Eachine EX5 spare parts and accessories

Repair parts for Eachine EX5 drone

Like all drones, the Eachine EX5 has limited battery life. With a top-flight time of 25 minutes, you will definitely need extra batteries to allow you to fly and shoot with your EX5 drone without being grounded for a couple of hours while you recharge your single LIPO pack. You never know when you’ll need extra flight time for another cool drone flight! We recommend 3 spare batteries for this drone.

Accidents happen even in the case of experienced pilots. The first casualty in a drone crash is going to be the propellers. Even landing in high grass is enough to crack or damage a propeller. Therefore it’s super important to carry a few pairs of spare props with you. If you hit a tree or something else, most likely will break an arm. No worry, there are spare ones available as well.

Where to find Eachine EX5 parts?

Eachine is a home brand of Banggood, hence they offer genuine repair parts for a fair price in case you crash or broke your EX5 drone. 

EX5 repair parts prices

  • EX5 camera module – 200m/$41.99 or 1000m/$49.99 – order from BG;
  • Spare battery (7.4V/2200mAh) – $30.99;
  • Case/Housing (top/bottom shell) – $10.99;
  • Complete arm with motor and LED (front left/right and rear left/right) – $12.99;
  • EX5 GPS module with cables – $24.99;
  • Compass Geomagnetism Module – $11.99;
  • Spare propellers (A and B) – $6.99.

In case you lost or broke your Eachine EX5 remote controller, no problem, you can find a spare one here for just $18.99 + shipping fee.


  1. I have an eachine EX5 drone. Do you have any controllers that work with this drone? The controller for my eachine ex5 is not in stock.


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