Happymodel Mobula8 HD digital Whoop under 100g

Micro digital FPV drone for DJI O3 Air Unit, Walksnail Avatar lite, or HDZero Nano Lite

Happymodel Mobula8

After BetaFPV, Happymodel is the second drone manufacturer that designs ultra-light Whoop-style drones for HD digital FPV systems. The Mobula8 has four versions, DJI O3, HD Zero, Walksnail, and Lite for O3. All variants weigh less than 100 grams, which is incredible considering that one of them can 4K onboard recording.

As the product name suggests, the Happymodel Mobula8 has a wheelbase of 80mm. It has an overall dimension of 120x120x45mm. The Mobula8 with DJI O3 Air Unit is the heaviest version weighing 80 grams. In contrast, the HD Zero edition is the lightest and has only 46.5 grams.

Happymodel’s Mobula8 is built around the CrazyF405 AIO flight controller with an integrated UART ELRS receiver and 12A ESC board. The tiny EX1103 11000KV brushless motors are equipped with Gemfan 2023 propellers.

Happymodel Mobula8 unboxing and flight test video

Pricing, availability, and options

All four variants of the Mobula8 FPV drone can be ordered from Banggood starting today. Priced for only $105.99, the Lite for O3 is the cheapest version as it comes without an  FPV system. On the opposite side, with O3 onboard, you will need to pay $399.99


  1. Looking at getting a sub 100g 4k whoop. The Mobula8 looks pretty capable indoors / outdoors. Does anyone know if it available in rtf package with o3 onboard and fpv v2 controller


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