SG106 quadcopter: Entry level drone with 20+ flight time

SG106 drone

The time I started my journey in the world of multi-rotors, the expected flight time from an entry level drone like the SG106 was about 5~7 minutes. Thanks to the improved electronic and, of course, of the higher capacity LIPOs, these days airborne time was tripled. Being powered by a 1600mAh LiPo battery, the SG106 drone is advertised with up to 22 minutes of flight time.

In addition to the frontal 1080P camera, the SG106 has a second camera under its belly which is used as optical flow positioning sensor.

Through the phone APP you can access smart flight modes, like gesture photo/video and  trajectory flight.

SG106 drone features & specs

  • Super long flight time (more than 20 minutes);
  • Removable blade protectors;
  • Multiple control modes (APP & RC);
  • Optical flow positioning;
  • Barometric air-pressure sensor;
  • Headless flight mode;
  • One key Start\Landing;
  • On-board Full HD camera w/ WiFi real-time image transmission (FPV);
  • Gesture photo and recording function;
  • About 100 meters control distance.

Price, availability & variants

The SG106 was announced in two color variants. You can opt between white and black colors. As winter is here, and everything should be covered by snow, for a better visibility I suggest you to go with the black version.

You can opt to purchase the SG106 drone in bundle with 1, 2 or 3 flight batteries. At Banggood, you can find it with one LIPO for only $49.99!

Included accessories with the SG106

Included accessories with the SG106 quadcopter:

  • Remote controller w/ phone holder;
  • 3.7V/1600mAh flight battery;
  • USB Charging Cable;
  • 2 pairs of pare propellers
  • 1 set of blade protectors;
  • 2 pieces of landing gears;
  • Screwdriver;
  • User Manual.


  1. Hello,
    I’m interested in any more info on the SG106 – I have read you page on it yet can not
    find out:

    a) who made the drone
    b) the manual for the drone

    I had one as I’ve brought from Wish .com – however I need another manual.

    I used to have another SG (SG900) yet lost the drone itself.

    Apart from advising getting better skills at keeping low cost drones or their can you help out
    at all – particularly on the SG 106,


  2. David G Williams

    I can’t get the camera’s to work on my phone I scanned the Android Google bar-code from the manual. I have the Google Pixel 2 phone. I do know the phone has the Android operating system. Any idea’s, or possibly any apps you can use for any drone?

    • Did you manage to sort this in the end? Brought one for my daughter for Christmas and we are having troubles linking it to her phone and finding the correct app. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  3. I am from Finland….just got that drone. there was english manual. Just and just understand instractions but it fly. Problem is where I get program for android…so I see in my smart phone pictures or videos what drona takes. Can somebody help? Robert

  4. Hi,
    I recently purchased the sg106 720p dual camera remote control quadcopter online . For some reason we lost the manual after opening the box and looking at it , but we never took it for a test flight that day a couple days later when we went to go fly it we had no user manual or instructions on how to operate or use this thing.
    Can you help by providing one or information on how to get a copy. ?


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