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LYZRC is a relatively new drone brand dedicated to entry-level toy drones.

LYZRC 011 Pro MAX with obstacle avoidance

Apparently, the LYZRC 011 Pro MAX is a rebranded ZLRC SG906 PRO 3 MAX. It features a similar folding design and set of functionalities. The basic LYZRC 011 Pro comes with a 1KM range and the 'MAX' edition 3KM range, thanks to the inbuilt repeater. Powered by a 7.6V 3400mAh battery it has about 23-26 minutes of flight time. The...

LYZRC L800 PRO: Brushless 4K GPS drone for $99

Photo of LYZRC L800 PRO drone
The new LYZRC L800 PRO is a fairly priced folding drone. For only $99 it comes with a 4K camera, brushless motors, dual-positioning system, and up to 1200 meters flight range. Its onboard camera is capable of taking Full HD videos and 4K photos. The camera features electronic image stabilization (EIS), 50x digital zoom, remote camera angle adjustment, and 5GHz...

LYZRC L106 Pro: Cheap GPS drone under 100

Photo of LYZRC L106 Pro drone
The LYZRC L106 Pro adopts a similar foldable design to its bigger brother the L109 Pro, but with brushed motors instead of a more reliable brushless one. This compromise allowed for reducing the overall take-off weight below 250 grams. Despite its attractive price ($99.99), the L106 Pro drone features a dual-positioning system (GPS + OFP), a 4K camera with 2-axis...

LYZRC L900: MINI GPS 4K drone under 250g

Photo of LYZRC L900 drone
The LYZRC L900 drone comes with lots of cool features for less than $100. It features Mavic like backpack friendly design with foldable arms, a 4K camera, and a dual positioning system (GPS+OFP). According to the technical specs, its 7.4V/2200mAh LIPO pack allows up to 28 minutes of flight time. The battery can be recharged conveniently with any USB phone...