iCat7 Pro: Autel EVO II alternative under $200

Photo of iCat7 Pro

Featuring an intense orange color and 8K camera, the iCat7 Pro clearly wants to be an affordable Autel EVO II alternative. On paper, it looks extremely good, but to be honest, its 5Km control range and 35 minutes of flight time seem to be unbelievable for a drone priced under $200. By, comparison, only the EVO II’s transmitter costs twice as much.

With folded arms, the iCat7 Pro quadcopter measures 160 x 105 x 68mm (6.30×4.13×2.68 inches) and weighs 420 grams (14.82oz). In addition to the status lights under the motors, it has two LEDs in front and two on the bottom.

iCat7 Pro features a unique modular design. The battery and camera+gimbal module can be easily removed and replaced with a new one. Furthermore, on its top, it has an expansion slot that allows attaching additional accessories like megaphone speakers, water guns, or remote-controlled air-droppers.

Design of iCat7Pro drone

SMRC iCat7 Pro features and design

  • Foldable modular design;
  • 4K\8K camera with 2-axis mechanical image stabilization;
  • PTZ remote camera angle control;
  • Two auxiliary bottom cameras for ground view and optical flow stabilization;
  • Cool LED lights (frontal + bottom);
  • Intelligent flight modes (360° Surround, Smart Follow, and Waypoint flight);
  • Around 5Km control range (Personally, I doubt about this using a standard WIFI connection);
  • Up to 35 minutes of battery life (I would be curious to test this flight time…).

Remote controller of iCat7 Pro

Remote Controller

As you can see in the image above, the iCat7 Pro is packed with a super-compact transmitter with foldable antennas and an extendable phone holder. On the front panel beside the usual sticks, it has 4 buttons (Speed switch, Take-off/Landing, Headless/GPS, and RTH) and a status telemetry screen (flight distance, altitude, battery level, flight time).

Accessories of iCat7 Pro drone

iCat7 Pro box content

  • Storage bag;
  • Aircraft with the camera (8K or 4K on your option);
  • Remote controller;
  • Gimbal protectors;
  • 7.6V 3000mAh flight battery;
  • USB charging cable;
  • One pair of spare propellers with screws;
  • Drone instruction guide.


  1. Trying to get manual before it arrives from Banggood.
    Have you tested the ICAT 7? How is the 8 K photos.
    Truth be told…I lost a Holy Stone drone because I didn’t set the GPS ( Was in a rush to get a sunset pic), “Big duumy”!
    Anyways…..I saw it land in the neighborhood over a fence….still can’t find it.
    Buying this drone, to see if I can find it. Lol and because I like it!
    That being said, the Holy Stone 175 picture quality was great! 2.7k or 1080 video.
    Do you think the ICAT7 quality is as good?


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