SYMA TG1001: Convertible flying car

SYMA TG1001 convertible car drone
After the X19W, Syma Toys came up with a new flying car drone. Without any conversion, the SYMA TG1001 can fly like any other multi-rotor and also run on the road like a RC car. This feature will be definitely loved by the kids. Powered by a 500 mAh battery, the TG1001 Syma can stay in the air about 5...

Eachine UZ65: Lightest brushless Whoop!

Eachine UZ65 brushless Whoop
Weighting only 21 grams (without battery), the Eachine UZ65 is one of the lightest brushless Whoop available right now. Eachine offers their new 65mm size FPV drone with two type of internal (SPI FlySky or FrSky) and two versions of external (DSM2/DSMX or TBS Crossfire) radio receivers. The versatile Crazybee F4 flight controller features integrated 5A ESC (speed controller) and...

Coming soon: HGLRC Veyron 3″ Cinewhoop

HGLRC Veyron 3"
Like most CineWhoops, the HGLRC Veyron is also build on a 3 inch frame with large ducted blade protectors. This design approach allows you to capture super smooth cinematic footage. Another advantage of the Whoop protectors is that you can fly around people relatively safely. HGLRC announced the Veyron 3" with two power options. While the 4S version comes with...

UAS Symposium: Baltimore 2020

UAS Congress 2020
FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and AUVSI (Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International) will organize the 5th Annual FAA Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Symposium on June 16-18, 2020, at the Baltimore Convention Center. The Symposium will bring together representatives from the FAA, other government agencies, industry, and academia. The presenters and panelists will discuss the latest information and advancements related to...

RunCam Phoenix 2 1000TVL FPV camera with 1/2″ sensor

RunCam Phoenix 2 FPV camera
RunCam's second generation Phoenix 2 camera features upgraded CPU and bigger CMOS image sensor (1/2" vs 1/3"). Furthermore, it claims to provide better low light performance than then RunCam Eagle. Its high quality 6 layers M12 glass lens has a ƒ/2.0 aperture which brings better image quality without annoying red lens flare effect. Designed for freestyle FPV flying, the RunCam...

Coming soon: iFlight Green Hornet FPV drone

iFlight Green Hornet 3" CineWhoop
Similar to the iFlight BumbleBee, the newly announced iFlight Green Hornet also features Whop style large blade protectors and GoPro camera mount. Frankly, apparently the only visual difference between these two CineWhoops is that one is yellow and the other one green. The iFlight Hornet 3" is made for everyone, you can fly it indoor or in the park. Made...

Coming soon: FLYWOO CHASERS 138mm CineWhoop

The coronavirus outbreak in China may end up leading to a shortage of drones, even new models like the Zino 2 are shown as "out of stock" or "discontinued". Since first deaths from the virus were reported, it seems like the hall market has frozen. Before the epidemic, almost every day new models like the FLYWOO CHASERS were announced. FLYWOO...

TBS Tango 2 Pro: Transmitter for all RC enthusiasts

TBS Tango 2 PRO remote controller
The first TBS Tango 2 Pro reviews say that is the transmitter for which every RC enthusiast is waiting for. While it is super compact and lightweight, it comes with built-in TBS Crossfire TX module and full size gimbals. At first sight, the only "downgrade" from the first generation Tango RC is the lack of the FPV screen. Instead...

Xiaomi Yuemi 1-axis phone gimbal stabilizer for $39.99

Xiaomi Yuemi one-axis gimbal
Xiaomi's sub-brand Yuemi Technology is about to release their first phone gimbal. Despite that the Xiaomi Yuemi features only one motor claims to allow smooth footage due to its powerful 32bit ARM process and 6-axis gyro sensor. The gimbal ca easily switched between portrait and landscape mode. According to the advertised specs the Yuemi 1-axis gimbal weights just 229...

Mavic Mini alternatives: The Best and The Cheapest!

Mavic Mini Alternatives
We’ve spent a lot of time with the Mavic Mini - DJI's lightest drone. It is a very portable machine that is easy to operate and has great flight performance as well. Let’s take a look at what makes the DJI Mavic Mini so great, then let's find some alternatives. According to DJI, each removable battery will allow you up to...