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Happymodel is a relatively new multi-rotor brand across RC enthusiasts. Happymodel is specialized in mini FPV racing drones.

Happymodel drones & quadcopters

Below you can read about all the latest Happymodel drones

Happymodel Larva X HD: Toothpick & TinyWhoop

Happymodel Larva X quadcopter
Currently, there are two major design approaches regarding small FPV racing drones, the Happymodel Larva X HD seems to fit for both of them. It can be conveniently converted from a Toothpick into a TinyWhoop. Each arm of the 125mm size carbon fiber frame is equipped with an EX1203 motor. The Larva X HD is compatible with 2.5 and 3" ...

Coming soon: Happymodel Mobula6 ultralight FPV drone

Happymodel Mobula6
After the Mobula7, Happymodel came up with an even smaller brushless Whoop called Mobula6. Featuring only 20 grams, the Happymodel Mobula6 is probably the lightest FPV race drone. The highly-integrated Crazybee F4 Lite flight controller features integrated 5A ESC, 5.8G/25mW VTX and radio receiver (Frsky or Flysky). The SE0802 25000KV motors are paired with Gemfan 1219 3-leaf propellers. The manufacturer suggest...

Coming soon: Happymodel Larva X 100mm

Happymodel Larva X 100mm FPV drone
Happymodel is planning to release a new small sized FPV drone called Larva X100. As its name says, it adopts true-X frame with 100mm wheelbase. The Happymodel Larva X quadcopter is 2.5" propeller compatible and can be powered by 2s~3s LIPO batteries. The aircraft weights about 50 grams without battery. Thanks to the versatile Crazybee F4 Pro V3 flight...

Happymodel Sailfly-X: “Toothpick class” micro FPV drone

Happymodel Sailfly-X FPV drone
Following the great success of the Snapper7 and Mobula7, Happymodel recently released another micro-class FPV drone called Sailfly-X. Thanks to its ultralight 105 mm frame and powerful KV9000 brush-less motors it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flights. Like other "toothpick" FPV drones, the Happymodel Sailfly-X is also based on the versatile Crazybee F4 PRO flight controller. According to...

Happymodel Mobula7: Brushless Whoop under $100

Yesterday, I had some nice flights with my brand new Blade Inductrix FPV+ drone. While the Happymodel Mobula has similar size and design, it adopts brushless motors instead of brashed ones. This upgrade should provide even better flight performance. Based on the versatile F3 Pro flight controller, Happymodel Mobula7 can be configured with 3 different flight modes. While newbies can opt for Angle...

Happymodel Snapper7 aka Crazybee: 75mm sized FPV drone

Happymodel Snapper7 Crazybee drone
Equipped with powerful brushless motors, the Happymodel Snapper7 seems to be one of the best Tiny Whoop alternative for 2018. Thanks to the circular propeller protectors and compact size, the Crazybee can be safely used for indoor practice as well as for outdoor fun. Thanks to the protective canopy, all electronic parts (AIO camera and flight controller) are well protected during...

Happymodel Trainer90: DIY FPV drone kit

Happymodel Trainer90 DIY FPV drone KIT
As fun as it can be to enjoy flying your own FPV drone, you might have a little extra fun with building your own. Happymodel Trainer90 contains all the essential parts required to build a flying machine. In addition, the package also includes a 600TVL camera with integrated 5.8G video transmitter. Due to its small size, it is an excellent...

Happymodel Mantis85: Micro FPV drone with F4 FC

Happymodel Mantis85 FPV drone
Happymodel, a relatively new drone brand just announced their Mantis85, a compact brush-less FPV drone. Built on a 85 mm sized carbon fiber frame, the Happymodel Mantis85 is suitable for outdoor as well as for indoor flights. Thanks to the versatile F4 flight controller, Mantis85 can be configured with 3 different flight modes. While Angle mode is suitable for newbies,...