Hubsan Zino 2 drone: Price, release date and features

Hubsan Zino 2

Hubsan’s new drone, the Zino 2, follows the nice foldable design of its predecessor while brings some cool new features. Hubsan hasn’t officially announced Zino2, but it hasn’t done a great job of keeping it a secret, either. Today, FirstQuadcopter – Your favorite Drone News provider managed to reveal all the essential details about this very capable GPS 4K drone. Also, in order to make an in-depth Hubsan Zino 2 review, we already requested a testing unit.

Over the last two years, Hubsan has continuously upgraded its epic Zino series. Actually, even if it is named “Two”, it is the 3rd generation Zino. In the beginning, it was the H117S (aka Zino I), then Zino Pro, and now the Zino II.

In addition to the extended control range (8Km vs 1Km) and longer flight time (33min vs 23min), the Zino Two comes with an upgraded camera which is capable to record 4K videos with up to 60fps. Yes, this is the feature we probably expected the most!

The new Hubsan Zino 2 measures about 32.6 x 26 x 9.49 mm and weighs almost 1Kg (915 grams). By comparison, it is 215g heavier than its predecessor (H117S) and four times as the DJI Mavic Mini. For sure, Hubsan didn’t focus to be FAA friendly :)

Best price for Zino 2

Hubsan Zino 2 features & specs

  • Compact size with foldable arms;
  • Remote controller with built-in screen;
  • GPS positioning system;
  • Multiple flight modes (GPS, Optical Flow, or Alttittude);
  • 4K camera with up to 60fps recording (100Mbps bitrate);
  • Sony 1/2.3″ 12MP CMOS image sensor (80° FOV);
  • Ambarella H22 image processor;
  • 3-axis mechanical stabilization;
  • Up to 72 kph flight speed;
  • About 33 minutes of flight time (in windless conditions);
  • LEAS 2.0 transmission protocol;
  • Up to 8Km FPV range.

Price & Availability

As I previously mentioned, the global launch of the Zino Two will be on December 12. GearBest is between the first online retailers which listed it for pre-orders at $399.99 promotional price – valid for the first 1000 orders. Deliveries will start after January 3rd. Note: Regular price will be $499! Update: Price changed to $591 and order status “Arrival notice”. It looks that they out of stock Update: GB has it again ready for order, this time for $591.90 with one battery and without storage bag.

Starting with Valentine’s Day, Banggood also listed the Zino 2 for pre-orders. Using this coupon code “BGRCZINO2” you can have 10% discount – the regular price with one battery without a storage bag is $US 599.

Zino 2 battery

Remote controller

As you can see in the image below, the Zino 2 comes with an upgraded remote controller. In addition to the extended control range, it comes with an integrated LCD monitor. It is not clear yet if the status screen will provide live-view too or just flight data (flight time, flight distance, battery level, and GPS data).

Hubsan Zino 2 transmitter

The controller comes with a built-in retractable phone holder. Your phone needs to be connected to the RC via the included USB cable. BTW, as Apple is thinking to give up on the charging/data port on the upcoming iPhone 12, this wired connectivity approach will be a big issue.

X-Hubsan 2 APP

The APP for Zino 2 was just published. The X-Hubsan 2 is available for both popular mobile operating systems (Android and iOS). Find below the main features of the APP:

  • GPS positioning function, keep track of the aircraft position;
  • Map navigation function, view map, and flight route planning;
  • Real-time HD image transmission, real-time flight telemetry display;
  • Online preview interface upgrade;
  • New editor features;
  • Flight playback, record the course of your flight;
  • Zino 2 vs Zino Pro vs H117S: Evolution of Hubsan Zino series.
  Zino 2 Zino Pro H117s (Zino 1)
Size (mm) 326 x 260 x 95 304 x 252 x 90 304 x 252 x 90
Weight 915g 700g 700g
Camera 4K@60fps 4K@30fps 4K@30fps
Controller LCD Yes No Yes
Range 8Km 4Km 1Km
Max flight speed 72 kph 60 kph 60 kph
Battery life 33 minutes 23 minutes 23 minutes
Color White Black White
Price $399 $299 $235

Bottom line

If you are searching the market for a new drone with 500 bucks into your pocket, the Hubsan Zino 2 could be an excellent choice. It is probably the only GPS drone in this budget which features such versatile camera – most drones under $500 has only 30fps at 4K.

Official updates (02 January 2020) from Hubsan

“Glad to inform you that Hubsan will ship the Zino 2 to Gearbest before this sat for them to distribute to buyers. All our products undergo several stages of quality checks before we dispatch them. We can confirm that if you pre-ordered Zino 2 on Gearbest and your form of payment has now been charged, they are now moving in sequence through the orders placed on or after December 12th.

Thank you for your patience. We know it can be frustrating when a delivery date is uncertain. We trust we have taken sufficient measures to remedy this situation. Thank you for your understanding and patience. We will post further updates here and on our social channels.”

Zino 2 videos

  1. Range test

2. Low light performance

3. Active tracking features test

4. Hubsan Zino 2 max altitude test (500 meters)

5. Zino 2 firmware upgrade tutorial


  1. Can I used DJI propellers on the ZINO 2??? I read somewhere that this upgrade could improve battery life and reduce noise

  2. Have also a first crash.
    the zino2 stopped responding to my remote control. luckily he did not fly high and immediately flew into a tree. except for a few scratches, the damage is not too bad. hubsan contacted. is quite difficult to forward a flight log that arrives well. so now awaiting what to say to them

  3. My Zino 2 crashed after showing battery voltage is low (from 79%). It switched off suddenly and crash to the ground. Both front arm is broken, gimbal moves randomly
    there are spare parts to fix it?
    What I need to send to Hubsan to prove that it was not a pilot error.

  4. Welcome home Totally newbie here, what should I keep on mind before I take it out for a fly? Do I need to flash the latest Zino 2 firmware? Do I need to calibrate it every time?

  5. I got it in January, but only now it’s good to fly here in the Germany. In the following days I will upload some sample videos and personal impressions about the Zino 2.

    • Today was the last day of the Chinese New Year, so hopefully they start shipping now and coronavirus will not block all packages came from China

    • Hubsan has teamed up with GearBest for delivery logistics, they already shipped the batch and there is another coming soon!!! hope not be stopped by coronavirus….

  6. Hi,

    maybe it’s an idea to share here when you ordered the zino 2 and when you have received confirmation when it was sent.

    I ordered it 31-12-2019. has not yet received an email that it has been sent

  7. I’m very upset! I just received this message on my Zino 2 order “… sold much faster than we expected and is now on backorder due to its high demand, we will receive stock between 5-10 business days and will arrange shipment if you agree…”

  8. What are your recommendations for the best SD card for the ZINO 2?

    Do you think the ZINO 2 App will work with my Galaxy Note 3 (Android version 5.0)?

    • Due to that the Zino2 is capable for 4K@60FPS recording with up to 100Mbit, you will need not just a fast but also a large capacity micro SD card.
      You should look for U3 Class10 “4K” rated cards. Capacity at least 32GB, I do not suggest to use extra large capacity memory cards, because if you lost your drone you will lost lots of footage as well.
      My favorite cards are from SanDisk. From personal experience their “lifetime warranty” truly works!

      About the Zino 2 APP compatibility with your phone I’m not sure. As I know the APP is not even released!!!! But, I think you will need a newer phone…..Android 5 is quite old….

  9. I would like to read some reviews and see few test flights and sample footage before order it. Zino 1 had a lot of issues, the Zino 2 will free of them?

    • I totally agree with you. I will wait for the first zino2 crash reports, flyways. and only after hubsan fixed via firmware updates all the issues, I will order mine. so this will be probably in April or even later…..

  10. I just placed order for zino1 $239, I did not know a 2 was coming out, should I cancel and get zino2 for $399?, my fist drone, mostly just for video. what is most bang for the bucks?

    • If it´s the Zino PRO, maybe it´s worth the trade.
      But if it´s the Non-Pro Zino1, you should cancel and get the Zino2 for sure if it´s possible!!

  11. here are some raw specs about the Ambarella H22 – heart of the Zino 2

    – Quad core ARM ® Cortex™-A53 CPU up to 1GHz
    – 14nm low-power CMOS Process
    – High Resolution and Frame Rate Image Processing
    – 4Kp60 video encoding (HEVC / AVC)
    – High Dynamic Range multi-exposure capture up to 4Kp30
    – 3D Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) with 6-axis correction (translational, pitch, yaw, and roll) and shutter correction
    – Dual processing pipe for Drone Optical Flow, 360º cameras, and other multi-sensor applications
    – USB Host for 4G Module Connectivity
    – DMA UART for Bluetooth (BT) Module Connection
    – Dual Encode for On-The-Fly Mobile Resolution Streaming

    sweet isn’t it?

  12. I pre-ordered mine. I can’t wait for it to get here. I damn near bought a Zino Pro, Because I didn’t know when the next was going to release. When I found out that it was early January, I made my pre-order. The fact that it does 4K 60 is a plus, the fact that it has another 2 km of range is huge, but I think the biggest step forward is the 100Mbps bit rate and larger(1/2.3” as opposed to the 1/3 inch) sensor. If you watch videos from the Zino and Zino Pro, which look great. You will notice film grain, aliasing and shimmering in low light and contrast areas. Which is a byproduct of the small sensor. It can’t let enough light in to compensate, therefore you get these issues I mentioned prior.

    I was hoping they would put a 1 inch sensor in, but the half-inch sensor will be a huge step forward for the video quality. Not to mention the 60 frames per second and the hundred megabit bit rate.

    They made some great improvements to the new drone and I cannot wait to get it and start making some incredible videos.

      • Same as before… Why is this such a shock? I like that the real-time data is on its own screen, as you always have speed, height, signals, etc… all right in front of you. Guaranteed that its software allows for near real-time updates, which is a must for free flight and return.

        Not only that, but generally built in screens are nowhere near as good as your cellphones. Mine is 4K/ HDR and is blinding bright with incredible battery life. Which will allow for near instantaneous viewing of in-flight videos at full resolution, which allows me to adjust manual settings and filters to get the best results while I’m out in the field. So there is no trial and error and wasted days with subpar video results that you couldn’t see until you got home.

        The best new features are the 4K/60, 100Mb bitrate and most importantly… the bigger sensor. Which allows for better results in darker scenes and areas of the scene. Something that was very noticeable with the 1/3 inch sensor, where any area of the shot in darker shadow would result in visible film grain, shimmering and aliasing. The 1/2 inch sensor will definitely fix that. While 1” would be nice, we are talking about a drone that you can buy with 2 batteries right now via preorder for $450.

        For $450, you are getting a drone that mirrors some of the best at double and triple it’s price.

  13. only 1/2.3″ image sensor? Mavic 2 series has 1″ sensor. larger sensor means better low light performance and higher image quality….

  14. Hope that Hubsan is smart enough to make their Zino 2 APP with pro features like manual settings for both video and photos (ISO, white-balance, exposure and EV-lock).

    • Yes. I was to buy it. But with the new coming laws in Europe where max is 900…i don t buy it. They should have done a better job to inform and to bring it under 900


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