ZLRC SG907 drone: Another Mavic clone

ZLRC SG907 drone

Following the great success of the Emotion E58 drone, many drone manufacturers started to make similar Mavic alike drones. The ZLRC SG907 is by far the best replica I have seen so far. They copied even the battery’s design and heat-sinks from aircraft’s belly. Of course priced for $100 we cannot expect to have same features and flight characteristics of a genuine Mavic Pro.

In order to allow precise hovering in any environment (outdoor/indoor), the dual-satellite positioning system is paired with a optical flow sensor.

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According to the advertised specs, the 2s/1600mAh battery pack allows up to 18 minutes airborne time – which is not bad from such cheap drone.

Features & Specs

  • Cool Mavic alike foldable design;
  • Dual satellite positioning system (GPS/GLONASS);
  • Optical flow sensor (second 720P camera);
  • On-board 4K camera (2048 X 1080P photo and 4096 X 3072P video resolution);
  • Remote camera angle adjustment;
  • 5G WiFI real-time image transmission (300 meters FPV range);
  • Frontal navigation lights;
  • HFun Plus mobile APP;
  • 231 grams (bellow FAA’s 250-gram weight limit);
  • Up to 18 minutes of flight time;
  • About 500 meters control range.

ZLRC SG907 foldable design

Similar to the EG16 drone, the ZLRC SG907 also features pseudo 4K camera. While photo resolution is 4096 X 3072 pixels, video resolution is 2048 X 1080P is close to standard Full HD resolution. At least the camera features long-range 5G WiFi real-time video transmission and remote angle adjustment.

Price & Availability

Update February 9, 2020: Now you can have the the 4K version with 2 batteries and bag for $115.99 at GearBest (7% off)!

Box content

Besides the SG907 drone and its remote controller there are included the following accessories: shoulder bag, USB charging cable, 1 set of spare propellers, screwdriver and user manual. At checkout you have option for 1, 2 or 3 flight batteries.

last update on 21 October 2019


  1. Kan ik de fotocamera resolutie veranderen?
    Mijn foto’s lijken wel rond gemaakt (door een fisheye lens) maar m’n video’s zijn wel recht en beeldvullend…
    Ik heb de Sg907 4k

    Can I change the photo camera resolution?
    My photos seem rounded (through a fisheye lens) but my videos are straight and full-screen …
    I have the Sg907 4k

  2. Does anyone know how to actually do ‘Flight Mode Switching’?
    The documentation says that Human Tracking can only be done in Optical Flow Mode.
    #4 Flight mode switching says that you can’t get there after GPS positioning and have to do it from startup. However, when I start up and hold down the optical mode switch for 5 seconds, it beeps, I can start the rotors, no flight, and it shuts itself off. It then kicks into GPS mode 2 which won’t allow Human Tracking. And I have to shut everything off and try again.
    Surely someone knows how it really works…

  3. Tienes el manual en español? se me perdió el tenía. Le agradezco si me lo comparte
    Do you have the manual in Spanish? I missed the had. I appreciate if you share it with me

  4. I just bought the sg907 but my manual is in Chinese and no other language … i only speak English so i have no idea where to start

  5. If you have not enough memory in your cell phone then you cannot make
    movies and certainly not on the external SD memory card. Worthless
    software. And you need a new phone helio x30 phone samsung Exynos 7420
    and above and Snapdragon 630 and above.
    but they do not tell in the advertising video.
    And the software only works with internal memory.
    And when the battery is half empty, it will fly meters into the air. And then if you’re lucky then press automatic land button and joystick down. some functions then fail. While the battery indicates that it is still half full.

  6. Oi comprei um zlrc quadcopter SG 907 e nao consigo fazer ele emitir o sinal de wifi para transmitir imagem, ja liguei varias vez, calibrei e nads do sinal, tentei em 3 aparelhos, alguem poderia me ajudar com a configuração da camera
    Hi, I bought a zlrc quadcopter SG 907 and I can do it to send the wifi signal to transmit images, I have connected several times, calibrated and no signal, I tried on 3 devices, someone could help me with the camera configuration

    • Amigo, já resolveu? Comprei um tbm. Será que seu problema não é o fato da wi-fi ser 5Ghz não?
      Friend, have you solved it? I bought one too. Isn’t your problem whit wi-fi 5Ghz?

    • I had the same problem but is easy to unlock the drone to start flight; when you open the app and click in start fly you can see so many options in your phone so check for the icon with a security lock and click on that one and the drone Start moving

    • Para desbloquear, va a ceu aberto, coloque no chão, ligue primeiro o drone depoiso controle, para calibrar aperte e segure a tecla da camera (em cima a direita) qdo ouvir um bip solte, na horizontal de tres voltas com o drome no sentido horário ate o bip, depois vire o drone com a camera pra cima e de tres voltas em sentido horario, vai ouvir um bip, coloque ele no chão, a luzes piscam, aperte e segure a tecla de speed, ate ouvir novo bip, pronto configurado, deve aparece no visor do controle o sinal do satelite nr e em baixa da palavra Mode deve estar o nr 2, se tiver o nr 1, tome cuidado pq nao tera a opcao de retorno automatico e vc pode perder o drone. Para ligar nova os dois jostiques ao mesmo tempo em diagonal para baixa em direcao a palavras GPS no meio do controle, as helices devem comecar a ligar, para deligar, mova os dois para baixo, sentido aos cantos do controle, espero ter ajudo.

      To unlock, open the sky app, place it on the ground, turn on the drone first then the control, to calibrate press and hold the camera key (top right) when you hear a beep, horizontally three turns with the drone towards you. time until the beep, then turn the drone with the camera up and three turns clockwise, you will hear a beep, put it on the floor, the lights flash, press and hold the speed key, until you hear new beep, ready configured, should appear on the control display the satellite signal nr and below the word Mode must be nr 2, if you have nr 1, be careful because you will not have the automatic return option and you may lose the drone. To reconnect the two jostiques at the same time diagonally downwards towards GPS words in the middle of the control, the helices should start turning on, to turn off, move both downwards towards the corners of the control, I hope I helped.

    • both :), it has 4k photo and 2k (with indulgence) video. But, as video resolution matters truly, I would rather say that it is just a full hd camera with some extra pixels.


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