Hubsan Zino Pro: New features & better range

Hubsan Zino Pro drone

The upgraded version of Hubsan Zino, called “Pro”, comes with few new features and extended flight range. While the first generation H117S had 1KM of range, thanks to the revolutionary LEAS 1.0 transmission system, the second generation Zino Pro has up to 4 KM control range, which is close to its competitor – the FiMi X8.

Both generation of Zinos feature 4K camera with max 30fps. I think they should upgrade to 60fps in order to be more competitive for 2019. The Pro’s camera has Ambarella A12S imaging processor and 1/3″ Sony image sensor. For best shooting results you can switch the camera’s lens protector with ND or other type of photo filters.

In order to allow super-precise auto-landing, the GPS positioning is combined with visual positioning, practically the drone sees the landing pad and automatically adjusts its position till landing on it.

Unfortunately, in terms of flight time there is no improvement. Just like its predecessor, the Zino Pro also has about 23 minutes of airborne time.

Hubsan Zino Pro highlights

  • Dual-satellite positioning (GPS+GLONASS);
  • Powerful brushless motors;
  • 4K camera (3840 X 2160 @ 30FPS) with Ambarella A12S CPU and 1/3″ Sony sensor;
  • 3-axis mechanical image stabilization;
  • HD WI-FI video transmission;
  • Panorama photography;
  • Detachable lens protector – can be equipped with filters;
  • Smart flight modes (like: Image tracking, Line fly mode, Orbiting and Vision landing);
  • Fail-safe return to home;
  • Up to 4KM control range;
  • About 23 minutes of flight time.

Hubsan Zino Pro transmitter range

Prices & package options

In addition to the “basic” package (remote controller, one battery, charger cables, gimbal protector, spare propellers and user manual), the “Fly More combo” pack includes another two batteries, a second set of spare propellers and a nice storage bag. While the “basic” edition is listed on Banggood for US$399.99, the deluxe pack has a price of $474.99. Just by comparison, the old version of Hubsan H117S is still US$314.99.


  1. I have my remote is messed up i have 4 o r5 remotes to my husband zino pro plus they will not work I wish someone had a remote to the pro an would trade for a pro plus contact me at hillbillykeeton60 @

  2. En donde puedo conseguir un cable cargador de corriente para el control me llegó sin este
    Where can I get a power charger cable for the control I got without this

  3. There will be range difference between FCC and CE market? Europe limits the power, so I expect, lots shorter range on the old continent…

  4. Man I wish i had the DJI Cash but i bought one of the original Zinos for cheap and its camera is amazing I think the Mavic Pro Would be the only thing better and that could take a awhile.


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