SJRC F5S PRO Plus: The New Way to Fly!


SJRC’s latest F5S PRO+ drone has some pretty exciting features, including GPS positioning, a 3-axis stabilized camera, and many creative video modes.

Adopting a collapsible design, it can be packaged with you for any adventure in nature. With folded arms 141x89x56mm and weights only 304 grams.

The F5S PRO Plus controller adopts repeater mode WiFI FPV (USB downlink), ensuring stable and long transmission distances. The drone is powered by a 2s/2000mAh battery that should provide about 20-30 minutes of flight time.

Thanks to the fail-safe return to home (RTH) function, the SJRC F5S PRO+ quadcopter will return autonomously to the take-off point in case of remote controller signal loss or low flight battery voltage.

Price and availability

The F5S PRO+ drone can be ordered from Banggood with a starting price of US$229.99 with one battery or $269.99 with three batteries. These prices include a pair of spare propellers, charging cables, and a hand case.

Key features of SJRC F5S PRO+ drone

  • Compact size with a collapsible design
  • GPS and Optical flow positioning
  • USB digital image transmission (WiFi repeater mode RC)
  • HD 4K wide-angle camera with 3-axis EIS gimbal and remote camera angle adjustment
  • Autonomous smart flight modes
    • GPS smart follow: follow the mobile phone to fly
    • Image following: Identify the subject and follow the subject for a 360-degree circling flight.
    • Gesture shooting recognition: within 1-3m from the aircraft, make a camera gesture/camera gesture facing the camera.
    • Route multi-point planning flight: The aircraft flies autonomously according to the pre-set route, and the player focuses on shooting.
    • Fixed-point circling: find the center point of circling and then move the desired circling radius through the joystick.
    • Creative Quickshot modes:
      • One key to fly far
      • One-key to sky
      • Spiral
      • Panoramic shooting
  • Failsafe return to home on low battery return, no signal return


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