WINGSLAND K3 quadcopter with 4K camera

WINGSLAND K3 quadcopter

WINGSLAND K3 new bird on the sky

After the beautiful Scarlet Minivet quadcopter, WingsLand announced two new multi-rotor models, the K3 and M5. Looking at the design and features of these two model you will understand why WINGSLAND K3 is the most expensive one.

The K3 quadcotper seems to offer al the actual high-end features like: ultrasonic and dual GPS positioning, follow me and circle hovering. If the manufacturer would have add obstacle avoidance too, this new quad would certainly be a Phantom 3 killer.

In order to have a great stability during take off and landing, this WINGSLAND K3 quadcopter is equipped with 3 landing skids. The rear one is actualy formed by two shock absorbers like the one used in cars.

The 4K UHD camera is installed through a 3 axis brushless gimbal. The “tilt” angle of the camera as well as the “pan” angle can be remotely controlled.

It seems a great idea adding GPS to the remote controller, this way the “Follow me” mode can be used without any additional device (like smartphone for example).

WINGSLAND K3 features and specs

  • Intelligent head lock;
  • Point of interest;
  • Intelligent failsafe RTH;
  • High precision return to home;
  • Double positioning system (US GPS and GLONASS);
  • Ultrasonic and visual positioning system for indoor flights;
  • Remote controller with built-in GPS;
  • One key take off;
  • Intelligent auto follow me;
  • Low voltage protection (LVC);
  • Rear landing skid with vibration absorption;
  • Pilot APP;
  • 4k UHD camera for aerial filming;
  • 3 axis brushless gimbal;
  • 30 degree tilt angle and 180 degree panning control;
  • Smart 4s 6200mAh battery;
  • About 800 meters control range;

Images with the WINGSLAND K3 quad



  1. I would like one of your beautiful k3 quadcopter to review and purchase, it is the most beautiful drone i have ever seen.


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