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Drones under $50

Affordable doesn’t necessarily mean cheap! You can find many interesting drones even under $50. Are drones under 50 dollars really worth buying? Let’s find it out.

Lately, even the cheapest quadcopter is equipped with camera and offers many cool features.

While most of the drones under $50 are suitable for kids, some quadcopters are recommended only for experienced pilots.

Find bellow a wide range of drones under $50

YH-13HW quadcopter: Beautiful during night flights

YH-13HW WIFI FPV drone
Seeing the first images of the YH-13HW quadcopter, I was nicely impressed by those colorful LED lights. Being a multi-rotor enthusiast, I consider that...

TYRC TY6 pliable selfie drone with HD camera

TYRC TY6 pliable selfie drone
After foldable drones, here are the pliable drones. TYRC TY6 comes with an innovative pliable design. While when folded it has the size of 20.3...

JJRC H56 TaiChi Mini: Cool kids drone

JJRC H56 TaiChi Mini drone
Let's see what makes a kids drone friendly. Firstly it must be very safe and secondly needs to be easy to control. At first sight...

Cheerson CX-Stars-D Eagle: Super cheap mini drone

Cheerson Stars-D Eagle super cheap drone
Even if the Cheerson CX-Stars-D Eagle quadcopter comes without a camera, it is still a super deal for only $18.99. Cheerson Hobby brings something...

TKKJ M77 Mini entry level drone for beginners

TKKJ M77 Mini cheap drone
Thanks to its full protective frame, the TKKJ M77 Mini drone is just perfect for first-time pilots. My only concern regarding this "jailed propeller"...

JX 1811: Cheap foldable 4K toy drone

JX 1811 drone
Like the Eachine E58, the JX 1811 also features nice Mavic alive foldable arms. In addition to the cool design, it comes with an...

Realacc 021 DIY mini quadcopter: Learn to build and fly

Realacc 021 DIY drone
Realacc 021 Lego alike, building bricks mini drone Lately I wrote about many building bricks drones but this Realacc 021 will be actually the first...

FQ777 FQ04 pocket drone with camera

FQ777 FQ04 quadcopter
Rumors about the FQ777 FQ04 aka Eachine E60 FQ777, a serious player on the pocket drone market recently announced their new model called FQ04. The remote...

Linxtech 1603 mini quad: Not too smart WHOOPEE clone

Linxtech 1603 drone
Frankly, I got bored by this fidget spinner madness. It seems a stupid toy compared to this Linxtech 1603. Everyone who tested a mini drone...

Eachine E56 with innovative gyro control

Eachine E56 drone
Eachine E56 brings new waves in the word of toy drones. Instead of the usual two stick transmitter, it adopts a "magic" remote controller...

Heliway 905D affordable DIY quadcopter KIT

Heliway 905d quadcopter KIT for newbies
Heliway 905D cheap and easy to assembly DIY drone As features and specs of this Heliway 905D are very similar to the popular Syma X5C-1, basically,...