Ultra Mini DVR HD 1080P@60fps FPV recorder

Ultra Mini DVR 1080@60fps
Recording the journey of your FPV flights can be done in multiple ways. The two main approaches are: on-board and ground station recording. The Ultra Mini DVR HD is suitable for both thanks to its wide range of input voltage, small size and low weight. Moreover, it features built-in battery in order to stop recording after main power source...

MJX Bugs B7: Apparently, best Mavic Mini alternative

MJX Bugs B7 GPS 4K drone
With nice foldable design and weight of less than 250 grams, the newly announced MJX Bugs B7 seems to be the best Mavic Mini alternative under $200. Furthermore, the Bugs B7 has a 4K camera instead of just a 2.7K like the Mini! Unfortunately, the first rumors doesn't mention anything about its image stabilization type. Without a 3-axis mechanical...

Holybro Kopis Mini: Srinked size for DJI Air Unit

Holybro Kopis Mini DJI version
Holybro's new Kopis MINI racing drone was specially designed for DJI's digital FPV system and it follows the design of the older Kopis 2. It is available with or without on-board DJI Air Unit. The price difference between the two versions is about $US150. By default, its versatile Kakute F7 HDV flight controller comes with BetaFlight firmware, but it can...

Tinyhawk II Race: Incredible speed and power

EMAX Tinyhawk II Race
The Tinyhawk II Race is a micro outdoor racing drone with incredible speed and power for a quadcopter in its class. The increased performance was achieved by giving up to the Whoop style blade protectors. Its TH1103 type 7500KV brushless motors are matched with Avan Blur 2 inch propellers. Emax opted for an all-In-one F4 flight controller with built-in 5A...

Jumper T16 Pro Hall V2: One transmitter for all your drones

Jumper T16 Pro V2
The Jumper T16 Pro V2 with hall gimbals is a high performance transmitter (TX) with a bright 4.3" display. The T16 Pro HALL V2 is compatible with TBS Crossfire modules and runs on OPENTX firmware. Its internal JP4IN1 module is compatible with most common radio protocols. On front panel, besides the half sensor gimbals, there are 6 trim-switches, 4 switches...

Teng MINI KF609: DJI Mavic Mini clone for kids

KF609 drone
Like the ToySky CSJ S162, the Teng KF609 is also a cheap toy grade Mavic Mini clone with brushed motors. It features similar size, weight and design like the much expensive genuine DJI drone. According to your budget you can opt for on-board 720P or 4K camera. The price difference between the two versions is about $10. While with folded...

CSJ S166 entry level GPS enabled drone

CSJ S166
Weighting just 202 grams, featuring on-board 4K camera and foldable design you could believe that the CSJ S166 is a great and affordable Mavic Mini alternative. The biggest advantage of this drone is the brushed motors which are less reliable than the MINI's brushless motors. The CSJ S166 is available with 3 type of on-board cameras. Two versions are featuring...

SMRC S16: Super cheap 4K GPS drone

SMRC S16 drone
The SMRC S16 was announced in two versions. While the cheaper edition with Optical Flow positioning has about 100 meters control range, the more versatile GPS enabled model has up to 300 flight range. For the extra 21 bucks, the GPS edition also bring fail-safe auto return to home feature. Both variants features around 16 minutes flight time, barometric...

Coming soon: HBFPV DX40 FPV drone

The HBFPV DX40 features lightweight 92 mm size carbon fiber frame with large ducted blade protectors. The propulsion system is achieved by using four powerful SE0803 brush-less motors with 3-blade propellers. Its highly integrated HBFPV AF412 flight controller comes with integrated 12A ESC. According to your existing remote controller you can opt to purchase the HBFPV DX40 drone in bundle...

Diatone Hey Tina Whoop163 FPV drone

Diatone Hey Tina Whoop163 CineWhoop
Maybe it's just a coincidence, but Diatone's latest FPV drone is named like one of their SEO assistant. Tina is a very pleasant presence on social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook). In order to allow safe indoor flights, the Diatone Hey Tina Whoop163 features caged blade protectors. Diatone offers their new Whoop163 drone with two power options and 5 different...