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Quadcopter with camera. List of best drones and quadcopters with camera. Quadcopters for aerial filming and aerial photography.

Photo of 4DRC F11 PRO drone

4DRC F11 PRO: GPS drone with 4K PTZ ESC camera

Initially, I thought that the 4DRC F11 PRO is just a rebranded SJRC F11 Pro, but after I checked the product photos, I saw...
Photo of XIL 012MAX drone

XIL 012MAX: 4K GPS drone under $200

The XIL 012MAX drone follows the epic folding design of the DJI Mavic series. With folded arms measures just 17x9x7.2cm allowing you to carry...
Zino MINI Pro versus FIMI X8 MINI

ZINO Mini Pro vs FIMI X8 MINI Pro: Comparison guide

Our Hubsan ZINO Mini Pro versus FIMI X8 MINI Pro in-depth comparison guide covers features, range, battery life, and camera performance. In case you...
Photo of Q8 Mini Drone

Q8 Mini Drone: DJI MINI 2 clone under 250g

Like many 2021 releases, the Q8 Mini Drone follows the DJI's MINI 2's design in almost every aspect. Ready to fly with extended arms...
Photo of XMRC M9 drone

XMR/C M9: 6K drone with Collision avoidance system

At a glance, excepting some minor design changes, there are not many differences between the XMR/C M9 and the XMR/C M10. Both come with...
Photo VISUO K3 drone

VISUO K3 Enterprise: 4K GPS brushless drone

The VISUO K3 comes with similar features as the popular ZLL Beast Pro 2 drone. It comes with powerful brushless motors, GPS positioning, and...
Photo of Kai 1 Pro

Kai One drone: Mavic Air 2 alternative under $200

Priced for only $199 the new Kai One drone seems to be an affordable Mavic Air 2 alternative. It has a similar backpack friendly...
Photo of 4DRC F10 drone

4DRC F10 drone: 2.4GHz alt-hold and 5GHz GPS versions

The 4DRC F10 toy-grade drone features a cool Mavic-like folding design and a 6K camera (720P interpolated). It was announced in two versions. The...
Photo of KF100 drone

KF100 GPS drone with 6K camera under $200

For less than $200, the KF100 comes with all the latest features of its market segment. It adopts a backpack-friendly folding design, GPS position...
Photo of ZLL SG907 MAX

ZLL SG907 MAX aka Xiang 3: 4K 3-axis Gimbal drone

The upgraded ZLL SG907 MAX aka Xiang 3 comes with advanced features like a dual-camera system, GPS positioning, and multiple intelligent flight modes. All...
Photo of UDIRC i38S

UDIRC i38S GPS enabled drone under 200

From the first second, I see a new drone, I know that it is something newly developed or just a rebranded existing model. The...