Hubsan Zino: Best 4K drone under $500 (2018)

Hubsan Zino drone

Hubsan is about to release a new quadcopter called Zino (H117S). Featuring 4K camera, 3-axis gimbal and up to 23 minutes flying time, the Hubsan Zino seems to be currently the BEST GPS enabled foldable drone under $500.

As owner of the H216A X4, a brushed drone that features many of Hubsan’s signature technologies, I’m very excited to find out what brings new this more powerful model.

Thanks to the fail-safe RTH feature, in case of signal loss (out of transmitter’s range) or low battery voltage, the H117S Zino drone will return autonomously to the take-off point. The Zino is capable to perform autonomous way-point flights.

Hubsan Zino Features & specs

  • Foldable design;
  • High performance brushless motors;
  • GPS positioning system;
  • 4K camera for aerial filming (3840X2160@30FPS);
  • HD Wi-Fi real-time image transmission w/ 1km range (FPV);
  • Fail-safe auto return to home (low battery & out of RC range);
  • Barometric altitude-hold;
  • Headless flight mode;
  • Intelligent flight modes (Follow Me, Waypoint, Image tracking & Panorama);
  • Up to 23 flying time;
  • Size: 304 x 252 x 90mm.

Hubsan Zino camera & gimbal

The Hubsan Zino is offered with the stylish +HT016B remote controller. In order to provide excellent control range, the transmitter features dual antenna system.

Price & Availability

I forgot to mention, that the Zino started as Indiegogo campaign. Till now, they managed to gather $32.000 and the developing status shows “Prototype”. Every co-founder, who donates at least $299 USD has the chance to receive a Hubsan H117S drone. Note: there is no guaranty that after the campaign is closed you will be a happy owner of a Zino quadcotper. Filling the founding form you are warned by this message: “Risk & Crowdfunding: The payment you are about to make is a contribution to the campaign and not a direct purchase. Indiegogo does not guarantee that the perks offered by the campaigner will be produced or delivered.”

Shortly after Hubsan officially announced the Zino on their websites, other online retailers started to advertise it. Currently on Banggood, the H117S Zino is available for preorder at US$399.

Bottom line

In case that finally all the rumors (including its friendly price tag) become true, I’m sure that the Hubsan Zino will be one of the best selling drone of this Christmas.

last update on 26 of March 2019


  1. Next month, this list will be significantly changed!
    While FiMI and Xiaomi will announce a new 4K model (with possible obstacle avoidance), Hubsan is planning to release a downgraded model called Zino-A with 1080P camera.

  2. I just received my Zino. I already had about 10 flight. I must admit, it has problems and I wouldn’t fly it further than 100-150 meters away. Hubsan promised that the many issues will be solved by the next firmware. If they won’t I made a huge mistake investing in the Zino quad.

  3. My Zino arrived (UK) this morning, two days after Hubsan notified me it was in transit. Nothing was missing and everything worked straight out of the box (Android version of the app running on Samsung Galaxy J5), although I have not had an opportunity to fly it yet due to high winds and heavy rain.

      • Hi Zeg, apologies for the delay in my reply. From all the videos now on Youtube the quality looks excellent and very stable, although the mechanical tilt and swivel of the gimble seems a little jumpy. Sadly I have not been able to fly mine yet as we have been battered by a relentless series of bad weather fronts. Word on the Hubsan forums suggests a firmware update that will address many of the current issues will be made available on December 10th.

  4. From my GoPro experience, 4K has to come with 60fps. At only 30 fps the UHD video looks even worse than 1080p@60fps. Unless Zino has a perfect mechanical+electronic stabilization…4K will be probably useless. BTW, 4K eats battery damn fast!!!

    • Ordered mine on 11/10. While you’re waiting, why not check out first maiden flight of the Zino on Youtube. Impressive gimbal performance in windy conditions.

      • I paid lots for the Zino H117S, I want to make my own videos not to watch other people’s videos….Especially as I don’t have trust in sponsored reviews.
        Hope that Hubsan will keep their promise and send it asap. If not I will claim for refund!

    • there is a risk to perk $299, if the project fails you will lose your money!
      I think we should wait to order from reputable sellers.

  5. There are new details revealed about the Zeno:
    – Video Resolution: 3840 X 2160 at 30FPS
    – Lens: Fov 89°Wide-angle
    – Transmission Distance: About 1KM
    – Flight Range: About 2.5KM
    – Max Speed: 60km/h

  6. Worthless to compare the Zino with even a Mavic Air or Spark…why no obstacle avoidance system, Hubsan??? I would pay a bit more if it supported obstacle avoidance. I have owned many Hubsan Quads and they do make great products but to compete with DJI without obstacle avoidance is insane!

  7. I’ve been flying my 501ss here in the UK for just under a year. Decent image quality in calm conditions, but very susceptible to breeze. Good range and features, very easy to fly and remarkably durable (survived a crash in to a flagpole and drop on to rocks 25ft below with no more damage than a broken props after being caught by a gust of wind off the sea. Remarkable). If the Zino lives up to expectations it should be a terrific drone for the price, but should not be compared directly with the Mavic. I believe Hubsan are trying to provide enthusiasts with an alternative that offers some of the benefits without breaking the bank. There’s definitely room in the market for both machines.

  8. just a friendly tip, if you have pre-ordered the Hubsan H117S do not forget your extra batteries. Later they are much expensive – bundle packages are always much affordable!

  9. Given the disastrous H501 & H502 models, and poor customer support, I wouldn’t take a chance on this until its been well established by actual INDEPENDENT reviews. The Lily drone promised a lot, and NEVER delivered .. this one is still on “pre-order”, so its not actually available. Wait, and don’t make a mistake!

    • For now, only from Hubsan’s website. Anyway, IMHO we should wait for the first reviews. On paper the Hubsan Zino looks too good to be true :)

  10. No avoidance systems. This is a bare bones folding flyer with Hubsan dependability and simplicity. My H501S is a simple fixed camera HD selfie drone. I’ve also flown the H501A using the X-Hubsan App.
    Zino has a 4K@30fps 3-axis gimbal with dedicated stabilizing oversampling built into the camera engine. The 5.8 gHz controller links with the X-Hubsan app for follow-me, waypoint, orbit etc. Can be pre-ordered direct from Hubsan for $369 (with a $50 off coupon while they last) and a crowdfunding limited “perk” for the sum of $299 (if you can find it)

  11. Just got one pre-ordered for $319 after the $50 coupon on Hubsan’s site was applied. Free shipping also. Hoping all is as advertised!!!

  12. I also think the Zino will be a nice little drone, but because of its 1 Km range, it will definitely not be a Mavic killer. Maybe a DJI Spark killer, but not a Mavic killer. It will be a nice upgrade from their H501ss, and the 4k camera and stabilized gimbal will be awesome.

  13. Yeah, finally a foldable drone with 4K camera. Do you know the exact price and availability of the Hubsan Zino? I would be interested to grab one for Christmas :)

    • I’m following this drone since the first announcement. I like its specs and design. I may order in the next few days, just hoping for more Zino video reviews. I know that is the cheapest 4K drone, but I don’t wat to spend blindly 400$ on it…

  14. with a proper obstacle avoidance system could be easily a Mavic Killer. I like the design & long flying time. Frankly, I never had a Hubsan before, but I would be definitely interested to test their new Zino !


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