Zino Mini Pro spare parts and accessories

Hubsan Zino Mini Pro Spare Parts Accessories

Shortly after I published my Zino Mini Pro review, I crash it. Now, the drone is on my workbench with one broken arm, damaged gimbal support, and cracked bottom shell. The battery in the drone was also damaged, despite that, it fell from about only 4 meters on soft ground. In my opinion, it was a hardware failure but I still weigh Hubsan’s verdict. I will write a detailed article about how it crashed and how they solved my problem.

Crashed Hubsan Zino Mini Pro

I decided that if worth waiting a few weeks for Hubsan’s resolution. If they don’t admit that was about hardware malfunction and don’t offer a free replacement unit I will need to repair the Zino Mini Pro by myself. When I power it on the drone starts normally, so the main electronics seem to be functional. The gimbal also works properly, but its support is broken. Just from the visual inspection, without taking it apart, I already did a list o spare parts I need.

Where to find Hubsan Zino Mini Pro spare parts?

RCGoing has many genuine spare parts and accessories for the Zino Mini Pro. In case you need a longer flight time you can also order from them additional batteries including the 4-channel charger hub.

  • Original Hubsan ZINO Mini PRO gimbal camera unit – $220.99
  • Gimbal cover/protector – $3.99
  • Spare battery (7.2V – 2400mAh lithium ) – 1pcs – $75.99, 2pcs – $139.99, or 3pcs – $197.99
  • One battery adaptor (charger) – $22.77;
  • Phone date cables (Micro USB, Type-C, or Lightning) – $4.99;
  • Intelligent battery management (4 way charger) – $48.99
  • Two sets of spare propellers ($7.40);
  • Carry bag – $29.99.


  1. Unfortunately, the gimbal costs half the zino mini drone. It is better to buy a new drone instead of repair a crashed one

  2. I broke rear B arm. I want to ring replacement. or another broken drone with rear B arm in good conditions. Reply to this post if you have one. Thanks for any information.

  3. On my Zino Mini the plastic around the arms it’s getting cracked I try to reach out to Hubsan for spare parts there’s no response… any idea where to get a new frame?

  4. Buy your drones from a reputable USA company if you want service and a warranty. Parts for the Hubsan drones are very hard to find and sending emails to service and support is almost useless as I have sent multiple emails to find a simple bottom plastic plate and got nothing and no help from Hubsan. I do not fly DJI products any more but it seems that DJI is the leader in sales and mainly support for their drones. I moved from DJI to Autel and Hubsan but regret buying from Hubsan with no support after the sale.

  5. Never buy from RCgoing, rip off company that ships slow and avoids warranty on their sales. It will cost you more to ship back to them than the product cost! Fair warning, I have already lost a drone to these rip offs!

    • I always had a good experience with RCGoing, they are always very friendly. And yes, is quite expensive to send back products for warrenty to China, but this is not their fault.

  6. Parts are almost impossible to find for these right now. I don’t mean to wish I’ll on anyone, but maybe after Christmas, there will be parts available when people start crashing their presents lol. Mean, I know.
    I managed to find a right front arm/motor assembly, but I need the top cover/body, and I doubt that I’ll find it any time soon.
    Peter Gonzy: I believe I might have seen both of those on eBay, if you’re still looking.


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