Caddx Nebula Nano FPV camera for VISTA HD VTX

Caddx Nebula Nano FPV camera
The Caddx Nebula Nano camera was specially designed to work with the Caddx VISTA HD VTX and DJI FPV Air Unit. Thanks to its small size (only 14 x 14 x 21mm) can be successfully installed on compact FPV drones. In case of needed, the size of the camera can be extended to 19 x 19 mm with the...

Zhiyun SMOOTH-X ultra pocket phone gimbal

Zhiyun SMOOTH X gimbal
Zhiyun-Tech, one of the biggest player in the video stabiliser industry just announced their smallest phone gimbal. When folded-up Zhiyun SMOOTH-X fits easily in any pocket. It's even smaller than the recently reviewed SMOOTH-Q2. Furthermore, its grip can be extended up to 260mm allowing to capture from the perfect angle. Thanks to its instant landscape/portrait transition, no matter you're an...

Coming soon: T-MOTOR FT5 HD 5.1″ Freestyle FPV drone

T-MOTOR FT5 HD 5.1 inch drone
T-MOTOR's new FT5 HD 5.1 inch freestyle FPV drone is build on a 225mm carbon fibre frame. In addition to the on-board DJI FPV camera there is enough room to install a second GoPro style action camera. The real-time image transmission is achieved by using a digital VTX from Caddx. Biggest advantage of the CADDX VISTA HD vs DJI...

FiMI Palm review: Best 4K pocket gimbal under $200?

Xiaomi FiMI Palm pocket gimbal review
In order to begin my review honestly, we must admit that the FiMI Palm is not an innovative game changer product. DJI released such pocket gimbal with even better specs one year earlier before Xiaomi. At a glance, the only pros of the FiMI Palm over the Osmo Pocket is its much friendly price tag. But, if you dive...

Coming soon: AuroraRC MAMFU 153mm CineWhoop

AuroraRC MAMFU FPV drone
Instead of the usual horizontal orientation, AuroraRC opted to install the DJI Air Unit vertically in their new MAMFU FPV drone. This approach allows narrower fuselage and to load the memory card from top of the drone.  AuroraRC MAMFU features 153 size carbon fibre frame with foam padded ducted blade protectors. At the end of each arm there is a...

Heimvision HMD2 review: Self-powered wireless IP camera

Heimvision HMD2 IP Wireless camera review
To be honest, firstly I wanted to say pass for Heimvision's proposal regarding the possibility to test and review their products. I considered that wireless WiFi IP cameras are out of  FirstQuadcopter niche. After I checked the specs and features of Heimvision HMD2, I found it helpful for many jobs. Being 100% wire-free, it can be installed easily everywhere,...

FiMI Palm coupon deal: Buy it at the best price!

FIMI Palm Discount Coupon
GearBest just shared trough their newsletter this "183PAXKKVG" coupon code which allows you to purchase the FIMI Palm for only $179.99 + shipping fees. It is probably the best deal for a 4K pocket gimbal. Excepting the higher frame rate (60 fps instead of 30 fps) at 4K resolution, the FIMI Palm does mainly the same things as the much...

P6A 4K Pocket Gimbal Camera: The FiMI Palm killer

KEELEAD P6A 4K Pocket Gimbal Camera
At first look, priced for only $165.99, the P6A 4K Pocket Gimbal looks like an affordable alternative for the FiMI Palm. It features similar size and design. Both pocket gimbals are capable to record 4K videos with up to 30 frames per second. While the FiMI Palm has up to 100 Mbps, the P6A only 60 Mbps. Based on...

Coming soon: iFlight TITAN H3 HD with DJI Air Unit

iFlight TITAN H3 HD Drone
The iFlight TITAN H3 HD is build on a robust 3K carbon fiber frame with wheelbase (diagonal motor-to-motor distance) of 142 mm. At the end of each arm there is a XING 1404 tyke 4600KV motor matched with 3" propellers (3-leaf). Its SucceX-D Mini F7 flight controller comes in stack with 35A BL_S 4-in-1 ESC. According to your existing remote...

Caddx ANT: Lightest and smallest FPV camera

Caddx ANT camera
This morning, Caddx leaked on their facebook page a promotion banner of their upcoming nano FPV camera. Weighting only 2 grams, the Caddx ANT is currently the lightest camera with global WDR and wide range of input voltage that you can install on your drone. Unfortunately, till May 5th 2020, we know nothing more than what is shown on the...