Mavic Mini alternatives: The Best and The Cheapest!

Mavic Mini Alternatives

We’ve spent a lot of time with the Mavic Mini – DJI’s lightest drone. It is a very portable machine that is easy to operate and has great flight performance as well. Let’s take a look at what makes the DJI Mavic Mini so great, then let’s find some alternatives.

According to DJI, each removable battery will allow you up to 30 minutes of flight time. While in the US you can fly it over 4 kilometers away from you, in Europe the range is limited to about 2000 meters. Most places in the world limit you legally to 120 meters (400 feet) above the ground, but technically the MM can fly to a height of up to 500 meters (max service ceiling above sea level is 3000 meters).

To be honest, in terms of features, the Mavic Mini isn’t close to be the best drone under $500. In its price tag, there are lots of much more versatile quadcopters. What makes it unique is its compact size and low weight. IMHO, the biggest challenge of drone manufacturers to design a true Mavic Mini alternative is not to exceed the “magical” 250-gram limit.

Best DJI Mavic Mini alternatives for 2020: In-depth comparison

In the table below I will try to compare the most important specs of the 3 best Mavic Mini alternatives that you can buy right now. I highlighted with red were the FIMI X8SE excels, with green were the Zino shines and with blue the straightness of EX4 Aurora. I marked with orange were the Mavic Mini is the clear winner.

  Mavic Mini FIMI X8 SE Hubsan Zino Eachine EX4
Size 160 × 202 × 55 287 x 247 x 96 304 x 252 x 90 196 x 177 x 70
Weight 249g 790g 700g 437g
Foldable Design Yes Yes No No
Camera 2.7K@30fps 4K@30fps 4K@30fps 4K
Gimbal 3-axis 3-axis 3-axis 3-axis
Smart flight modes RTH, Orbit, Dronie, Helix & Rocket RTH, Follow Me, Orbit, POI, Line-fly, Panoramic & Image Tracking RTH, Follow Me, Orbit, POI, Line-fly, Panoramic & Image Tracking RTH, Follow me, POI & Way-point
Active tracking No Yes Yes No
Obstacle avoidance No No No No
Optical flow sensor Yes Yes No No
Flight time 30 min 33 min 23 min 25 min
Battery capacity 2s/2400 mAh 3s/4500 mAh 3s/3000mAh 3s/2400mAh
Range 4KM-FCC or 2K-CE 5KM 1KM 1KM
FAA No Yes Yes Yes
Price $399 $499 $235 $209

1. FiMI X8 SE: The absolute winner

Type: Cruising | Skills: Intermediate | Camera: 4K with 3-axis gimbal | FPV: 5G | Flight time: 33 minutes | Features: Dual-GPS, Vision Positioning and Smart track | Range: 5Km | Package: RTF

If I had to choose just one drone to promote as an alternative to the Mavic MINI, it would be the FIMI X8S8. As you could read in our “Mavic Mini vs FiMI X8 SE” article, these two drones are very similar in terms of functionalities. Both have excellent flight time and control range.

Fimi X8SE vs Mavic Mini

I personally tested these two and I can confirm that both are great drones in their own unique way. I liked the Mavic Mini’s portability and the better flight performance of the FiMI X8SE.

Due to the 4K camera, the FIMI X8 has noticeable better image quality. Its “Smart tracking” feature is very handy when you are on a bike or just have some outdoor fun with your friends.

2. Hubsan Zino: Cheapest alternative if you need 4K video

Type: Cruising drone | Skills: Intermediate | Camera: 4K with 3-axis gimbal | FPV: LEAS | Flight time: up to 23 minutes | Range: 1KM | Features: GPS+GLONASS satellite positioning and Intelligent flight modes | Package: RTF

For sure, the most important purchasing decision factor after price, flight performance is image quality. While the Hubsan Zino comes with a 4K@30fps camera, the Mavic Mini has a 2.7K@30fps one. Both feature 3-axis mechanical stabilization.

Hubsan Zino vs DJI Mavic Mini

Were the Zino H117S fails against the Mavic Mini, is its weight. Hubsan’s drone weighs almost 3 times as the DJI one (700g vs 249g).

As Hubsan recently launched their Zino 2, the price of its older brother dramatically dropped from $499 to $299.

3. Eachine EX4: Similar features for less money

Type: Cruising | Skills: Beginner\Intermediate | Camera: 4K | FPV: 5G WiFi | Flight time: up to 25 minutes | Range: ~1.2Km | Features: GPS, Altitude hold, RTH, Smart Auto follow and Waypoint flight | Package: RTF

Featuring 4K camera, 3-axis mechanical stabilization, and compact foldable design, the Eachine EX4 Aurora is considered one of the best Mavic Mini alternatives under $200.

Eachine EX4 vs DJI Mavic Mini

While the Eachine EX4 is powered by a 3S/2400mAh battery and has a 25 minutes flight time, the Mavic Mini has a smaller battery (2S/2600mAh), but a longer flight time (30 minutes).

As the EX4 weighs almost double as the Mavic Mini, requires to be registered at FAA before you can fly it legally.

4. YUNEEC Mantis G 4K

Type: Selfie | Skills: Beginner\Intermediate | Camera: 4K | FPV: 720P | Flight time: up to 33 minutes | Range: 2 km-EU/CE or 4 km-US/FCC | Features: GPS, Voice control, Visual tracking and Smart Shoots | Package: RTF

With 4K camera and up to 33 minutes, the YUNEEC Mantis G 4K is currently one of the best Mavic Mini alternatives. Unfortunately, weighing more than 500 grams it requires FAA registration before you can legally fly it in the US.

Yuneec Mantis G vs Mavic Mini

Its mechanically stabilized camera is capable to record 3840 x 2160 with 30 frames per second. It can take 13MP still images in jpeg or JPEG+DNG formats.

Mantis G’s versatile PX4 flight controller ensures you’ll have no shortage of fun while flying and a nearly legendary degree of stability. Also, the YUNEEC Mantis G 4K is capable of intelligent flight modes like visual tracking and voice control.

Other Mavic Mini alternatives you could consider

In addition to the above-mentioned Mavic Mini substitutes there are other few drones that you could consider. Even DJI has an older model for less money but with quite a nice performance.

5. ToySky CSJ S162: Mavic Mini alternative for less than $100

Type: Entry-level | Skills: Beginner | Motors: Brushed | Camera: 1080P\4K | FPV: WiFi | Flight time: up to 25 minutes | Range: 600 meters | Features: GPS, RTH, Follow and Waypoint flight | Package: RTF

If you like the Mavic Mini’s design but you have a tight budget, the ToySky CSJ S162 could be your best option. For less than $100, it features GPS positioning system and 4K camera. Furthermore, it weighs less than 250 grams, which means that no FAA registration is required (at least for now).

ToySky CSJ S162 vs DJI Mavic Mini side by side

It is also an affordable alternative in case your 7-year-old kid asks for his first drone. Anyway, you should not be fulled by the appearances. Featuring brushed motors, the ToySky S162 is just a toy compared to DJI’s Mavic MINI.

6. DJI Spark: Older drone, but still a solid MM alternative?

Type: Selfie | Skills: Beginner | Motors: Brushless | Camera: 1080P | FPV: WiFi | Flight time: up to 16 minutes | Range: 2Km | Features: GPS, RTH, APP control Active track & QuickShot | Package: RTF & BNF

Maybe the Spark has only half of Mavic Mini’s fight time and range, but at least it features Active tracking and mobile device direct control (no remote is required).

DJI Spark vs Mavic Mini

The DJI Spark isn’t close, in terms of camera quality, like its bigger and more expensive cousins. Its outdated camera has only 2-axis stabilization and is capable to record full HD (1080P) with just 30 frames per second.

DJI Spark vs DJI Mavic Mini

DJI Spark weights 300 grams at takeoff, which is over FAA’s weight limit. Even so, Spark is still a very light and easy to carry the drone. Furthermore, in its weight and price category, Spark has probably the most complex avoiding and sensing system.

7. MJX Bugs B7: Best Mavic Mini alternative under 250 grams

Type: Entry level | Skills: Beginner | Motors: Brushless | Camera: 4K | FPV: WiFi | Flight time: About 15 minutes | Range: 300 meters| Features: GPS, Optical Flow positioning and PTZ camera | Package: RTF

Weighting only 245 grams, the MJX Bugs B7 is one of the best Mavic Mini alternative. In addition to the foldable design, it features an onboard 4K camera with remote angle adjustment and WiFi FPV.

MJX Bugs 7 vs Mavic Mini

MJX Bugs 7 best Mavic Mini alternative under 250g

Of course, priced for only $179 we can’t expect from the MJX B7 to have the same outstanding flight performance of the much more expensive Mavic Mini. Its 7.6V/1500mAh battery allows about 15 minutes of airborne time.

Bottom line

I hope I succeeded to give you a bit of an overview of each Mavic Mini alternatives. I tried to underline not just the pros but also the cons of each drone. Before making the final decision you should consider not just the price, battery life, range, and camera performance, but also after-sell services like customer support and warranty handling.

As we are only at the beginning of 2020, I expect new drone lunches in the following months. I promise to update this article as soon as new Mavic Mini alternatives are revealed.

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  1. I tried many cheap alternatives till finally, I bought my first decent drone, the Mavic Mini.
    I spent a good portion of the week flying it without a crash. The easiest drone I have ever flown, 2.7k videos are great. I love it.

  2. I have a DJI Mavic Mini, and I want something for my 9years old to start flying for under $100. Any recommendations for a cheap good alternative?

  3. Looking for drone recommendations. Getting my first drone. Want something compact with good GPS, photography capabilities, easy to fly, and price range under $400. Thanks!

    • Currently Mavic Mini is the best option for 400$. In case you can wait, in a few days, the new DJI MINI 2 with 4K recording and OcuSync transmission will be on the market!

  4. No plans to replace my Mavic Mini. Easy portability, easy flying, good camera, and DJI Care Refresh! These are the reasons that Mini beats all its cheap alternatives!

  5. Hi, I’m following you on YouTube and Facebook. I would like to buy my first drone in a couple of weeks. Mavic Mini is too expensive for me. Which Mavic Mini alternative you would suggest. My budget is around $150.

  6. I have had $100 drones in the past that were horrible and broke. I want to get a new quadcopter that has a good camera. I am looking to spend around $500. Also I am kinda a beginner into the more expensive ones. I should opt for Mavic Mini or there is a better alternative for same money? Can anyone give me recommendations? Thank you!

  7. lately, many said that the new eachine ex5 is the best mavic mini alternative, so i ordered one
    i’m quite disappointed, video quality is poor and no on-board recording. waste of money…..

  8. Jus crashed my MINI, one arm brooked :(. It was partially my fault, but also its poor wind resistance… Now, I’m thinking to look for an stronger alternative. What do you think about the Air 1? Its price significantly dropped after 2 is on the market.

    • Sorry to hear it. I also crashed my Mavic MINI but fix it by replacing the props.
      In case that FAA is not a problem for you (you can register or it not need it in your county) the Air is a good alternative, but even better would be the new Air 2 with superior flight time and range.

  9. the new Air 2 could be also a good Mavic Mini alternative if will be priced decently. honestly the mini is just a toy compared to other DJI drones

    • Yeh, the Mavic Air 2 will have double the price of the Mavic Mini. IMHO, the best alternative for long time will be the MJX Bugs B7!!!

  10. IMHO, the Eachine EX4 is a great MINI alternative if you have only 200$ on your pocket. But YOU should NOT expect to much from this drone. Camera quality is poor compared to any DJI drones…

    • Yes, you have perfectly right! Under 250 grams, currently there is no other drone such versatile like the Mavic Mini. But, I think in the close feature FAA will change the regulation and probably all camera drones will need to be registered. Anyway, for many pilots weight is not an issue. And they look for an alternative in the price range of the MINI but with more features…

    • there are a lot of countries were weight is not an issue! And I think with 4K recording, the FiMI X8 SE and Zino 2 are lots better drones for the same price. The Mavic Mini is just a toy compared to them…

      Fly safe, Fly for fun!

  11. Please, could you make an in-depth review of the YUNEEC Mantis G 4K against the Mavic Mini. I would like to buy one of these camera drones but I need more info before placing my order…..

  12. Thanks! After so many crash reports, I decided to look for an alternative instead of the genuine Mavic Mini.
    Here is my list with pros and cons:
    1. FiMi X8 SE
    Pros: Excellent range, flight time and image quality. No gen fence.
    Cons: Heavy needs FAA registration. More expensive than Mavic Mini.

    2. ZLRC SG906 Pro
    Pros: Nice price tag and good flight time
    Cons: Heavy, needs FAA registration. Questionable image quality

    3. Hubsan Zino 1
    Pros: Excellent price tag. 4K@30fps recording + 3-axis stabilization
    Cons: Heavy, requires FAA registration. Many crash reports

    4. Mavic Air
    Pros: UHD 4K camera. HDR and Panorama still. Obstacle avoidance
    Cons: Expensive. Requires FAA registration. Real-world flight limited to ~18 minutes.

    5. Dragonfly KK13
    Pros: Nice price tag. Foldable design. 4K camera
    Cons: Requires FAA registration. Unknown brand


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