ZLRC SG906 Pro 2 Beast user manual

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    1. 我的图传距离特别近,不足100米
      My picture transmission distance is very close, less than 100 meters

    2. Thanks for the manual download, big help.

      I can’t remove the obstacle avoidance camera from the top of my SG906. Has anyone else had this problem and if so did you work out how to get it off?
      I want to take it on a trip with me but I can’t pack it with that sticking up.

    3. Hello, I have a question, I am disconnecting the signal in the app, the image is frozen, and that happens only 30 m … my phone does accept wifi5G …. What can be the cause? Is there a way to configure the drone and the different app to make it work better?

    4. I just received my Sg906 Pro2 and cannot get the app (HiFun Pro and XL Pro) to connect with the drone. I have a Galaxy A21 which connects fine with the aircraft but the app doesn’t see it.


    5. I can’t record videos on drone SG906 pro 2, everything works perfectly fine, but I can’t record videos! I’ve used Hfun pro and FPV GO, and it just doesn’t record, it shows that it’s recording, but when I finish recording, both by the control and by the App, the video doesn’t go to the gallery! Can anyone help me?

    6. Alguém sabe informar o peso maximo de decolagem do SG902 pro 2?
      Does anyone know the maximum takeoff weight of the SG902 pro 2?

      • The whole arm needs to be replaced. There is a circuit board that sometimes goes bad. Had mine for over a year and needed to change 2 arms. They go for about 15.00

      • Desliga a conexão de Internet. Se estiver conectada ele não sincroniza com o app. Outra dica é colocar cartão de memória e gravar apenas pelo drone, assim evita travamentos na imagem do app.
        Disconnect the Internet connection. If it is connected it does not sync with the app. Another tip is to put a memory card and record only by the drone, thus avoiding crashes in the image of the app.

    7. My drone runs for short time and returns to home really soon after take-off even if at 50% battery. Can you change the RTH battery % or not.

    8. Does anyone ever have to replace a motor on one of these? I have a motor gone bad already after a total of 12 flights, a total of about 27 minutes. Not sure how to tear one of these apart to replace the motor.

    9. Kan ik de applicaties Van hfunpro gebruiken zonder de controle te verliezen van de joysticks op m’n RControler?
      Can I use the applications From hfunpro without losing control of the joysticks on my RControler?

      • Hi Cor, weer je misschien hoe ik mijn iPhone can verbinden met de drone? Ik heb de telefoon al verbonden met de WiFi hotspot maar kan geen beeld krijgen
        Hi Cor, how can I connect my iPhone to the drone? I have already connected the phone to the WiFi hotspot but cannot get a picture

    10. My Beast flew a few minutes. After that I got the motors running but could not rev up to launch. When I switch it on and press the top left button nothing happens. Yet the motors start when I unlock with the remote.

    11. Brilliant – Thank you for this. As the reader above says, the small supplied manual is too small to easily and quickly read so this is a great help. My particular model is the SG906 Pro2 Max with a collision avoidance system and I wondered whether you may have that in due course. Also, is there any maintenance, repair/ service manuals for the same?

      Thanks again for the provision of this service.


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