Visuo is a relatively new drone brand. They first drone was revealed on 2017. Due the nice Mavic alike foldable design, the XS809HW was a best seller. Visuo has wide range of toy drones under $100.

TIANQU Visuo drones and quadcopters

VISUO K3 Enterprise: 4K GPS brushless drone

Photo VISUO K3 drone
The VISUO K3 comes with similar features as the popular ZLL Beast Pro 2 drone. It comes with powerful brushless motors, GPS positioning, and 3-axis stabilized 6K camera. With folded arms, the VISUO K3  measures 20*25*8cm and weighs about 500 grams. Being powered by a 3cell 2500mAh battery, it has about 25 minutes of flight time. The GPS positioning system is...

VISUO K1 PRO with 4K camera 2-axis gimbal

Photo of VISUO K1 PRO
The new, upgraded VISUO K1 PRO drone comes with a 4K camera and 2-axis gimbal video stabilization. In addition to the frontal main camera, there is a second camera under the belly of the fuselage which serves as an optical flow positioning sensor. You can even toggle between the view of these two cameras. The K-1 PRO features 5Ghz...

Coming soon: VISUO ZEN K1 GPS 4K drone

Although only few days ago VISUO ZEN K1 drone was revealed, there are a lot of questions around it: optical or digital 50x zoom?, it has real 4K camera?, how does it works the optical flow sensor?. At first look, the ZEN K1 feels to be another best seller from TIANQU Visuo. In addition to the cool foldable design, dual-camera...

TIANQU VISUO XS816: Optical flow sensor & 20 minutes flight time

VISUO XS816 drone
Towards the end of 2018, Santa Claus comes with a new TIANQU drone, called VISUO XS816. Following the great success of its predecessors, the XS 816 also has cool Mavic alike design with foldable arms. While the VISUO XS812 is equipped with GPS positioning system, the TIANQU XS816 has optical flow positioning. Both version are powered by a similar type of battery. According to the...

Visuo drone deals for November 2018

Visuo drone deals (November 2018)
Although only one year has passed since the first VISUO drone appeared on the market, they quickly became very popular due to their low price and interesting design. At this moment you can find 6 different Visuo drones: XS809 Mini, XS809W, XS809HW Siluroid, XS809S Battles Sharks, XS812 and XS811. While the first 5 models share similar black design, the last one...

VISUO XS812 review: A good GPS camera drone under $100

VISUO XS812 GPS drone quadcopter review
From the day of its announcement was obvious that the VISUO XS812 aims to be the perfect drone for people who are looking for a low-cost introduction in flying and shooting aerial videos. Just like its predecessor, the VISUO XS812 also follows the Mavic's cool foldable design. This second generation Visuo drone brings GPS positioning system and longer flight time. Practically,...

VISUO XS809S Battles Sharks: More flying fun

VISUO XS809S Battles Sharks drone
Following the great success of the XS809HW drone, Siluroid announced an upgraded version called XS809S Battles Sharks. This new version comes with about twice more flight time compared to its predecessor. The VISUO XS809S drone was announced with two type of cameras, a basic 0.3MP camera and a more versatile HD camera. The price difference between the two variants is about...

VISUO XS809HW quadcopter review: Poor man’s Mavic

VISUO XS809HW drone review
The VISUO XS809HW quadcopter, as you can see right at first glance, is a copy of the Mavic Pro from the market leader DJI. It features similar design with foldable arms. To be honest, not everyone wants to pay 100 or even 1000 of dollars for drones with fancy features that they can't explore. Don't mention that newbies usually destroy couple of...