BETAFPV Flight Controller Series: For 1S-6S FPV drones

BETAFPV Flight Controller Series

Besides the frame and motors, the flight controller (FC) is an essential part of an FPV drone. Flight controllers are the brain of drones, they control the speed of each motor based on the input of various sensors and the pilot’s stick movements. BetaFPV has many FCs, including Brushed, Brushless, Standard, AIO, 1S-6S, with/without a built-in receiver, and more. BETAFPV Flight Controller Series is suitable for CineWhoop, Toothpick, Racing, Freestyle, and Long-Range FPV quadcopters.

1s flight controller

1. BetaFPV F4 1S 5A AIO Brushless Flight Controller 

This flight controller is back in stock with new features. It builds in Serial ExpressLRS 2.4G RX with default ELRS V2.4 RX firmware. Supports upgrading the RX to ELRS V3.0 with no need to update Betaflight FC firmware. The RX can be updated via WIFI or Passthrough. It is compatible with both, analog VTX and HD digital VTXs. This 1S FC is recommended for BETAFPV Meteor65, Meteor65 Pro, Meteor75, and other 65/75mm quadcopter frames.

1S Brushed flight controller

2. BetaFPV F4 1S Brushed Flight Controller

This FC is suitable for F1 brushed FPV drones, weighing only 3.66g. The flight controller features BT2.0 battery cable, Plug-N-Play motor connectors, and an integrated CC2500 radio receiver chip. You can adjust the RX protocol from Frsky D8, D16 (FCC/LBT), and Futaba S-FHSS. The BetaFPV F4 brushed FC is recommended for 65mm frames and Inductrix quad frame and mounting pattern.

2S Brushless flight controller

3. BetaFPV F4 2S 12A AIO Brushless Flight Controller

This BetaFPV F4 flight controller adopts BMI270 gyro chip with Betaflight 4.3.1 firmware. Now Betaflight has optimized the driver for BMI270 gyro. It also has a good performance. Support 1S-2S input voltage, and only 4.74g lightweight without power cable. Besides, large pads are reserved for solder motor cables, this design will make solder easier. It is suitable for 3″ frames, 85mm, Meteor85, and Cetus X drones.

4S F405 Brushless flight controller

4. BetaFPV 4S Brushless Flight Controllers

Beta FPV has two flight controllers dedicated to 4S drones:

  • F405 4S 20A Toothpick Brushless Flight Controller: The F405 V5 applies a new ICM42688 gyro and ESC chip that comes with BLUEJAY ESC firmware so it supports bidirectional D-shot. This flight controller can connect SBUS/CRSF/DSMX external RX and HD digital VTX without solder work with Plug-N-Play ports. This FPC is recommended for Pavo25 Frame, X-knight 35, or other frames with a whoop mounting pattern.
  • F411 4S 20A Toothpick Brushless Flight Controller: BETAFPV F411 V5 has many similar features to the BETAFPV F405 V5. The only differences are the CPU and Gyro chip. The FC and ESC firmwares are also different. This flight controller is a good choice for customers who want to use BLHeli_S ESC firmware. Also, it is $5 lower than F405 flight controller. It is suitable for 2.5-3.5″ frames (CineWhoop and Toothpick).

6s flight controller

5. BetaFPV 6S Brushless Flight Controller

The Toothpick F722 2-6S AIO Brushless Flight Controller comes with ICM42688 gyro chip, which has a gyro update frequency of 8.00 kHz. When using 6S batteries, the ICM42688 gyro has a good performance. It has a Plug-N-Play port for HD digital VTX and is a good choice for pilots who want to use it with HD digital VTX. Besides, it is capable of handling 35A continuous current and 40A peak current, bringing the drone a stronger flight performance. It is suitable for Pavo30, Pavo30 Pro, Pavo360, and other 3-5” drone frames.




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