the wifi specs of the phone; specifically, “802.11-ac” and “5 GHz”. It has nothing to do with 5G cellular technology.

  26. 3 months … tilting the camera with the buttons sometimes doesn’t work and the horizontal stabilization of the gimbal died in the air yesterday.

      • Where’s you get yours from? Because I got mine from Droneclone xperts and they have been extremely responsive and helpful. I may have paid a little more thought, I’m not sure, so I’m curious to see a difference in price if you got it somewhere else. IMO I have no issue paying more if I’m gonna get great customer service. One reason why I’ll never buy from china even though it’s cheaper

        • In one shop on Aliexpress. But I contacted “higher” support on Aliexpress – they intervened and shop immediately started communicate :D Meanwhile, I opened the drone and found a defect – the servo cables (lateral 45 °) were thus twisted that silicone insulation cuts and wires short and damaged gimbal for 45 ° – some “handy worker”. It seems today the shop sent me a new gimbal.

          I am afraid, that this ‘timebomb’ can be in more Pro2…

          • New camera with gimbal and gimbal board arrived. Unfortunately, in the meantime, the gimbal board has changed – 5pin connector is only 3pin now… (this 5wires cable connecting the gimbal and videoboard board) … I am waiting for answer now …

  27. About used microSD card:

    – drone can works with FAT32 only, not with extFAT => standardly formated under Win for card 32GB extFAT only.

  28. When you insert the memory will easily getting hot on the lower section…

    I just want to know what to choose on the phone screen….SD or HD .


      • Hola Anonymous, que celular recomiendas para el sg906pro? El redmi note8 nisiquiera se conecta en WiFi, actualmente lo uso sin celular y solo me ha alcanzado hasta 300 MTS,
        Hello Anonymous, which cell phone do you recommend for the sg906pro? The Redmi Note8 doesn’t even connect to WiFi, I currently use it without a cell phone and it has only reached me up to 300 MTS, thanks

  29. Has anyone tried an FPV Goggle on the SG906PRO2? There is a really nice one for 50 bucks on Amazon and I am very tempted to buy it as the phone range is terrible… Also, I changed the controller antennas and I have the problem that I lose connection from the drone to the controller (0 signal bars)! Any idea what could it be? I added two dual-band 2.4-5.8 GHz antennas

        • as I know there is no wifi fpv compatible goggles on the market.
          you have two options for VR view:
          – use box VR set for your phone (not recommended due to de delay and poor quality)
          – install a 5.8G AIO FPV camera and use 5.8G FPV goggles (stable quality over a long-range)

    • It is ok – drone’s GPS module must receive an undisturbed GPS satellite signal…
      When is found more than 8 (or 9) satellites on the sky, then is automatically switched to mode 2 (GPS mode).

      • Thank you for your reply. Okay, I know that, but after I waited for 15-20 minutes and the number of satellites was still the same (0 and mode 1). When I moved the drone the number of satellites changed to 14 and mode 2 appeared, but after that, I couldn’t do the calibration. By reigniting the drone and the remote control, the number of satellites was 0 and mode 1 again.

        • If you are able to find 14 satellites, the drone is ok. I don’t remember if I calibrated in GPS mode. Calibration is for set gyroscope (long press “speed” button) and geomagnetic correction (long press “Photo”) only. Then calibrate in mode 0 and after it move drone, where is GPS.

          1) turn on the drone, then turn on remote controller => pairing
          2) calibrate with RC
          connect the phone to drone’s wifi and calibrate in-app

  30. Is anyone having problems with the drone making corrupt videos or videos that can’t be played anywhere? I tried to format the card many times and still is a problem pics or videos can’t be read by any program and it says video it’s broken or corrupt.
    Please help

    • Video recorded to the card is not full HD, but 2048 x 1088/ cca 24p, and a lot of hw players have a problem with it. The same video is recorded to the phone, but it is 1920 x 1080/25p and there is not a problem with hw players.
      Both should be playable in sw players (VLC player etc)

      Corrupted video can be in slow microSD card or weak phone processor, imho

      • Where can I buy another three gimbal camera? I landed a little bit hard and one of the rivets came out from the back of the camera. I’ve had it about a month for the money it’s been great

        • I think, that it better to buy a whole new drone without any accessories (without battery, without RC … I think, I saw it on or ali cca $115 ) than buy a spare part (camera+board cca $85 … on aliexpress).

    • It could be a card adopter. I discovered that my card adopter (supplied with the package) was unable to process what was on the card. After changing it the problem disappeared.

  31. I own the SG906 Pro-2 I ordered it from China and I was wondering if anybody has this problem when you press the land button for the drone to come home and land instead of responding it would go up higher and higher unfortunately it wouldn’t land does anybody have that problem with this particular drone?

    • Hi Manny, This is typical behavior. When pressing RTH (return to home) button. The drone first goes to a specific height. Then to the correct stored take-off GPS position and then slowly goes down. You should give it some seconds to perform this sequence. If this does not happen at all you indeed might have a malfunction.

    • Hey manny I’m looking to order the same drone from China how is it to fly do all the features work what else don’t you like about it

  32. Guys, can you help me?
    I got this Drone and I have a Huge Delay on the image on the phone?
    What could be the problem?

    I tried the app FPV GO too.

      • Problem is, that video CPU is overheated. It is an older chip (IntelliChip A7 … original name Allwiner Vs3) 13x13mm without any cooling (for ‘better cooling’ is over video chip added paper sticker with spare part numbers). Try watch some time video on phone, when the drone is not flying, and then touch the drone near the bottom camera.

        FYI – when I put there heating undercover (18x18x5mm), heatsing temperature is 65°C (without it was not possible to touch this chip). When drones flying, the airflow sufficiently cools the heatsink. I didn’t want to make a hole in the cover for a bigger cooler.
        The ‘video pause for a few seconds’ on the phone display is disappeared. I’ll see in the summer if I need to make a hole in cover and use a bigger cooler.

  33. This question has been asked 3 months ago, now I am asking it again. Can the camera take a raw format picture? Does anyone know the answer?

    • Only jpg. And better is set “4K correction” to OFF => foto is 4096 * 3072 px
      With “4K correction” as ON is used some strange apps conversion to “5120 x 2880” with very blurred frames

      – when is used 4096 x 3072 – on phone LCD is displayed less than is in the resulting image – all HFun apps are for toys only!
      What is displayed on phone LCD, on photo will be + 1/7 left, +1/7 right and 1/3 top, 1/3 bottom.
      – if is used “4K correction” as ON, then what is on phone LCD is same on photo, but in terrible quality…

  34. The distance display of my SG906 Pro2 is 60% of the distance calculation of Google Map. Specifically, even if the transmitter display is 1000m, it is about 600m when measured with Google Map.
    How about yours?

    • I am right now experiencing with the drone as the user manual isn’t very useful. I already installed the above app but not used it yet.
      Btw. Does anyone know what on the upper band VR stands for? I tried to click it but nothing happened. The same holds for the clarity, when I click either is HD (resolution) but the other position is SD?

  35. What is a realistic distance to expect the SG906 Pro2 to travel without losing the video signal? I just got it got Christmas and love it so far.

    • My SG906 WiFi FPV starts locking the image at 330m. With a WiFi repeater, there is no problem with electric fences up to 1360m.
      (However, this distance is not accurate, and when I calculate the distance in latitude and longitude, it is about 820m.)

    • My Drone doesn’t go far than 60m on the city with a line of sign… Lose signal from the radio, FPV video still working… Maybe problem or interference?

  36. Next ‘feature’ found:

    After some in the air the gimbal stops being horizontally aligned and all the slides are slightly tilted. All that remains is to land and recalibrate.

  37. Received my SG906 Pro2 two days ago. I can say is this is a very nice drone, but the camera is only 2. It has lots of power to handle the wind and still performs very well. I would definitely recommend this drone for those who looking to get into this hobby.

  38. First I can’t run HFunPro on my LG Stylo 3+, it just doesn’t have enough computing power. A Samsung Galaxy s8 or Huawei Honor 9 should solve the lag problem. However, FPV GO runs very well, just minus a couple of options. My problem is I cannot lock out GPS mode. I’ve tried everything. I start flying in the shadow of 3 35+ story high rises and no matter what I try to keep it in mode 1 the minute I move it out of the shadow it goes into mode 2 and stays there until I move back. Yes, I have read the instructions and do hold down the video button for 5+ seconds and it beeps. No matter what I do the controller GPS icon is always flashing. Is there a software bug in the SG906 Pro2?

    • OK, I’ve finally figured it out. Holding down the video button for 5 seconds does not force the toy into mode 1, it only overrides the requirement that you cannot take off without a satellite lock. If you take off in mode 1 and the toy acquires 8 satellites it automatically switches to mode 2 and you have no control over the situation. If it looses GPS lock during the flight it will revert to mode 1 again. There is no way to force this drone to stay in mode 1 if it sees enough satellites to achieve GPS lock. I fly in a garden area surrounded by three 35+ story high rises. Only at the south end can GPS lock be achieved so the toy is always switching between mode 1 and 2. This is not a situation that I like but now that I understand what is happening I’ll live with it. Still a great toy for the price.

  39. We put an SD card in the drone, but after the flight, it appears the pictures/videos are ONLY on the phone.
    How specifically, do you change the setting so the pictures/videos are stored on the SD card?

    • 1 ) Do you have a card formated (as fat32)?

      2 ) I think, it works as:
      – if you push the button on phone => recording is stored to phone only
      – if you push the button on remote controller => recording is stored to card and to phone

      – unfortunately, it seems, HFanPro is not properly adjusted for GS906, because is not possible turn off recording to phone and using recording to card only. Btw – options in setting in HFanPro are for nothing – only for worse picture. I am using all as “Off”

      Maybe, when there would be some very easy app for online picture to phone and all others use via remote contoller. But I did find nothing…

  40. Reçu ce joujou a noel. Incapable d’associer la télécommande avec le drone.
    La commande est en mode 0 et 0 satellites détectés.
    Est-ce que la commande a besoin du drone pour capter les satellites ?
    Le drone bip sans arret et aucunes led (des bras) ne s’allument.
    Sur mon portable la wifi est connectée sur le drone mais un message “sans internet”… ?
    J’ai l’impression que la commande ne dialogue pas avec le drone.
    Essayé toute les manips de la notice, je commance à avoir très peur…
    Serait il, HS ?
    Received this toy on Christmas. Unable to associate the remote control with the drone.
    The control is in mode 0 and 0 satellites detected.
    Does the command need the drone to pick up the satellites?
    The drone beeps continuously and none of the LEDs (on the arms) light up.
    On my laptop, the wifi is connected to the drone but a message “without internet” …?
    I have the impression that the command does not dialogue with the drone.
    Tried all the manipulations of the manual, I start to be very afraid …
    Would it be, HS?

    • 1 ) remove the camera cover
      2 ) turn on the drone (it must flash quickly)
      3 ) turn on the remote controller (soon, or turn off both and repeat)
      – pairing not needed any satellite

      1) + 2), 3 ) connect to drone’s wifi and run the HFunPro app

      May be – low power in drone’s battery?

      – ‘without internet’ – it is OK – it is for communication drone app HFunPro (android or mac) only

  41. Hola, no puedo descargar las instrucciones del dron sh906 pro 2
    Si disponen de ella en pdf les agradecería que me lo enviaran gracias
    Enviado desde mi iPhone
    Hi, I can’t download the instructions for the sh906 pro 2 drone
    If you have it in pdf I would appreciate it if you could send it to me, thank you
    Sent from my iPhone

  42. Yesterday I flew my beast pro 2 for the first time. All good excepting that the live image on the phone has a huge delay, which makes the flight difficult looking only at the FPV view on the phone….

  43. Estou tentando cadastrar o meu SG906 PRO 2 na anatel e estou tendo dificuldades em achar alguns dados como; Faixa de frequência, potência máxima de saída, designação de emissores… Alguém sabe me informar
    por favor???
    I’m trying to register my SG906 PRO 2 with anatel and I’m having trouble finding some data like; Frequency range, maximum output power, designation of transmitters … Does anyone know please inform me ???

    • conseguiu? to tentando também…
      got? I’m trying too …
      qq coisa me manda um email:
      any thing send me an email:

  44. What kind of cells are in the batteries? Mine stopped working and I through that repairing is cheaper than to buy a new Beast LiPo

  45. I had a small crash yesterday, now the gimbal just vibrated without self-leveling :(
    Any idea where to find spare parts for the SG906Pro2?

  46. I cannot seem to get the SG906 Pro to record or save pics to the onboard SD card.
    The card is formatted and works well in my camera. There was something about if you record from the app, it records to the phone but I’m not even using the app, just using the record button from the controller.

    Any ideas and thanks?

    • The image resolution is good for the price. The 3-axis gimbal is not perfect. Videos still have some shake effect. Stills are great! Hfun app is not great but you can try ZLL RC or FPV GO instead.
      Follow me modes works only with the phone and the controller SWITCHED OFF!! (took me a while to figure that out). A lot of reviews and images available on youtube. I like CAPTAIN DRONE.

      • About your comment on the follow me function, if both are switched off then how can you control it? I was trying to use it yesterday and it didn’t follow. It circles well though. I’ll have a look at the other apps and report back on what I find.

  47. Do you know where to buy only the SG906 PRO2 (without RC and other accessories)? I lost my drone at night and can’t find it :(

  48. Problems:

    – used very high compression for the camera !!! 9-11 for JPEG is really horrible.
    All details on the photos are hand-painted. (Very serious shortcoming and therefore do not buy)

    – gimbal does not work for video (you will not want to watch the recordings)

    – recorded video is 2048 x 1088 … no HW player with a used Broadcom chip will play this video because FullHD is 1920 x 1080.

    – the bottom camera is just a bad joke

    • Recent experience with Pro2 – if a low battery is reported during recording video – the whole video is dark only. After landing has battery still 3 LEDs of 4. Weird.

      • hmm, it seems, the camera is a cheap camera from some mobile phone… due it not constant fps and:
        – missing setup for exposition
        – max. compression

          • No. Photos in absolute calm – dron is home on desk – target is living room wall – 3m away, good light – are much worse than photos from cca 20-year-old children’s toy – digital camera. And that is very, very sad. Without any details, with a lot of noise.

          • Check this video (whatch in 1080p). I think the image quality is good for a $150 drone. Maybe a $100 phone can do the same quality, but it can’t fly :)

          • I am talking about photos – excuse me – are you blind? Take this drone, put it on desk and try photo 2-3m far wall with some things ( with inscriptions too) … you will see “details” :(
            Everything is like “through a filter with plastic mica”. Where could I put examples? Or do you have some photo examples made with this drone?

  49. Hi,

    I need some help and I hope you can help me.

    I have a SG 906 Pro2 witch I am still learning to use, unfortunately it crashed and is in need of repair, namely to reattach a blue wire at the back of the camera mount.

    Do you know of anyone, preferably in Canada to do this work?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Unfortunately, the biggest problem with these relatively cheap Chinese drones is that you don’t have after-sale customer support or an authorized repair center.
      IMHO, you have 3 options:
      – try to repair it by yourself
      – try to find a hobbyist near your location that has some experience with a drone repair
      – contact the seller maybe they can handle the repair

      Good luck!

    • Do it yourself! The repair will soon be higher than the price of a new drone. You can get all the parts you need on aliexpress. Make sure you order pro2 parts!

  50. Salve a tutti. Ho un problema di ritorno dell’immagine del video: circa 10 secondi! Premetto che il cellulare che utilizzo è un samsung s4 con connettività wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, quindi compatibile con il 5ghz. Naturalmente non sto utilizzando la app hfun pro perchè si chiude appena la avvio….
    Qualcuno mi può aiutare?
    Grazie in anticipo
    Hello everyone. I have a problem with returning the video image: about 10 seconds! I state that the phone I use is a Samsung s4 with 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac wifi connectivity, therefore compatible with 5ghz. Of course, I’m not using the hfun pro app because it closes as soon as it starts ….
    Can anyone help me?
    Thanks in advance

  51. I just lost my SG906 drone :( The right control stick did not respond and the drone just drifted away into the nearest forest. I pressed the RTH button, without any success. Take-off was in Mode 2 (GPS) with 12 satellites.
    Can I buy just the aircraft and bind with my remote controller?

  52. Bom dia, poderia me informar quem são os fabricantes desse drone?
    Good morning, could you tell me who are the manufacturers of this drone?

    • The brand name is ‘ZLRC’. But honestly who knows who is the real manufacturer. IMHO in the same factory, there are made drones under lots of brand names…

      • The real manufacturer is Shantou Chuangqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

        Distributed as SG906, but it is the same as CSJ-X7 Pro2

        But is impossible to get some contact for any sw/hw support there

  53. SG906 Pro2: Has NO customer support, NO one to contact, NO one to email. Only a few spare parts in case you need to repair something by yourself. But we still love this Beast!

    • In the winter yes, you can use it but, you should expect less flight time. In could, LIPO batteries are discharging faster. Also, prior to taking-off, you should warm them to 25-30°C

      • I tried some test with flight time – I do not know why, but all my 3 batteries have same flight time … 15 minutes only :(
        It doesn’t matter if it is in the open air in mode2 (temperature from -1 to + 5°C), or hovering in home in mode1 or hovering in home without FPV – only RC (temperature 23°C).

        Weird for supplied 7,6V/3400mAh batteries (151g).

      • Why? Engines are warmed to operating temperature very soon, snow cannot penetrate from above where the drill is spinning.

        Flight time is reduced to cca 15minuts only … cca 1 1/2 LED … is activated automatically return ( in 0-5°C).

        Is it question, if gimbal has/has not problem in this temperature because after some time in the air the shots are not completely horizontal and a visual inspection before landing shows the gimbal slightly rotated.

        The problem with snow will be in a lot of light. The camera exposure is completely wrong and it cannot cope with a larger white area.

      • I agree now :)

        The problem is not so much in the falling snow, but in landing – show (=> water) is then everywhere, even in the sensitive mechanics of gimbal.

  54. Suggest a good micro SD card for SG906 Pro2, I think my old card lags a bit and doesn’t record every time. It is a basic 16GB class 10 card….

  55. I’m having trouble with my SG906 PRO 2. I unlock the motor and after a few seconds they stop. No throttle control. What can cause this issue? Thanks in advance!

  56. Can the SG906 Pro 2 save videos and pictures to the SD card without being connected to a mobile device with the HFunPro App. Can be recording triggered from phone?

  57. Please, could you share a list with compatible APPs, for both Android and iOS. To be honest the stock SG906 Pro 2 APP is pretty lame…..

    • There’s an APP called GPS Drone (Android) Appears generic and it works with my SG906 Pro2. The HiFun application was very unstable. Seemed somewhat more reliable only if you uninstall and reinstall each session.

  58. I have been trying to use the micro SD card 32g in my Beast SF 906 Pro 2 drone. Can’t seem to get this to work for videos and pics. Can you be specific to what brand and other information of SD card to get,..heard something about formating card to FAT32 and U3? SanDisk Extreme, or what?

  59. I’m sure this question been asked from you many times, but I’m a completely newbie who looks for his first drone. My budget is around 200$ and under. Is the SG906 PRO2 the best drone for my money?

    • I was in the same situation as you. The SG906 has been a great learning experience. Like one’s first romance, it won’t be your last and at least you’ll know what you’ll like better for the next time. Besides, it’ll still be worth a hundred bucks on Craigslist when you’re ready to upgrade.

    • As know, there are no blade guards available to purchase for the Beast Pro 2! Maybe you can make some custom ones if you have a 3D printer

    • One thing I really like about this drone is that the propellers are “free-floating”, so to speak. If they hit something they just stop spinning until they are freed up. I’m not really sure how you could break one of them!

  60. My SG 906 Beast Pro 2 doesn’t show wifi signal to LG phone please help me if anyone has any idea about this problem. My wife’s iPhone 9 works perfectly.

  61. I’m new to the drone hobby and I’m looking to buy my first quad for no more than $200. Does anyone have any suggestions besides the Sg906 Pro 2?

  62. The SG906 Pro 2 is my second drone and I love it! Its 3-axis gimbal still not perfect, but in this price range you can’t get a better GPS drone.

      • A jak se prosím aktivuje nebo přepíná nahrávání na SD kartu nebo fotografie ukládat na SD kartu. Vše se mi ukládá do mobilního telefonu i když jej nemám připojený na SD kartě není vůbec nic.
        And how to activate or switch recording to SD card or save photos to SD card. Everything is stored in my mobile phone even if I do not have it connected to the SD card, there is nothing at all.

        • Card – max size is 32GB and it must be formatted Fat32.

          Trigger on phone store to phone only, trigger on remote controller storing to both (unfortunately – I’d like to turn off recording to my phone – why overload wifi – but I can’t )

  63. Well, I joined the club today. I ordered a basic pack with on LiPo, do you know where to find spare SG906Pro2 spare batteries in Europe?


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