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Scarlet Minivet was Wingsland’s first drone. It had one of the most beautiful design.


After a long absence, Wingsland returns with their first wannabe racing drone called X1. Honestly, adopting WiFi FPV, the WINGSLAND X1 is far away to be a real FPV racing quadcopter. In order to allow perfectly stable indoor flights, the Wingsland X1 features, besides the barometric air-pressure sensor, an optical flow sensor. Under the belly of the fuselage is locate an extension...

WINGSLAND K3 quadcopter with 4K camera

WINGSLAND K3 quadcopter
WINGSLAND K3 new bird on the sky After the beautiful Scarlet Minivet quadcopter, WingsLand announced two new multi-rotor models, the K3 and M5. Looking at the design and features of these two model you will understand why WINGSLAND K3 is the most expensive one. The K3 quadcotper seems to offer al the actual high-end features like: ultrasonic and dual GPS positioning, follow me and circle...

Wingsland M1 (Scarlet Minivet) quadcopter

Wingsland just relaunched the Scarlet Minivet under an M1 product name. Apparently, the WINGSLAND M1 has the same design and features as the old model (2015). This new version comes with an extremely friendly price tag. The WINGSLAND M1 is advertised for only $176.99! Wingsland M1 (Scarlet Minivet) - The flying beauty Under the shadow of the DJI Phantom 3 launch, a new...