Eachine Novice-IV: Sub 250g LR AIO FPV kit

Photo of Eachine Novice-IV drone

Eachine’s 4th generation Novice drone comes included with all the accessories you need for a long-range flight. It comes with failsafe features like GPS positioning and DT-B90 90dBi Finder Buzzer. Of course, the AIO FPV package has a corresponding price too.

The Eachine Novice-IV features a 170mm size ultra-light carbon fiber frame that weighs 125g without a battery. When it is powered with the included 4S 1100mAh 50C battery, take-off weight is under 250 grams. Using a 4s 18650 3000mah LI-ION battery pack you can achieve up to 31 minutes of flight time.

The brain and muscle of the Novice 4 drone is a CrazyF425 AIO flight controller with integrated 4in1 25A ESC. Its KV2750 motors are equipped with 4″ 4024-2 Toothpick propellers.

For the FPV system, Eachine opted for a Caddx Baby Ratel2 FPV camera, Whoop HP VTX (25~400mw), and EV800DM goggles with integrated DVR.

Price and Availability

Starting with May 1, the Novice4 PFV kit can be ordered from Banggood with starting price of $399.99. In case you need extended playtime you can opt for the ‘Fly more combo’ pack with 4 batteries for extra 30 bucks.

Eachine Novice-IV features and specs

  • AIO RTF FPV kitt (drone, transmitter, battery, charger, and FPV goggles);
  • Sub-250 grams take-off weight (only 125g without battery);
  • 4″ propeller compatible 170mm size airframe;
  • Designed for long-range FPV flight (Built-in M8N GPS positioning and DT-B90 90dBi Finder Buzzer);
  • CrazyF425 AIO flight controller w/ integrated 4in1 25A ESC;
  • 5.8G Whoop VTX HP (25~400mw broadcast power);
  • Efficiency 1404 KV2750 brushless motor;
  • Caddx Baby Ratel2 FPV camera;
  • Radiomaster R81 2.4G receiver and Radiomaster TX12 Transmitter;
  • 3S – 4S LIPO compatible;
  • Around 31minutes flight time with 4s 18650 3000mah battery pack.

Eachine Novice-IV box content

Eachine Novice-IV RTF AIO kit content

The Novice-IV is sold in an RTF package with all the accessories you need for a pleasant FPV flight. Eachine includes with their drone the following accessories: Radiomaster TX12 remote controller, Eachine EV800DM Goggles, 2-4S balance battery charger, and a set of spare propellers. You can choose between 2 or 4 included batteries (4S 1100mah 50C) – the price difference being $30 ($399.99 vs. $429.99). For easy storage and transportation, all the following stuff comes packed in a nice handbag.

Novice-IV FPV drone unboxing and maiden flight review video


  1. Hey I really need some help here…
    I really really want to buy this drone so badly but I can’t find it anywhere for sale…
    Can someone please help me out and tell me where I can possibly buy this drone?

  2. I have followed instructions but the drone will not arm. Have got power to everything but motors will not start turning. Red light on the receiver is solid red most ff the time but I notice slight flashing, only briefly, sometimes. The first time powered on forgot to attach the antennae on the radio. Could I have done damage? If so, how do I fix it?

  3. Buonasera. Ho erroneamente resettato i dati di fabbrica della Radio Tx12 ora ovviamente non funziona più. Ho riprovato a fare il bind ma non riesco a farlo funzionare. Grazie
    Good evening. I mistakenly reset the factory data of the Radio Tx12 now obviously it doesn’t work anymore. I tried to bind again but I can’t get it to work. Thank you

  4. Just got mine today and I’m stoked to fly it however it’s raining …..does anyone know what the black cap in the plastic bag with the tools is for? Lol thanks

  5. Hallo! Ist diese Drohne crash resistant? Ich befürchte, dass die Antenne die Schwachstelle ist. Ich wäre dankbar für Ihre Antwort!
    Hello! Is this drone crash resistant? I fear the antenna is the weak point. I would be grateful for your answer!

  6. Can I put 1300mAh 14.8V 75C or 95C with this drone? Is it safe? Sorry, I’m a newbie in FPV world. I see they have 1100mAh 11.1V 50C included and with better battery = better performances.

    • Hi Michael and welcome to FirstQuadcopter!
      A higher C rating provides extra instant power when needed (flips, power loops, full throttle, etc). For regular flights, the 50C is just fine. A higher C rating can make damage to your drone if this is what you are asking for.

      Please keep us updated on how the Novice-4 performs. You are also welcomed to submit your review in case you are interested.

      • Hi Robert, thanks for your reply.
        What kind of damage? I wanted to try with an 850mAh 70C battery, some guy on YouTube tested it and it performed significantly better. Yes, I should also care about the total weight at the end, because I know that using a higher C plus mAh gives more weight to the drone.

        • C ratings are a measure of the battery’s ability to provide the current your flight controller/ESC are asking for. A higher C rating will not destroy your quad. However, using a battery with a lower than required C rating will absolutely damage the battery – usually making the plastic case/wrap puff up and causing the battery to get very hot. Higher C ratings do not usually add much to the total weight of the battery. Higher capacity (mah) absolutely does. Your 850mah 70c battery will be just fine – it will just give about 2/3 the total flight time of the 1100mah battery, and better performance when you are full throttle.

  7. Nice starter kit!
    Full box content:

    1 x 170mm Novice-IV Frame
    1 x CrazyF425 Flight Controller built-in 25A 4in1 Blheli_s ESC
    1 x Eachine Mini M8N GPS
    1 x DT-B90 Buzzer&LED Finder
    4 x NC1404 KV2750 Brushless Motor
    2 x Gemfan 4024-2 Toothpick Propeller Set
    1 x Caddx Baby Ratel2
    1 x Eachine 400mw VTX: 5.8g 25mw~400mw Switchable
    4 x Eachine 4S 1100mah Battery 50C
    1 x 2-4S Balance Charger with Adapter
    1 x Eachine EV800DM Goggles
    1 x Radiomaster R81 2.4G Receiver
    1 x Radiomaster TX12 Transmitter


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