ZLRC drones and quadcopters

ZLRC is a relatively new drone brand. Their most popular drones are the ‘Beast’ series. They were the first manufacturer that announced the first drone under $200 with an advanced obstacle avoidance system.

ZLRC/ZLL drones

Starting with 2021, ZLRC changes its brand name into ZLL!

ZLL drones roadmap

Beast series Brushless ZLL drones Brushed ZLL drones Toy drones
SG906 v1 SG907 Pro SG907 SG701
SG906 Pro SG108 SG700 Pro
SG906 Pro 2 SG907 MAX
SG906 MAX3 EVO SG108 Pro
SG908 Pro KUN1
SG906 MAX2 / Beast 3E

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Find below the latest ZLL drone stories (News and Reviews)

ZLL SG105 MAX dual-camera drone under $100

For a drone under $100, the ZLL SG105 MAX has some amazing features, including GPS positioning, a dual-camera system, an obstacle avoidance sensor, and a cool foldable design. With folded arms, the SG105 MAX YU3 measures 162x141x50mm and weighs just 160 grams, including the battery. In front has two bright LED lights for night flights. The 5-direction obstacle avoidance sensor...

SG906 MAX3 EVO 2023: All time Best ZLL BEAST

As its name suggests, the SG906 Beast EVO Max3 evolved significantly in the last few years. This 2023 edition features an upgraded 3D obstacle avoidance system, a repeater mode communication system, and a 4K camera with a 60Mbps max bit rate. The drone measures 17.4 x 8.4 x 7cm with folded arms and weighs 577 grams. It is equipped with...

ZLL Yan 3 (SG108 MAX): Obstacle Avoidance for Under $100

ZLL Yan 3 drone
The ZLL Yan 3 is the direct successor of the ZLL SG108 PRO, the main difference being the obstacle avoidance module on the top. For under $100, the Yan 3, aka SG108MAX, is probably the first drone with such an advanced feature. Like most drones these days, the ZLRC Yan 3 also comes with brushless motors that are not just...

ZLL Beast SG906 Mini SE drone

ZLL Beast SG906 Mini SE
Everything is nice around the new ZLL SG906 Mini SE, except its weight. The scale shows 311.4g with a flight battery and obstacle avoidance system. Being over 250grams, you will need to register it with FAA. The ZLL Beast Mini SE has a 4K camera that can record 2048*1080 videos and take 3840*2160P photos. It can record locally on the...

ZLL SG906 MAX2 aka BEAST 3E: Best of its kind

Three years ago, ZLL (ex ZLRC) announced their first-generation Beast drone. Since then, the company announced new upgraded versions every year. ZLL SG906 MAX2 aka Beast 3 now gets a completely new transmission system that promises a range of up to 4Km and a pro-grade 4K camera with a 1/3.2" image sensor and an Ambarella image processor. Thanks to the...

ZLL SG908 MAX (KUN2) and Pro (KUN1) 4K drones with OA

ZLL SG908 MAX and SG908 PRO
For Christmas 2021, ZLL announced two new drones, the SG908 Max aka KUN 2 and SG908 Pro aka KUN 1. Both quadcopters feature an identical folding design, a 4K camera with a 3-axis gimbal, and a laser-guided obstacle avoidance system (OA). In addition to the primary camera, they have a second one on the belly of the fuselage that...

ZLL Beast 3+ aka SG906 MAX1: Same design, new features!

SG906 MAX1 Beast 3+
The Best 3 was ZLL's first drone with an obstacle avoidance system. The new 'Plus' edition comes with an upgraded communication system. While the fourth-generation Beast drone had only 800 meters range, the SG906 MAX1 has 3000 meters. In terms of design, there is no big change, the Beast 3+ looks almost exactly like the reviewed SG906 Pro 2. With...

ZLL SG700 MAX & PRO: Cheapest GPS 4K brushless drone

Photo of ZLL SG700
ZLL's latest SG700 GPS enabled 4K drone will be available in two versions. While the SG700 PRO has brushed motors and is priced at $79.99, the SG700 Max has brushless motors and a price of $89.99. In addition to the more reliable motors, for the extra 10 bucks, you will get also a longer range (800 vs 1000 meters). With...

ZLL SG108 PRO review: Affordable drone for beginners

ZLRC SG108 PRO review
Today we will test and review the ZLL SG108 PRO, an ultra-light brushless GPS drone. The most important additions of the 'Pro' edition are the onboard recording and the 2-axis gimbal that allows capturing smoother videos (at least it should). From the beginning, I can confess to you that even if it is marketed with a 4K camera, you...

ZLL SG108 PRO YAN 2: GPS 4K drone under $150

Photo of ZLL SG108 PRO drone
New affordable Mavic MINI alternatives are released almost every week. Today we will have a closer look at the ZLL SG108 PRO YAN 2, a very capable GPS-enabled brushless drone. In addition to the cool folding design, it comes equipped with a 4K camera and lots of intelligent flight modes. Thanks to the fail-safe return to home function, in case...

ZLL SG907 MAX aka Xiang 3: 4K 3-axis Gimbal drone

Photo of ZLL SG907 MAX
The upgraded ZLL SG907 MAX aka Xiang 3 comes with advanced features like a dual-camera system, GPS positioning, and multiple intelligent flight modes. All in a backpack-friendly folding design. SG907 MAX weighs just 309 grams and measures 17x9.5x7.5cm with folded arms. While it is advertised to be a 4K drone, its main camera is capable of recording videos with only...