ZLL Beast 3+ aka SG906 MAX1: Same design, new features!

SG906 MAX1 Beast 3+

The Best 3 was ZLL’s first drone with an obstacle avoidance system. The new ‘Plus’ edition comes with an upgraded communication system. While the fourth-generation Beast drone had only 800 meters range, the SG906 MAX1 has 3000 meters.

In terms of design, there is no big change, the Beast 3+ looks almost exactly like the reviewed SG906 Pro 2. With folded arms, it measures 17.4×8.4x7cm and weighs 585.6grams.

ZLL Beast 3+ comes equipped with a 4K camera capable of recording 2048*1080 videos and taking 4096*3072 photos. The camera is installed on a 3-axis anti-shake gimbal.

Being powered by a 7.6V/3400mAh battery, it has up to 26minutes of flight time. The modular LIPO pack has four charging level indicator LEDs.

ZLL Beast 3 Plus features and specs

  • Cool space-saving folding design;
  • Repeater type long-range communication;
  • 1806 type 1700KV brushless motors (level-6 wind resistance);
  • Optical flow positioning mode;
  • Optional avoidance detection system;
  • Three-Axis Anti-shake Gimbal;
  • Self-stabilizing electronic anti-shake lens;
  • 4K HD Camera (2048*1080 video and 4096*3072 photo resolutions);
  • Intelligent flight modes (DOT hovering, Fixed point around, Smart Follow, Soaring, Far away, and Spiraling upwards);
  • Up to 3KM flight range;
  • About 26 minutes of battery life.

Product photos

Obstacle avoidance sensor
Obstacle avoidance sensor
4K 3-axis camera
Remote controller with repeater mode
Repeater mode for strong signal
Battery life
flight time


    • Bonjour.le SG 909 MAX porte 1200 mètres ? réel environ 300 mètres et avec détecteur obstacles 120 degrés maxi . SG 906 MAX 1 porte 3000 mètres ? réel 800 mètres et un détecteur d’obstacles a 360 degrés. Hauteur de vol 120 mètres , résiste mieux au vent . Ceci sont mes propre essaies. Bonne journée .
      Hello. the SG 909 MAX carries 1200 meters? real about 300 meters and with obstacle detector 120 degrees max. SG 906 MAX 1 door 3000 meters? real 800 meters and a 360 degree obstacle detector. Flight height 120 meters, better wind resistance. These are my own essays. Have a good day.


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