Hubsan X4 H107 2015 edition


Invasion of upgraded Hubsan X4 H107 quadcopters – H107d+, H107c+ and H107P

After the popular H107L and the FPV H107D, the Hubsan manufacturer announced at the CES 2015 three new improved quadcopter models of the X4 H107 family.

The cheapest one is the H107P aka Hubsan X4 Plus  (upgraded H107L). It doesn’t have any fancy features like onboard camera or altitude hold but, with 10 minutes of flight time, can be your perfect first quadcopter.

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Looking on the picture below we can see that the new improved H107P has a more professional and wilder design.

Hubsan X4 H107P

Unfortunately more specs and details about this quadcopter are not revealed yet.

On the opposite side you can find the X4 H107D+ (aka Hubsan X4 FPV Plus) first person view quadcopter. The designers from Hubsan made a good decision when they changed the FPV model’s color from white to black. They also added altitude mode feature to the new improved version of the H107D.

The live video transmission of the X4 H107D+ operates over 5.8Ghz, meanwhile the control frequency is on the usual 2.4Ghz. This will guarantee no interferences between the two radio signals.

The only disadvantage of this new X4 FPV Plus can be the announced price which is bigger then the previous FPV model’s price.

Hubsan X4 H107D+

After it will be launched on the market I’m planning to order this quadcopter. Hopefully in few weeks I will test it and write my full review about the Hubsan FPV X4 H107D+.

As in real life, there is always a golden mean. The X4 H107C+ (aka Hubsan X4 Camera Plus) has on onboard camera for aerial stills and videos but it doesn’t have first person view mode. Like the H107D+, it also has altitude mode that will help beginner pilots to keep easily their flight altitude.

Because the Hubsan X4 H107C+ quadcopter has to carry the HD camera, it has only 7 minutes of flight time. The extra weight will cost you approximately 3 minutes of flight time, compared to the basic H107P quad.

Hubsan X4 H107C+

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