TKKJ TK111W Foldable drone with WiFi FPV

TKKJ TK111W foldable quadcopter

It looks that cloning popular drones becomes a general rule. Even clones are cloned :D. The TKKJ TK111W seems to be a cheap copy of the VISUO XS809HW. Both quad-copters adopt similar folding mechanism and features.

Yesterday, one of my friends asked me “how can drones keep stable their flight altitude“. Toy grade drones use barometric air-pressure sensor to determinate their relative altitude to the ground. The flight controller will autonomously adjust (increase or decrease) the speed of the motors, in order to maintain the flight altitude set by the operator.

While control distance is about 80 meters, unfortunately the WiFi FPV range is much less: about 20 meters only.

Although the TKKJ TK111W drone is powered by a high capacity 1000mAh battery, the play time seems to be very short. According to the specs it can stay in the air for only 7 minutes.

TKKJ TK111W quadcopter highlights

  • “Innovative” design with fold-able arms;
  • Altitude hold (height hold);
  • One key Take off / Land;
  • Headless flight mode;
  • High and Low speed rates;
  • Smartphone APP control (G-sensor or virtual sticks)
  • 0.3Mp camera with WiFi FPV;
  • Transmitter with vibration alerts on 3D flips;
  • About 7 minutes of play time;
  • Up to 80 meters control distance.

While the manufacturer includes with the TK111W drone a nice 2.4G transmitter with vibration alerts, the aircraft can be also controlled through your smartphone.

TKKJ TK111W Android app

TKKJ TK111W box content

  • The drone it self;
  • 2.4G remote controller with phone holder;
  • 1000 mAh flight battery;
  • 1 set of spare propellers;
  • Screwdriver and pack of screws;
  • User manual.


    • Did you tried to use universal drone APPs like WIFI UFO?
      BTW, If you have the box you can scan the QR code in order to download the TKKJ TK111W APP


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