Flytec is a relatively new drone brand. Their first quadcopter which i reviewed was the T13 pocket selfie drones.

Flytec H825 EVA toy drone with 5.8G FPV camera

Flytec H825 cheap FPV drone
Instead of a WiFi FPV camera, which is usual for toy drones, the Flytec H825 drone is equipped with 5.8G FPV camera. This allows it to be used with most of the 5.8G FPV goggles. The angle of camera can be manually adjusted according to your flight style. Powered by a 580mAh battery, the Flytec H825 quadcopter has up to 8 minutes...

Flytec Navi T23 brushless quadcopter with GPS

Flytec Navi T23 quadcopter
Just few days have passed since we reviewed the T13, and we're here again to introduce you another Flytec drone, a much versatile one. Flytec Navi T23 comes with powerful brush-less motors and dual GPS positioning system. On front of the aircraft is located a 1080P camera which allows to record aerial videos as well as take photos. Unfortunately, it doesn't have...

Flytec T13 review: Pocket selfie drone

Flytec T13 drone review
In order to bring something new on the selfie drone market, the Flytec T13 adopts half-reversed propellers. On front, the propellers are as usual (above the arms), but on rear they are orientated to the ground (under the arms). Yesterday, one of my friends suggested that it would be more helpful for my readers to write some drone buying guides than...