Wingsland M1 (Scarlet Minivet) quadcopter

Scarlet Minivet

Wingsland just relaunched the Scarlet Minivet under an M1 product name. Apparently, the WINGSLAND M1 has the same design and features as the old model (2015). This new version comes with an extremely friendly price tag. The WINGSLAND M1 is advertised for only $176.99!

Wingsland M1 (Scarlet Minivet) – The flying beauty

Under the shadow of the DJI Phantom 3 launch, a new quadcopter manufacturer named Wingsland has born and announced their first product: Scarlet Minivet.

Honestly, I was positively surprised by the design of this unexpected new quadcopter. Its incredible curves, like the ones of a beautiful woman, and orange color instead of the boring white makes the Scarlet Minivet quadcopter a flying beauty. Sorry if my analogy is more humanly than the manufacturer’s one who inspired their quadcopter name from a tropical orange bird with long wings, the Scarlet Minivet.

Two versions of this quadcopter were announced, one for first-person view flights and one with a lower price just for the fun of flying.

The Scarlet Minivet (aka Wingsland M1) Professional is equipped with a high precision 3-axis gimbal (Deodar M) and a full HD 1080P FPV camera. Another characteristic of the Professional model is the 5.8Ghz FPV monitor on the top of the transmitter. The FPV LCD screen is not just to display the live video feed from the Scarlet Minivet’s camera, but also to show the flight parameters like battery voltage and flight speed.

Powered with a 3 cell 5200mAh smart battery the Scarlet Minivet quad has up to 25 minutes flight time. Usually, smart/intelligent batteries are used only on high-end models, they provide better power management and extended battery life.

The control distance of the Scarlet Minivet is shorter than the image transition distance. That means that the provided live image will have the highest quality throughout the entire flight and will be not affected by the distance.

Scarlet Minivet quadcopter features

  • GPS autopilot with a failsafe auto return to home;
  • 2.4Ghz 10 channel remote controller;
  • 3 axis gimbal with full HD 1080P camera (only on Professional);
  • 5.8Ghz first-person view system (FPV)
  • 2.5″ FPV LCD screen(only on Professional);
  • Telemetry;
  • 3s 5200mAh smart Li-Po battery;
  • Flight time: up to 25 minutes;
  • Image transition: up to 1KM;
  • Control distance: up to 800 meters.

This new multi-rotor will be soon available for orders and, hopefully, more features and specs will be revealed. I’m very interested in the Scarlet Minivet quadcopter so I will keep my eye on it :)


  1. Bought the Wingsland Minivet. Like other customers it dropped out of nowhere only 20 feet high and 15 feet away from me. Broken propeller and that was it so I thought.
    Tried to fly it again after making the necessary repairs and it began flying in the infamous “toilet bowl effect” had to land it hard so I didn’t hurt /damage / kill anyone.
    Shipped it back in May to GB back in May and it’s now August with no response.
    Stay away and buy the Phantom!

  2. Don’t buy this Wingsland quadcopter.
    I had the same problem as: Esplenium
    Flying 30/40 meters from me away on a height of 30 meters and 1 of the motors stopped in 2 minutes after flying with a result of falling out of the sky.
    Broken body, broken gimbal, broken motor and esc, 3 propellors broken.
    The only answer that wingsland is say that is users faulth.
    How is it possible that the users cuts of a motor so it fall out of the sky and why should a users do this at his quad.
    This item is more then 450 usd so why doing this on your quad.

    Im gonna wait for the Xiaomi MI Drone which has good reviews.

  3. This is the newer M1 minivet. The M1 2016 model is now out!
    It has upgraded firmware for more reliability and and larger 5″ FPV screen.

    • All Wingsland kit should go straight in the bin as this is what you will do after a few months of ownership.

      Don’t waster your money on any of their products, they are dreadfull!

  4. Hello all

    The Company Wingsland SZSungreen is a complete fake. This new startup enterprise is not more than a bad copy of DJI, which is a serious company in my opinion.
    I own both Minivet and Phantom quadcopters, and you can’t imagine how difference the service can be. When I had a trouble with my P3A they solved the problem in Holland with no cost (only shipping) and a very good technical response and fast.
    When I had problems with Minivet, due to the fact the firmware is completely faulty, they had me waiting up to 8 MONTHS until I got a final response! A long wasted time with lots of emails claiming their fault, not mine. So the aftersales service of this company is a great shit. I had a terrible fall down from sky with no reason, complete motors cutoff power with 80% battery and at 30m distance from me. Crazy. It can only be the latest firmware update that was recommended by the technical service SZSungreen.
    I bought this Scarlet to practice and learn to fly, but I now know it is a bad copy of the Phantom 3 unit. The Minivet is only a bad toy which cannot be considered a drone, cause it is so faulty. And now Wingsland is beginning to copy the Inspire 1 and the Osmo from DJI. Pathetic results I guess.
    I don’t want to finish this comment without advising that the seller that I bought it from was H.real, please stay away from this dealer as it did nothing to solve the problem. Customers are always forced to pay even when the blame is on others.
    Do whatever you need to do with this Scarlet Minivet, but please be aware of this comment and of course you are free to buy from whoever you like. I WILL NEVER EVER BUY FROM H.REAL or SZSUNGREEN.

  5. Hi,
    Bought one last week its falling out of the sky twice first breaking a prop and the second time smashing the body and the esc ordered a new body and esc but cannot get gimbal stabilisers anywhere
    If any ideas, thanks

  6. I recentlty bought a Wingsland scarlet and OMG!! What an outstanding quad-copter…never thought there was one out there like this! steady…hovers flies to 40 miles an hour and OH YEAH…she come right home if she gets a little too far out for ya. I dont use the “return to home” swith anymore…I’m used to the controls and the little FPV screen.
    EVERYONE who love to drone, you gotta fly this baby!

  7. The battle for the best quadcopter under $600 will be between the the Scarlet Minivet and the Cheerson CX-22.
    One will rise to sky and and one will disappear under the other’s shadow…

  8. It is probably the most beautiful quadcopter!
    But i’m afraid to order it because there are no spare parts of firmware upgrade support for the Wingsland Scarlet Minivet and If something breaks down, the quadcopter will rest for a while on my desk….

  9. Any news on this beautiful quadcopter? We are waiting for your review!
    By the way, can be used with bigger FPV screen? It is compatible with any 5.8GHz system?

    • I love this quad, I really really want the 5.0″ screen!!! Where can I purchase it? I’m starting to get frustrated! I’ve already been their website. Is there anybody out there that can help me? I really need it, the only thing is wrong with my quad copter is the screen.
      Please help Adam.

  10. I have a few questions regarding the Wingsland Scarlet Minivet quad:
    1. Can be used with deviation transmitters, like Devo 10?
    2. The camera can take pictures or is only for FPV flights?
    3. Can be equipped with 3-axis gimbal and GoPro camera?
    4. Where can I find spare parts, like motors and batteries for the Wingsland quad copter?


  11. This beauty now is ready for preorder, I can offer $70 discount coupon. This way the Scarlet Minivet Professional quadcopter with 3D gimbal and HD camera will cost around $625.

  12. The Basic Scarlet Minivet quadcopter will be only $489.
    My question is that we can use it with cheap gimbals and GoPro clones.


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